Saturday, July 30, 2011

Latest Endorsements! Renderings to be released before Mondays vote!! ABLI continues complaining!

Over the last few days, the current plan on the table to build a brand new Nassau Coliseum, a minor league ball park for an independent league baseball team, as well as a 90,000 square foot indoor track facility has added some more supporters.

Firstly, Rangers GM Glen Sather issued a statement the other day & encouraged Hockey Fans & non Hockey fans of Nassau County to go out & vote YES on Monday August 1st.

Also, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello yesterday issued a statement supporting the isles plan for a new building on Long Island & hoped that the divisional rivalry between the Islanders & Devils would keep going for many years.

Also yesterday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman endorsed the plan & one part that some in this took notice is that he said, the teams future in Nassau County hangs in the balance or something to that effect. This could possibly mean they have alternative places in NY should this be voted down.

Lastly, a maritime group voiced their support for this to Newsday last night.

According to Chris Botta, renderings of the new arena will be released before Mondays vote. Botta thinks it will be in tomorrows issue of Newsday. I am very curious to see what it looks like!

Lastly, the ABLI is at it once again with the latest post on their facebook wall. In that post they say they have asked for additional election inspectors to protect the integrity of the vote because they are fearful of voter intimidation.

Here is a link to their facebook page: (Feel free to share your thoughts on things with them)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Let The Voice Be Heard

I want to thank Will for taking the time to write this great piece.  Follow him here on twitter.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Will Curley I am 30 years old. I lived on Long Island for 21 years. I left Long Island in 2002 due to the fact that I did not fit in the future of Long Island, whose politics and structure favors baby boomers and retirees. I attended Hofstra University, and as a kid hitch hiked down the turnpike to get to Isles games. On a game by game basis I had attended at least 25 games a year working since I was 16.  I moved to New Orleans with a huge hole in my heart being away from my Islanders, Mets, Jets, Jones Beach, the best Coffee, Bagels, and Pizza in the world. I later moved back to the northeast, although not to Long Island, but to Delaware. I have a household income of 90K, two wonderful boys, a great wife, and a house with a lot that feels like I own my whole block in farmingdale.

My Wife and I make a good living and have seen the Isles on the road since I moved away in Atlanta, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Washington, New Jersey, MSG, Columbus, and Raliegh. We are die hards. We love Long Island. I had hope that maybe I would come back if the Lighthouse Project were created, then it went dark. Now I am excited again. I had my childs baptism last week and spent the afterparty educating my family that still lives on Long Island (although dwindling) about the 8/1 vote. They all know that they will have a $58 yearly tax increase, however they do not know that they are at risk of losing Long Islands only professional sports franchise and the last North American Professional Sports Dynasty in the Islanders. They don't know that they will lose $248 million in revenues, taxes, and additional income from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum if a new building is not built.

This is not only about the Hockey team, it is about Long Island. I live in Delaware, my sister lives in New Jersey, my father lives in North Carolina, and my brother is moving from Garden City to Texas. Long Island needs to show it can grow into the future. Approve a project that will help more demographics on the Island and break the traditional build a senior citizens complex and get re-elected scenario. I would love to come back and live on the Island where I have so many great memories. Bring my children to see playoff hockey and the Ringling Brothers as my parents and grandparents did for me. If it remains business as usual I sadly will never come home.  I tell stories to my boys of how my Grandfather painted the Grumman Ball on top of the factories in Bethpage and my mother built fighter jets. It was such a great place. This step forward needs to happen if there is any chance of the tens of thousands of young adults leaving the Island hope to return.

I sincerely hope you vote YES for those of us who want a chance to come home.

Will Curley

Isles acquire Rolston from the Devils!!

Today the Islanders surprised some people & actually made a hockey trade which involved players going each way. I know its not the norm for people of islanders country!

Today the Islanders traded forward Trent Hunter to the Devils in exchange for, forward Brian Rolston. Rolston agreed to come here because he thinks were a young team on the rise & that he is good friends with Doug Weight. Rolston had 34 points in 65 games last season. Rolston has pretty good skating ability and a nice shot from the point for the powerplay & will serve as the mentor role for the forwards. Rolston has one year left on his contract for a cap hit of 5 million dollars.

Now Hunter although one time was a solid player, couldn't stay healthy at all, and wasn't a fit on the Islanders anymore. It was time for him to move on! Hopefully he can fare a little better on the Devils!

