Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wang to be Interviewed Pre Game Tomorrow! DP to be at the Coliseum?

During this afternoons game with the Bruins, it was made public that Islanders owner Charles Wang will be interviewed during the pre game show prior to tomorrow afternoons game vs the Panthers.

With all the talk of Brooklyn and asbestos recently, it should be interesting to see what the owner has to say. Although, the pessimist in me is telling me to expect the usual company lines and not much news of substance if any. But hopefully I am wrong!

DP At The Game Tomorrow?

MSG Networks through twitter made public today that prior to the game tomorrow in the box office oft injured net minder Rick Dipietro will be in the box office and will hand out food vouchers to the first 5,000 fans who show up. These vouchers are courtesy of DP himself, not the team.

This isn't something you ever, a player using his own money to buy food for fans at a game. Dipietro said he wanted to show fans how much he appreciates them and being an Islander.

Post Game: Bruins 3rd Period Explosion Leads To Victory Over Islanders!

This afternoon, our Islanders feel 6-3 to the Bruins. Here are some of my notes:

-Congrats to Matt Martin on setting the NHL record for hits in a season. He finished today with 360 which is 3 more then the NHL record. While far from the most significant record like Kevin Schultz said in his piece for pointblank, its nice to have some positive press in a time when things in large part have been negative.

-Once again we fail to win four in a row. Additionally we fail to go above NHL .500. I laughed the first time I heard this but its like this team is scared of prosperity. Everytime an opportunity of this nature comes it always passes them by. Certainly not a good sign and something that really needs to be addressed, especially as we go into next season.

-Team failed to play a 60 minute game today! The Islanders performance in the third period was pitiful. They were dominated in large parts by an obviously better team. Additionally to give up not one but two goals after pulling within one in the third isn't a good sign at all. It kills all momentum gained and is a morale killer for not only the players but the fans as well.

-Weak game from Montoya! Given he didn't have much help on defense, however, more then one goal should've been stopped and when your playing a team like the Bruins you can't allow them to do that because it will be very tough to recover from.

-Unreal pass by Tavares to set up PA on his first goal! Additionally great play by that hole line on PA's second goal. Hopefully we are able to resign PA because the chemistry he has with that line is ridiculous.

-Baileys point streak ended!! After getting five points in the Penguins game the other night Josh Bailey failed to register a point in this game for the first time in his last five. To give you an idea of how hot he has been recently, Bailey has 17 points in his last 16 games. In contrast, he had 15 points in his first 60.

-Haley served his role well in relief of Cizikas!

-To many Bruins fans at the game today! Was it nice that it was a sell out? Especially this late in the season, yes. However, the fact that sometimes I was left wondering if I was in Boston or on LI isn't a good thing at all.

After the era of good feelings from the Penguins sweep this certainly wasn't what we were expecting. But if you think about other times this year when the team has been in similar situations to this its really not a surprise that their play fell off in the third period because it fits in with the rest of the season.

Next Game: Tomorrow 3PM VS Ottawa

Pre Game: Bruins @ Islanders!

This afternoon our New York Islanders looking to achieve a 4 game winning streak for the first time this season play host to the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins. This will be the teams final meeting this season.

Casey Cizikas will not be in the lineup today suffering from an upper body injury so Micheal Haley was recalled this morning on an emergency basis.

Otherwise, the lineup will be the same as the team that beat the Penguins in the home and home this week. However, the Bruins will be starting Marty Turco in net this afternoon.

Well hopefully the Islanders will be able to ride the momentum of the sweep of the Penguins into todays game and achieve their longest winning streak of the season. It certainly wont be easy though so this game should be interesting.

Francessa: Isles Will End Up In Brooklyn Because Of Coliseum Asbestos!

On his show today, Mike Francessa addressed the issue of the asbestos at the Coliseum. He said although given the recent news from Nassau County that it was clean that he thinks the building will be condemned because of this and class action law suits by Coliseum employees against Nassau County.
Joseph Dell, an attorney from Garden City, who represents many Coliseum employees is preparing a class action law suit against Nassau County with regard to this matter on the behalf of the employees.
As of now, I would have to disagree with Mike. Although that is pending the results from NYS investigation as well as OSHA. The results from them could lead me more toward what Mike is saying, although right now I can't say that because there is not enough available to give me reason to say that.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Secondary Scoring Explosion Leads To Home and Home Sweep Over Penguins!

Coming into this week, with the home and home against the Penguins most people were just hoping for competitive games. If we happened to win one that would just be icing on the cake so to speak.

However, the Islander players didn't get that memo, as they didn't just win one of the games, they won both of them.

On Tuesday our Islanders defeated the Penguins by a score of 5-3. Here are my notes:

-Heck of an effort by the goalies in this game. The Penguins ended up with 50+ shots, and to still get the win when so many shots are given up is a testament to the good play of the goalies.

