Friday, July 22, 2011

Isles news/arena/rumor roundup!

Well, today, as Robbie said we went away so we didn't have time to write up anything, however now its late so I figured i'd do a quick roundup before I went to bed.

Firstly, the other day the Islanders signed Tim Wallace to a one year two way deal. Wallace is a guy who will spend a majority of the year with Bridgeport. He had 20 goals last year in the AHL so he'll give the tigers some much needed scoring help.

Secondly, it was reported by puckdaddys Russian reporter & confirmed by Katie Strang that the Isles have been in discussions with the agent for Alexei Yashin about a possible reunion. Well, to me he was driven away from the team once by the fans, & is four years older now with a bad knee. I don't see how he fits on this team so well see what happens.

Thirdly, Chris Botta reported that the ABLI had decided that they WILL run an ad campaign against the referendum. It was reported by Newsday in the last week or two that they were undecided weather or not they would run one. Personally I think the ABLI are a bunch of corrupt jokes & no-one should take them seriously & I feel sorry for those that think they actually give a crap about Long Islanders beside themselves when any person with half a brain can see that they are only involved for their own self interest. That can be confirmed by the article from around a week or so ago that the ABLI tried to extort the development rights for the property from Mangano & when Mangano refused to give them to his group there smear campaign against the plan started.

Lastly, Nick Giglia reported that a report came out that stated that if the Isles were to leave Nassau County residents would see a $16 increase in taxes. Where as if the revenue from the coliseum project is put into a "lock box" as Mr. Giglia calls it then taxes will only go up $13.80. So would you rather pay $13.80 & get something or $16 and get nothing? Seems like a no brainer to me!!

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