Initially it was reported that the Isles would be getting a conditional pick in this deal but it was later reported that it was just a straight up swap.

My thoughts:

While I like that we moved Hunter, taking on Rolstons salary makes me nervous that we are done for the summer because we are now basically at the cap floor! Although Chris Botta says that his sources tell him that this was a prelude to another move, I say that actions speak louder then the words. I really hope that they aren't done though because they haven't done near enough to make this team a playoff team! BD Gallof thinks with Rolstons acquisition, Comeau maybe moved for a top 4 dman now. We'll see, I hope Bottas right & we do, do something however I am now in the mindset that we are done.

Referendum News Recap!

Over the last few days some stuff has happened with regard to the referendum & in this entry I intend on recapping all of it.

According to News 12, the ABLI which we have all come to know is taking a new step to try and stop the Coliseum plan. News 12 is reporting that the are asking NIFA to quash it. Newsday quoted Desmond Ryan as wondering if NIFA are watchdogs or lapdogs.

I don't think they have the authority to do so because when the date was approved last month Chris Botta said that it will happen & not even NIFA can stop it.

This is the ABLI once again blowing smoke, & I can't imagine anyone with half a brain listens to them anymore. Everyone knows that they are self motivated & couldn't give a crap less about residents.

Lastly in a Newsday article they reported what had been already known that the lease with regard to this was amended to make sure Nassau County retains the development rights to the area, I don't know what else needs to be done to silence the ABLI.


According to Newsday, Commercial property owners will see their taxes rise to pay off the coliseum bonds to, not just residents. According to the article commercial business owners will be paying 4.8 million of the 25.6 million dollar debt service. The article lists LIPA, Verizon, & Roosevelt Field Mall as the hardest hit places by this.


Lastly, as first mentioned in his disaster of an interview the other day, Nassau & NY State Democratic chairperson Jay Jacobs is continuing to push against the referendum & has suggested charging Islanders season ticket holders PSL's(Personal Seat Licenses) in order to raise money to pay this off rather then charging the taxpayers. He suggested charging season ticket holders between $1500 & $5000 for the PSL. Today he sent a letter to Nassau Residents pushing the idea.

I feel the same way as Mike Francessa did when he first bought it up to him on his show. I think Jacobs is out of his mind! PSL's barely worked in football with the Jets & Giants, and now he wants to do them in Hockey? Also if the Dems. had half a brain they would reel Jay Jacobs in and put him on house arrest or something because lately he has been making the party look like fools everytime he opens his mouth. I would be embarrassed to be a registered democrat after his actions of the last few days!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Small rally recap!! New polling places!!

So as you all know I couldn't make the rally today, however from what I read todays rally was a success!! I saw that upwards of 1200 people were there today & according to @janefisher13 on twitter Isles fans today were actually louder then labor people!

According to Newsday there are 24 new polling places for the vote Monday because of construction, asbestos abatement, or because the usual ones are privately owned & the owners are declining to open.

Go here to check out if your affected by this:

Hopefully you all get this straightened out & are able to get out and vote YES on 8/1

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Track Facility added to Coliseum Plan!!!

According to a Newsday report earlier tonight, a 90,000 square foot track facility will be added as part of the Coliseum plan. It now includes a brand new Nassau Coliseum, a minor league baseball stadium which will be home to an independent league team owned by Frank Boulton, and now this 90,000 square foot track facility which will be good for track and field events & conventions. It will be placed behind the omni in Mitchell Field.

The building will cost 5 million dollars & the costs are tied into the 400 million, this isn't an extra 5 million which will be put on top of the 400 mil, so on August 1st your now voting on weather or not you want all three things in the "hub" area. Hopefully you all out there in Nassau County make the right decision and vote YES for this!!

By adding this facility to the vote, they add another revenue generator which can contribute to paying off the debt service which will help out the taxpayers. Thats how I see it at least!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

New opposition email from Dems.!!

According to BD Gallof the Nassau County Democratic Committee have sent out another email to people associated with them bashing the Coliseum referendum. This time they say that its not right to subsidize private profit with taxpayer money. They say that's the reason they oppose the plan!

They say the awful editorial from the daily news a few weeks back shows how Wang would make a killing on the plan and the taxpayers would essentially be screwed!

Lastly the most mind boggling part of the email is that they say Wang is a billionaire (which he isn't) and that Nassau County is a billion dollars in debt (which they aren't) & they say that Wang can afford to build a new Nassau Coliseum and we can't. They ignore the fact that he doesn't own the building & its not good to flush 350 mil down the toilet which he would essentially be doing if he paid for the building of a new building without getting ownership of it from the County.

