Sunday, July 3, 2011

Go Big or Go Small

Will Garth and company go for it and try and trade for a big top four dman.  Someone like Keith Yandle who's name has been thrown around a lot.  Yandle who is coming off his best season yet ( 11G-48A-59Pts)  will not come cheap.  The young powerful defensemen will require a quiet steep price.  One must think a first round pick, Calvin De Haan, and several other prospects and/or picks.  Also names including deal like this are Blake Comeau and Josh Bailey. 

Trading Bailey to me does not make sense.  Being so young and with the talented he owns Bailey can easily turn it around and be the player he was thought to be.  The smart play maker who's linemate's will rake in the goals.  There is still plenty of time, the project is far from over.  The time is still there for Bailey to develop and progress.  He has the potential and talent, he just needs to believe in himself. 

Trading Comeau who had his best season in an Isles uniform his interesting. His value is highest as ever but the Islanders need secondary scorers.  What team doesn't?  Comeau who padded in 24 goals this past season is a nice third line wing with a scoring touch and should be kept. 

Trading for a Yandle type player make sense on many levels.  It would give the team excitement and momentum for the 8/1 vote but also improving the team greatly with the sight of a playoff push this season.   It adds up for Garth to pull a trigger, but there are other options.

Snow can stand pat and weigh free agency out.  Seeing if he can find that hidden gem once again and play his cards.  He has shown the patience that makes me think this is a possibility. 

Another way Snow can act is going out there and signing a free agent now.  A Tomas Kaberle or Bryan McCabe can fit with the current roster.  They might not be that solid top 4 impact player that some fans want but they will be cheap and are more then serviceable.  Kaberle can easily come here and play on the 2nd pair and put up 40 pts, play solid powerplay time and bring some veteran presence. 

Yes the free agent frenzy has slowed down but its only the beginning.  Snow has the whole summer to improve the team and I fully expect him to use every minute possible.  Snow knows what is on the line, and I believe he will come through.  They have tried more then once already, yes it did not work out but something will pan out and us fans will see.

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