Monday, February 8, 2016

Barclays Center Striking Out Yet Again With Isles Fans

To say it hasn't been easy for Barclays Center officials to welcome the Islanders and their fans to Brooklyn would be quite the understatement.  Sure, growing pains were expected, but since they had years to prepare for this it seems like a lot of time was wasted.  The latest cases came from an interview Brett Yormark gave recently with Sports Illustrated.  That was followed up by an exclusive report earlier today from nyislesblog about how Barclays Center pretty much lied to season ticket holders.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the topic of the obstructed seats at Barclays Center was brought up.  In response, Mr. Yormark suggested Islander fans actually stream the game on their phones or simply watch on the big screen.  So fans should buy tickets, take the 45 min + train ride to the arena to watch the game on their phones?  The amount of sense this lacks is astonishing especially coming from someone in the position of Mr. Yormark.  Sell the arena and experience all you want and as you should, but don't insult our intelligence!

Following that fiasco, came today when nyislesblog dropped their exclusive report that some season ticket holders in the obstructed sections will see a ticket increase of 66% next season.  This isn't in the premium seats, these are the obstructed seats where in some spots you can't see as much as half the zone right in front of you.  This increase is coming roughly a month after Barclays Center told the same season ticket holders that as a perk for renewing their season tickets they would not pay a price increase for next season.  For more details check out the report here.

In order for the Islanders to grow in Brooklyn like we all hoped and expected, Brett Yormark needs leave the Isles to someone who can handle them because although he had gotten better the last month or so he obviously is in over his head..