Thanks to a great job by Dave, Nick Giglias newest co-writer on lettherebelighthouse we know that with all the complaining dems. are doing with regard to this, the projections they had done with regard to the Lighthouse were 30% higher then the ones Mangano has had done. So if Mangano & co's projections are rosy then what the heck does that say about those?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Labor steps up their effort!!! Man arrested!!

According to newsday, for the second weekend in a row, labor officials spent the day going door to door in this time in Valley Stream with one message for residents & that was to vote yes on August 1st!! Newsday reported that most people visited embraced the project, but only few were well averse on the particulars. They said they will be going out again next weekend which is the final weekend before the vote.;JSESSIONID=4899C37A7703496FC5E6.3124?site=newsday&view=top_stories_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=topstories&feed:i=1.3047012&part=0

Additionally last night newsday reported that Thomas Calderone a 46 year old man from Levittown was taken into custody after he was caught writing no over a sign in favor of the referendum on North Broadway in Jericho. They also acknowledged that signs on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow and Levittown have been vandalized as well. I personally spent about an hour yesterday morning stapling up new signs over ones that had been written over. Am I the only one that thinks its sad that it was a 46 year old man doing it? Wouldn't you think that a forty six year old man would have better things to do then to walk along the side of a street and vandalize signs like a child? I guess not! (subscription required)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Isles news/arena/rumor roundup!

Well, today, as Robbie said we went away so we didn't have time to write up anything, however now its late so I figured i'd do a quick roundup before I went to bed.

Firstly, the other day the Islanders signed Tim Wallace to a one year two way deal. Wallace is a guy who will spend a majority of the year with Bridgeport. He had 20 goals last year in the AHL so he'll give the tigers some much needed scoring help.

Secondly, it was reported by puckdaddys Russian reporter & confirmed by Katie Strang that the Isles have been in discussions with the agent for Alexei Yashin about a possible reunion. Well, to me he was driven away from the team once by the fans, & is four years older now with a bad knee. I don't see how he fits on this team so well see what happens.

Thirdly, Chris Botta reported that the ABLI had decided that they WILL run an ad campaign against the referendum. It was reported by Newsday in the last week or two that they were undecided weather or not they would run one. Personally I think the ABLI are a bunch of corrupt jokes & no-one should take them seriously & I feel sorry for those that think they actually give a crap about Long Islanders beside themselves when any person with half a brain can see that they are only involved for their own self interest. That can be confirmed by the article from around a week or so ago that the ABLI tried to extort the development rights for the property from Mangano & when Mangano refused to give them to his group there smear campaign against the plan started.

Lastly, Nick Giglia reported that a report came out that stated that if the Isles were to leave Nassau County residents would see a $16 increase in taxes. Where as if the revenue from the coliseum project is put into a "lock box" as Mr. Giglia calls it then taxes will only go up $13.80. So would you rather pay $13.80 & get something or $16 and get nothing? Seems like a no brainer to me!!


My cousin Scott and I are going away for a week.  We will try and get some posts on the site but we both will be on twitter still.( Find us here: @savetheisles & @ScottClinco )

Thank You.  We will both be back Friday the 29th.  I will try and get some posts up. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My letter to the editor!!!!!

Below is a letter I sent to the editor of Newsday as well as two other papers which escape me right now.

"On August 1st, people of Nassau County all need to go out and vote yes on the new Nassau Coliseum and minor league baseball stadium. Sure does it suck that its going to cost us a little money in the interim? Yes! But you can't think of it like that, you have to think of it as a quality of life issue. Getting rid of the Coliseum will make an area that's already not the greatest a lot worse!! A new Coliseum will have the ability to draw in higher quality acts, additionally maybe the frozen four college hockey tournament or a branch of the NCAA basketball tournament as well. Those things won't happen with the current structure & tournaments like that would bring in revenue that the county has never seen before, more so it would create a buzz not only around the county but people will talk about Nassau County again for some probably for the first time since the early 80's. With the amount of taxes residents here pay, shouldn't we get the best for our buck? Voting Yes makes it so you get the best for your buck, rather then voting than voting no and voting to let yet another organization leave Nassau County which the Islanders will do if a new Coliseum isn't built. When does it stop? Its been a never ending cycle which has seen property taxes rise exponentially over the last 10 years because there hasn't been development in this area. I say it stops NOW!!

