Friday, July 8, 2011

Isles/Labor PR push taking full swing!!! Resistance appears!!

Update: According to Chris Botta there were opponents this morning handing out literature at a local train station encouraging people to vote against the referendum. So the sooner this push takes full swing the better because obviously the opponents aren't going to wait til the last minute to make there position known throughout the county.

Starting as soon as the other day you may have received a call from someone associated with a labor Union encouraging you to vote yes on August 1st. Well that is because the PR push by the Islanders and Labor Unions is beginning to take full swing.

According to newsday approx 45,000 labor people will be apart of a phone banking operation calling people of Nassau County to encourage them to vote yes. Additionally they will be going door to door as well as distributing & hanging fliers. Also in the final days before the vote a billboard truck will circle Nassau County promoting the vote. The Islanders declined to comment, however recently they emailed fact sheets regarding this to many fans, so they I think will be doing subtle stuff along those lines.

I think its good that they are finally beginning to do this, because although it may alert some naysayers of the vote it was expected & its good that they gave themselves enough time to make the effort actually mean something & didn't wait til like the final week to start doing things.

This should be an interesting next few weeks in Islanders Country.

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