-Demons continue to be exercised. Earlier this season the Islanders defeated the Flyers in Philly for the first time in four years. Well, coming into this game it had been over four years since the Isles last defeated the Penguins in Pittsburgh. Now that demon has been exercised as well.

-Nice game by Josh Bailey with three assists to continue his point streak to four games.

-Good game by David Ullstrom in his last game before being sent down. Good for him to get on the board in the game so he goes back to the Tigers with some confidence.

This game certainly surprised many people and gave the Isles some momentum going into the back end of the home and home at the Coliseum last night.

Last night, our Islanders finished the sweep of the Pens with a 5-3 victory. Here are some of my notes:

-Who ever thought we would see Bailey achieve a 5 point game? Congrats to him, a very impressive performance!

-Congrats to Okposo on achieving 20 goals in a season for the first time.

-Much better defensive effort in this game then in the game in Pit. Giving up half the amount of shots in this game as the game two days earlier is a good sign.

-Nice game by Nino, had many good chances.

-Congrats to Marty Reasoner on scoring finally! We here have been very harsh critics of him all season so were giving him well deserved props after scoring on what was a great setup by Streit.

-Nice game from Montoya! Outside of maybe the first goal, none of the goals were to soft, so a very solid performance from him against one of the hotter teams in the league.

Well if this brief stretch of games hasn't surprised you then well, you have higher expectations then most people. Some are upset because with these late wins the Islanders are screwing up their position in the draft which will lead to having a lower pick. I am not one who is concerned with that though, because to me having a lower pick in the draft is a sign that the team is getting better which is what we all want, isn't it?

Next Game: Tomorrow @ Home VS Boston 1PM (If we win we will be winners of four straight which will be our longest win streak of the season)

Isles News From The Week That Was!!

Nassau Clears The Coliseum!

Earlier this week, we found out that Nassau County had ran more tests on the Coliseum and found it to be clear of dangerous Asbestos. This is after a report from NBC last week that a bunch of workers had approached them saying they had been in contact with dangerous amounts of asbestos while on the job at the Coliseum. Although this is good, the state as well as OSHA have yet to report any results from their investigation. I am curious to see what they find.

Nabakov Done For The Year!

In the game Tuesday in Pittsburgh, goalie Evgeni Nabakov toward the end of the second period appeared to fall and be in some mild pain. He was able to finish out the second period of the game, but did not come out for the third and was replaced by Al Montoya. This left us all wondering how bad he was. Well, we got our answer when news broke just days after that the Islanders had signed goalie John Grahame for the rest of the season to serve as Al Montoyas backup. Grahame last saw time in the NHL in 07-08. However, he was still playing in the AHL up to last season.

Ullstrom Returned To Bridgeport!

Earlier this week, forward David Ullstrom was returned to Bridgeport to help Bridgeport as they push for first place in their division on the way to the AHL playoffs.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Isles go 1-1 on Weekend Florida Trip!

Over the weekend our Isles traveled to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Lightning on Saturday night and the Florida Panthers yesterday evening.

On Saturday our Isles were defeated 4-3 by the Lightning. Montoya didn't have his best game, although given his lack of playing time recently that has to be expected to some extent.

The defense had multiple breakdowns in this game which costed the team big time. One that sticks out was Pa Parenteau losing his man leading to a tap in goal. The defense has to be better then that if they want to get wins.

Congrats to Matt Moulson on scoring his 100th career NHL goal!

What a way to lose this game with the game winning goal for the Lightning coming from none other then ex Islander Tim Wallace. Only that would happen to the Islanders!

Then yesterday evening our Isles continued their trip across the sunshine state with a stop to play Steven Weiss and the Florida Panthers. Our Isles defeated them by a score of 3-2 in a shootout.

-The team showed good fight coming back in the third period after giving up what was a soft go ahead goal.

-Nice game from Kyle Okposo! I thought he was very rabid on the forecheck all game was rewarded by scoring the tying goal in the third period.

-Teams play wasn't very good for the first half of the game. They seemed asleep sort of, however by the end of the second period they had noticeably woken up.

-Dylan Reese continues to play well in his second callup this season since coming back from his leg injury a few weeks ago.

-Both Casey Cizikas and David Ullstrom do not look out of place at all and haven't so in the slightest throughout their callups this season. This should certainly make the roster going into next season interesting.

While Saturdays game was disappointing giving up the third period lead. Yesterdays win was certainly nice against a probable playoff team as we come down the home stretch this season.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night @ Pitsburgh

Friday, March 23, 2012

BREAKING: Asbestos Investigation To Be Done By New York State On The Coliseum!

Update 2: A new Newsday article has a quote from Deputy County Executive Robert Walker saying that the Coliseum is safe for the patrons and employees after tests done by J.C. Broderick And Associates of Hauppauge determined that everything was safe in the arena. However, later in the article they mentioned that not all of the sites that were sent for testing by a Coliseum employee had been tested yet. The tests that were done from that material showed dangerous levels of asbestos as we know from the NBC report last week. So based off this I would say we aren't out of the woods yet no matter what Nassau County says. I am curious to see what OSHA and NYS have to say.