A yes vote on August 1st is a vote in favor of the future of Nassau County!

Get out and vote YES on 8/1

Show people that we still have the CAN DO attitude here on Long Island


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CSEA to endorse arena plan!! Big rally next week!!

According to Chris Botta, despite their recent layoffs the CSEA will endorse the current plan set forth by Wang and Mangano to build a new Nassau Coliseum & Minor League ballpark.

This is interested because about 3 weeks ago over 100 county CSEA employees were laid off, so for them to now endorse this is very good!!/ChrisBottaNHL/status/93756886821773312

Also next wed. 7/27 at 4PM there will be a big arena vote rally on the grounds of the Coliseum, there is entertainment already booked to play and should be a good time for all. If you are free head down to the Coliseum next wed. & have some fun! I will unfortunately more then likely not be attending because I will be on vacation.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Taxes to only go up $13.8 with the referendum? Press conference tomorrow at 11:30

Update: According to County Comptroller George Margos 74% of borrowing costs will be covered by the expected revenues leading to a projected tax increase of only 13.80/year. That is where the number mentioned in this article comes from. I know I make it seem like its a number that will be there from the start which it isn't. For more on that & more on the referendum in general check out Nick Giglias latest entry:

According to a new report from Nassau Countys office of legislative budget review, taxes will only go up $13.80 per year if the referendum is passed.

This is contrary to the numbers in the ballpark of $48 or $58 that have been thrown around for many weeks. An increase of $13.80 per year amounts to twenty six center per week. That's right, for slightly more then a quarter per week you can save the Islanders, save jobs, and ensure a massive amount of tax revenue is generated in the county for years to come.

Here is a link to learn more:

Also according to newsday, tomorrow at 11:30am in front of the Coliseum there will be a press conference, protest, & drive to save concerts on Long Island. According to the article Randy Jackson of Zebra and Randy Jones of the village people will be speakers at tomorrows function.

I encourage all of you out there to go and show your support if your free!!

Wang & NIFA to be on WFAN 7/26

Update: According to Chris Botta, NIFA has declined the interview on the Mike Francessa show. Botta speculates that Mike will still have an opponent on as well. I like I am sure many others would love to see Mike have Desmond Ryan on his show and when Ryan started spewing his crap for Mike to put him in his place.!/ChrisBottaNHL/status/93786288360144896

According to Dennis Bernstein of thefourthperiod next Tuesday both Charles Wang and NIFA will be joining Mike Francessa on the radio to discuss the August 1st vote.

This should be interesting having NIFA and Wang together at the same time.!/The4thPeriodDB/status/93010772170518528

A fans message to Nassau County

Today, we decided to take a break from all the politics with the referendum & focus on the fans view. So, with that, below is a message to Nassau County residents from Tom Ballantyne who can often be found in section 329 at Islanders games.

"People of Nassau County: Think of the future when voting on August 1st. For the Islanders, the future looks extremely bright as they WILL be contending for a long time as soon as next season. There will be many shows coming to the new arena. Also, we will have a baseball stadium for an Atlantic League team, which will probably only cost $5 per ticket. The future of Long Island is decided on August 1st, and I hope you, along with myself and many I know, will vote Yes and keep Long Islands future bright."

If you have a message for the people of Nassau County, or thoughts on the referendum, dm us on twitter @savetheisles, write it on our facebook page to which a link can be found on the side bar, or write it in comments & who knows maybe your message will appear on the site.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Republicans questioning the referendum to?

According to Newsday, now even some republicans are questioning the referendum as well.

Peter Schmidt the presiding officer of the Nassau County Legislature and also a republican said that he has hired a lawyer to look over the lease on this matter.;JSESSIONID=CF8D2EFC8997434E611B.3124?site=newsday&view=top_stories_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=topstories&feed:i=1.3030343&part=1

I know I should have my thoughts here on this, but to be honest I don't know what to say anymore. It is beyond words how hard it is for this team to get a new place. Its sad, disgusting, & pathetic all rolled up into one!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Nassau to lose a lot if the Isles leave!!!

According to a Newsday article published tonight, a study done by Camoin Associates determined that Nassau County stood to lose 243 million dollars annually should the Islanders leave & if the Coliseum were to be shuttered it would take with it 2600 jobs as well as 104 million dollars in annual earnings.

