Saturday, July 30, 2011

Latest Endorsements! Renderings to be released before Mondays vote!! ABLI continues complaining!

Over the last few days, the current plan on the table to build a brand new Nassau Coliseum, a minor league ball park for an independent league baseball team, as well as a 90,000 square foot indoor track facility has added some more supporters.

Firstly, Rangers GM Glen Sather issued a statement the other day & encouraged Hockey Fans & non Hockey fans of Nassau County to go out & vote YES on Monday August 1st.

Also, Devils GM Lou Lamoriello yesterday issued a statement supporting the isles plan for a new building on Long Island & hoped that the divisional rivalry between the Islanders & Devils would keep going for many years.

Also yesterday, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman endorsed the plan & one part that some in this took notice is that he said, the teams future in Nassau County hangs in the balance or something to that effect. This could possibly mean they have alternative places in NY should this be voted down.

Lastly, a maritime group voiced their support for this to Newsday last night.

According to Chris Botta, renderings of the new arena will be released before Mondays vote. Botta thinks it will be in tomorrows issue of Newsday. I am very curious to see what it looks like!

Lastly, the ABLI is at it once again with the latest post on their facebook wall. In that post they say they have asked for additional election inspectors to protect the integrity of the vote because they are fearful of voter intimidation.

Here is a link to their facebook page: (Feel free to share your thoughts on things with them)

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