Friday, July 8, 2011

Organizations clash over Coliseum referendum!!

Recently, through Newsday two large Long Island organizations shared very different thoughts with regard to the referendum which would get us a new Coliseum. Kevin Law of The Long Island Association threw the full support of his organization behind the referendum. However Desmond Ryan of the Association for a "better" Long Island once again voiced his displeasure.

The position of the LIA isn't surprising, as when Kevin Law took the position in charge of the LIA one of his primary goals for the year was to get development going in the "hub" area and save the team.

The position of Desmond Ryan isn't a surprise either, as since right after his interview with Chris Botta Ryan has been 100% against this, and in my opinion its for his own self interest. That is why I put better in quotes above because something is supported by the ABLI only if it makes Desmond Ryans LI better, to hell with the rest of us.

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