I have been waiting for a while for something like this to be released & am happy they finally did it. So now not all but maybe even some of the people who are against the referendum & say just let the Islanders leave will realize what a long term impact having that attitude will have on the county & maybe change their thinking.

For more check out the newsday link below:;JSESSIONID=0DB3D7948DAB88B3650F.3124?site=newsday&view=politics_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=politics&feed:i=1.3028925&part=0

Haley, Wishart, Reese back for another year!!

According to Arthur Staple with newsday forward Michael Haley as well as defensemen Dylan Reese & Ty Wishart have agreed to sign their qualifying offers and will be returning to Long Island next season.

Staple also reports that Bailey and the team are still negotiating.

Mangano takes shots back at ABLI!!

The smear campaign put up by the ABLI & there leader Desmond Ryan has been pretty well documented, however today Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano returned fire against the ABLI saying that they tried to extort the development rights to the "hub" area & when they weren't given to them they turned against the plan.

Mangano says that Desmond Ryan told him that if the county sold his group the development rights to the property that his group would support the plan, but when Mangano refused the ABLI started a smear campaign against the plan.

This just confirms what I had figured for a while, that Ryan & co. were just involved for their own self interests & couldn't care less about Nassau County taxpayers or anything. For more check out the link below:

I wonder how Ryan will respond to this!

NIFA discusses the Coliseum plan!!

According to NIFA at their meeting today discussed the plan for the development of a New Nassau Coliseum & Minor League ballpark through a 400 million dollar referendum to be voted on August 1st. According to Corey Witt who was point blanks eyes at the meeting today he quoted a NIFA director not named George Marlin as saying that they wouldn't take a formal position of for or against until after the vote because they want to see if the public as an "appetite" for a tax increase that this will bring.

For more visit the link below:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

County campaigning for the Coliseum?

According to Newsday, some people are accusing the county of campaigning for people to vote yes for the referendum vote on August 1st. Newsday says if Nassau County used taxpayer money to try and campaign the vote rather then educate they could get in trouble.

The accusations arose after some vote yes fliers were found on walls in some 3rd floor Nassau County offices in Mineola, most of which are currently under renovation. Nassau County denied any wrong doing & since the fliers have been taken down and replaced by something else.

But off course, thats not good enough for our old friend Desmond Ryan from the ABLI, he said he feels a full investigation from the district attorney & the attorney general should begin asap.

Well, off course Ryan is going to say that because it would give this a better chance of it not getting off the floor and possibly giving him or one of his cronies the chance to develop the land. He is a disgrace, and I wonder if anyone even listens to him anymore, because anyone with half a brain can see he's involved in this for his own self interests.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nassau County Chamber of commerce announces support for the referendum!!

Today, the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce threw their support behind the referendum plan by Charles Wang & Ed Mangano & now Frank Boulton to build a new Nassau Coliseum as well as a Minor League baseball stadium in the Nassau "hub" area.

Getting support from organizations such as this, is always a good thing! Were getting into the home stretch now with a little less then three weeks left until the vote.

Nassau County Legislature approves 4 million for Coliseum repairs!!

According to Newsday, earlier this afternoon the Nassau County Legislature approved the Islanders request filed last month for 4 million dollars for repairs to be made to the Nassau Coliseum. To see what the money is going to be used for click the link below to check out my entry on the matter from the other day.

I am presently surprised with this, I thought there was a chance that it might not get approved, but I am happy Nassau is fulfilling there part of the lease.;JSESSIONID=462B4E5568A65C17598C.3126?site=newsday&view=search_results_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=longisland&feed:i=1.3019094&feed:tag=newsday_1min,newsday_5min,newsday_10min&feed:max=50&feed:search=Coliseum

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Referendum News!!

According to newsday, there are two pieces of news tonight with regard to the referendum which will be voted on by Nassau County residents on August 1st.

First, is that the Nassau County Board of Elections has submitted the language for the referendum. One of the big things to note is that the referendums wording sets up a special revenue fund dedicated to paying back the interest and the principal on the bonds. This I believe was something legislator Denenberg was pushing for as an amendment prior to the May 31st vote but was voted down because it was thought of as not timely. This could be evidence of comprising that has went on behind closed doors to get some democratic legislators on board should this get a thumbs up from the public. For the rest of the info check out the newsday article below:;JSESSIONID=619BEDEA9A3DA4FC84F1.3124?site=newsday&view=longisland_item&feed:a=newsday_5min&feed:c=longisland&feed:i=1.3016704&nopaging=1

Secondly, is that Nassau County has chosen the proposal submitted by Frank Boulton, who is the owner of the Long Island Ducks, for the minor league ballpark that would be part of this development. A few weeks ago, both the Ducks as well as the Mets had submitted proposals. At that time it came out that the Ducks proposal would result in the County receiving $200,000 more from the Ducks then the Mets so I am not to surprised they picked the Ducks. The Ducks owner said today following the announcement that he expects to have a lease deal with Nassau similar to Suffolk. The only thing that would be different is that in Suffolk revenue from the naming rights are kept by the team, in Nassau he proposed to split that with the county. Another thing of note from the article is that although the referendum allows for 50 million dollars to be spent on the minor league park, county officials expect the cost to be closer to around 25 million. For more visit the link below:;JSESSIONID=3D2AF3B649C869249A0C.3128?site=newsday&view=top_stories_item&feed:a=newsday_1min&feed:c=topstories&feed:i=1.3016656&part=1

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isles seek $$$ for Coliseum repairs from Nassau County

As first reported on twitter yesterday by Chris Botta, the Islanders are seeking 4 million dollars from Nassau County to make repairs to the Coliseum.

Botta says that the following things would be repaired using the money:

1) A majority of 100 level seats are broken & beyond repair

2) The mechanism that allows the sections to slide in and out based off events, are in poor shape.

3) Hundreds of other seats outside the 100's are damaged/broken and beyond repair.

4) Many patches of damage to the roof

5) The refrigeration system that creates the surface for games is barely running & can break on any given day. Botta reports that even after the Islanders recently spent $500,000 of their own money to repair it the ice at the coliseum is still amongst the worst in the league.

Additional things weren't mentioned by Chris.

This request to Nassau County is coming just three weeks before the referendum vote which Nassau County residents will be voting weather or not the County will have the ability to bond an amount of money up to 400 million dollars to build a brand new Nassau Coliseum & Minor League baseball stadium. That being the case, it has caused some to scratch their heads with regard to the timing of this request. Well as Botta said people need to remember that regardless if the new building gets approved there are still 3 seasons of hockey left to be played there as well as countless concerts shows among other things, so the place needs to be as safe as possible for the public.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Isles/Labor PR push taking full swing!!! Resistance appears!!

Update: According to Chris Botta there were opponents this morning handing out literature at a local train station encouraging people to vote against the referendum. So the sooner this push takes full swing the better because obviously the opponents aren't going to wait til the last minute to make there position known throughout the county.

Starting as soon as the other day you may have received a call from someone associated with a labor Union encouraging you to vote yes on August 1st. Well that is because the PR push by the Islanders and Labor Unions is beginning to take full swing.

According to newsday approx 45,000 labor people will be apart of a phone banking operation calling people of Nassau County to encourage them to vote yes. Additionally they will be going door to door as well as distributing & hanging fliers. Also in the final days before the vote a billboard truck will circle Nassau County promoting the vote. The Islanders declined to comment, however recently they emailed fact sheets regarding this to many fans, so they I think will be doing subtle stuff along those lines.

I think its good that they are finally beginning to do this, because although it may alert some naysayers of the vote it was expected & its good that they gave themselves enough time to make the effort actually mean something & didn't wait til like the final week to start doing things.

This should be an interesting next few weeks in Islanders Country.

Organizations clash over Coliseum referendum!!

Recently, through Newsday two large Long Island organizations shared very different thoughts with regard to the referendum which would get us a new Coliseum. Kevin Law of The Long Island Association threw the full support of his organization behind the referendum. However Desmond Ryan of the Association for a "better" Long Island once again voiced his displeasure.

The position of the LIA isn't surprising, as when Kevin Law took the position in charge of the LIA one of his primary goals for the year was to get development going in the "hub" area and save the team.

The position of Desmond Ryan isn't a surprise either, as since right after his interview with Chris Botta Ryan has been 100% against this, and in my opinion its for his own self interest. That is why I put better in quotes above because something is supported by the ABLI only if it makes Desmond Ryans LI better, to hell with the rest of us.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kevin James wants a new Coliseum!!

On a day thats been rather quiet with regard to news I figured i'd share this video with all the readers.

Kevin James in this video expresses his desire for a new Nassau Coliseum

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blake Comeau files for arbitration!!

As expected, earlier today forward Blake Comeau filed for salary arbitration.

It should be interesting to see what he asks for, after players of similar ilk to him got paid very handsomly in the free agent market this past weekend.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I just wanted to take this time to wish all of our American readers a very Happy 4th of July!!

Thanks to all our readers for your support over the last two months!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go Big or Go Small

Will Garth and company go for it and try and trade for a big top four dman.  Someone like Keith Yandle who's name has been thrown around a lot.  Yandle who is coming off his best season yet ( 11G-48A-59Pts)  will not come cheap.  The young powerful defensemen will require a quiet steep price.  One must think a first round pick, Calvin De Haan, and several other prospects and/or picks.  Also names including deal like this are Blake Comeau and Josh Bailey. 

Trading Bailey to me does not make sense.  Being so young and with the talented he owns Bailey can easily turn it around and be the player he was thought to be.  The smart play maker who's linemate's will rake in the goals.  There is still plenty of time, the project is far from over.  The time is still there for Bailey to develop and progress.  He has the potential and talent, he just needs to believe in himself. 

Trading Comeau who had his best season in an Isles uniform his interesting. His value is highest as ever but the Islanders need secondary scorers.  What team doesn't?  Comeau who padded in 24 goals this past season is a nice third line wing with a scoring touch and should be kept. 

Trading for a Yandle type player make sense on many levels.  It would give the team excitement and momentum for the 8/1 vote but also improving the team greatly with the sight of a playoff push this season.   It adds up for Garth to pull a trigger, but there are other options.

Snow can stand pat and weigh free agency out.  Seeing if he can find that hidden gem once again and play his cards.  He has shown the patience that makes me think this is a possibility. 

Another way Snow can act is going out there and signing a free agent now.  A Tomas Kaberle or Bryan McCabe can fit with the current roster.  They might not be that solid top 4 impact player that some fans want but they will be cheap and are more then serviceable.  Kaberle can easily come here and play on the 2nd pair and put up 40 pts, play solid powerplay time and bring some veteran presence. 

Yes the free agent frenzy has slowed down but its only the beginning.  Snow has the whole summer to improve the team and I fully expect him to use every minute possible.  Snow knows what is on the line, and I believe he will come through.  They have tried more then once already, yes it did not work out but something will pan out and us fans will see.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Agent Frenzy

Today this entry will be a running entry tracking all rumors and signings from around the NHL. Anything the Islanders are involved in will be placed in bold. If you hear something & don't see it posted here as long as its from a reputable source meaning no hockeybuzz or things like that feel free to post it in comments. Without further adeu:

1:44AM - On twitter many reliable writers including Bob McKenzie have said that the Coyotes may explore the trade market for Keith Yandle if they can't sign him to an extension. Yandle is 24 years old and had 59 points for the Coyotes last season.

It has been said by Botta, Strang, BD, and quoted on the isles twitter timeline from Garth Snow that the Islanders will look to the trade market to acquire a legit top four defenseman because none of the free agents left are to appealing. To me Yandle would be a great guy to trade for as to me at least he is better then Ehrhoff. Only question with him is if he'd sign here. There's talk that hes not sold on the future of Phoenix which is why hes reluctant to sign there.

1:44AM - Ruslan Fedotanko signs a 1 year 1.4 million dollar deal with the Rangers

1:44AM - Sean Bergenheim signs in Florida 4 years 2.75 per

1:43AM - Michael Handzus signs in San Jose 2 years 2.5 million per

1:43AM - Andrew Ebbet signs in Vancouver 1 year 525K

1:42AM - Tanner Glass signs in Winnipeg 1 year 750K

1:41AM - Dan Carcillo signs in Chicago 1 year 775K

1:41AM - Brian Elliot signs with ST Louis 2 years 1.2 million

1:40AM - Chuck Kobasew signs with Colorado 2 years 1.25 per

5:06PM - Oilers sign Eric Belanger to a 3 year deal worth 1.75 per year

4:58PM - Florida signs Thomas Fleischmann to a 4 year 18 million dollar deal

4:38PM - JS Giguere signs with Colorado

4:37PM - Jim Vandermeer signs 1 year deal with the Sharks

4:35PM - Shelden Souray signs 1 year 1.65 million deal with Dallas

4:22PM - Alexei Ponikarovsky 1 year 1.5 to Carolina

4:19PM - Marco Sturm signs a 1 year 2.25 million dollar deal with Vancover

4:12PM - Buffalo signs Villie Leino to a 6 year 27 million dollar contract

4:09PM - Ducks trade Andy Sutton to the Oilers for Kurtis Foster

4:05PM - Benoit Pouliot signs with Boston 1 year 1.1 million

3:59PM - Kris Versteeg has been traded to the Flyers for a 2012 or 2013 second round pick and Sharks 2012 3rd round pick

3:45PM - Dallas Stars sign Michael Ryder to a 2 year deal worth 3.5 per year

3:39PM - Ottawa signs Alex Auld 1 year 1 million

3:35PM - Oilers sign Darcy Hordichuck to a 1 year 825K deal and sign Cam Barker to a 1 year 2.25 million dollar deal

3:32PM - Eric Cole signs 4 year 18 million dollar deal with the Canadiens

3:25PM - Caps sign Joel Ward to a 4 year 12 million dollar deal and Roman Hamrlik to a 2 year deal worth 7 million dollars

3:24PM - Isles sign Marty Reasoner to a 2 year deal worth 1.35 per year. (theres our 4th line center)

3:17PM - Steve Sullivan to Pit. 1 year 1.5 million

3:11PM - Darren Dregger says Montreal is closing in on Eric Cole

3:09PM - Mike Rupp goes to the Rangers 3 years 1.5 per (to me they overpaid like most others today)

3:07PM - Detroit signs Mike Commodore to a one year 1 million dollar deal

2:45PM - Carolina signs Brian Boucher to a two year 950K deal

2:32PM - Flyers sign Max Talbot to a 5 year deal worth 9 million dollars

2:27PM - Radim Vrbata signs 3 year 9 million dollar deal to stay in Phoenix

2:10PM - Devils sign Johan Hedberg to a 1 year extension

2:02PM - Capitals trade Semyon Varlemov to the Avalanche, caps got 1st rounder next year and a 2nd in 2012 or 2013. Varlemov reportedly signs 2 year 5.5 million dollar deal with the Avanlanche

1:57PM - Marcel Goc signs with the Florida Panthers for a 3 year deal worth 1.7 million per

1:51PM - Andrew Brunette signs in Chicago on a one year deal worth 2 million

1:50PM - BD Gallof says the Isles offered Upshall 3 years 3.5 but he chose Florida instead

1:37PM - Ed Jovanoski signs with Florida, 4 year deal worth 16.5 million

1:36PM - Jan Hejada signs 4 year deal in Colorado worth 3.25 million per year

1:28PM - Stars sign Radek Dvorak & Vernon Fiddler, Dvorak got 1 year 1.5 per according to McKenzie, Vernon Fiddler got 3 years 1.8 per according to MacKenzie

1:25PM - Phoenix signs Boyd Gordon to a two year deal worth 1.3 in year one and 1.35 in year to

1:22PM - Flyers sign Jaromir Jagr, he got 1 year 3.3 million

Phoenix signs Mike Smith a to a 2 year 4 million dollar contract and Raffi Torres to a two year deal worth 1.75 per

1:16PM - Capitals sign Halpern 1 year 825K

1:12PM - Scottie Upshall signs in Florida, the deals 4 years 14 million according to TSN

1:10PM - Sean O'Donnell signs 1 year 850K with Chicago

1:06PM - Dallas signs Adam Pardy 2 years 2 million per

1:03PM - Andrew Brunette is drawing interest from the Rangers, Hawks, Predators among others

Also the Blackhawks are the front runners to sign Max Talbot

12:55PM - Jose Theodore 2 years 1.5 per with Florida

12:51PM - Ben Eager signs 3 year deal worth 1.1 per with the Oilers

Jamal Mayers signs 1 year 550K with Chicago

12:35PM - Devils sign Andy Greene to a 4 year deal

12:29PM - Michael Handzus has NOT signed with the Flyers! Bob McKenzie says they haven't even had discussion

12:07PM - Isles sign Kirill Kabanov to an entry level deal

12:03PM - Penguins resign Tyler Kennedy to a 2 year deal worth 2 per

12:02PM - Chris Higgins signs 2 year extension with Vancover to a 2 year deal worth 1.9 per and Vancover also resigns Sami Salo to a 1 year 2 million dollar deal

12:00PM - James Wisniewski signs a 6 year 33 million dollar deal with the Bluejackets

11:59AM - Jesse Joensuu signed a 2 year deal with a Swedish Club (The Islanders retained his rights according to Chris Botta because we sent him a qualifying offer last week)