If you would like to see more from this Newsday article you can find a link to it on our facebook page.

Update: NBC has updated their report on this matter stating that New York State began their investigation into this on Friday. Nothing else major came out of the report. However, if your curious you can find a link to it on our facebook page.

Tonight, Newsday and NBC reported that New York State has sent people down here to do an Asbestos investigation at the Coliseum. This was bought on after a group of Coliseum workers went to NBC with pictures suggesting they were in contact with dangerous levels of Asbestos while working at the Coliseum.

According to the NBC report, an employee collected samples of the asbestos and they sent it to three different places for testing and the results from all three places showed that dangerous levels of asbestos were present. The workers who spoke to an NBC reporter but refused to speak on camera said that two of their longtime co-workers have recently come down with cancer and the believe that a building played a part in that.

Additionally, an attorney for the group has said they will be filing suit against Nassau County for this. They definitely have a case so it should be interesting to see how that pans out.

To see the full newsday story visit our facebook page which could be found on the side bar.

I will update this as I come across new information, it should be very interesting to see how this affects everything.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Isles Resign Nabby To 1 Year Extension!!

As I am sure most of you know by now, this morning the Islanders signed goalie Evgeni Nabakov to a one year extension worth 2.75 million. This is coming after a month ago when Snow declined to move Nabby at the trade deadline.

This year Nabby has amassed 17 wins and has the best stats by an Isanders starting goalie since 2006/2007 and Rick Dipietro. That season was DP's last full season before the injury bug struck him.

So, for the first time in a while the Islanders have stability in net and it comes with a proven veteran who has amassed much regular season success with the Sharks and over 300 career NHL wins.

Next up is to sign PA Parenteau before 7/1, get on it Garth.

Post Game: Moulson Sets New Career High In Goals As Isles Victorious 5-2 Over Leafs!

Tonight our New York Islanders defeated the Toronto Mapleleafs by a score of 5-2. Here are some of my notes:

-Congrats to Matt Moulson on setting a new career high in goals. His next goal will be his 100th career goal, just amazing the success he has had here.

-Nice game by PA made some slick passes to set people up and showed great speed on his breakaway goal.

-Like PA, Tavares as usual made some nice passes leading to goals giving him 42 assists on the season! Tavares is also only the 4th Islander aged 21 or below to record at least 71 points in a season. The other three are in the hall of fame. Additionally Tavares is the first Islander player since 01/02 to record at least 70 points in a season. Alexei Yashin was the last Islander player to do so totaling 75 that season.

-According to stat man Eric Hornick, Tavares and PA are the first pair of Isles teammates to surpass 40 assists in a season since Ziggy Palffy and Robert Reichel in the 97/98 season. Additionally PA's assists are the most by and Islander player since Turgeon in 93/94.

-Nice game by David Ullstrom, good to see him get on the board.

-Very nice defensive game from the team! When was the last time fans can say we held a team to under 15 shots in an entire game?

-Travis Hamonic has just been exceptional this season!

Overall not an amazing game from the team but certainly a good one. Especially when they aren't playing for much, to come in and take advantage of a struggling team is nice to see.

Next Game: Saturday 7PM @ Tampa Bay

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post Game: Despite 3rd Period Tying Goal Isles Victorious In A Shootout!

On Saturday night, our Islanders defeated the Montreal Canadians by a score of 3-2 in a shootout. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Outside of again the soft goal to start from Nabby pretty stellar game by him.

-Good move by Bailey to gain the victory in the shootout.

-Another good game by Matt Martin!

-Casey Cizikas continues to fit in!

-Can it be true that Marty Reasoner didn't have a bad game? Yes, even though he has still yet to score he played a pretty decent game.

-Nino had one of his better games recently! Showed great effort on the offensive getting chances more then once when the play was thought to be dead.

This victory but us tied with the Habs for the second worst record in the eastern conference. After the recent stretch of games it was certainly nice to get a win under the belt.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night 7PM @ Toronto

Friday, March 16, 2012

Post Game: Early Goals Doom Isles As They Fall 3-2 To The Flyers!!

Tonight, our New York Islanders fell by a score of 3-2 to the Flyers. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Nabby didn't have a good first period! Letting in that first goal like he did was a real momentum killer for the team. Although the rest of his game was pretty good, and he certainly gave his team a chance to win and that is all you can ask from a goalie.

-Where the hell was sustained offensive pressure for the better part of the first 45 minutes of the game? They had little rushes here and there but really didn't have much of anything til the third period. Your not going to win a hockey game very often having to do that.

-Good game by Matt Martin! He laid out multiple nice hits, and beat up Wayne Simmonds after one of them when he took exception. You could see through his play that the recent crap play of the team is getting to him. But instead of letting it negatively effect him, it just makes him go out and hit players harder.

-Congrats to JT on notching 70 points!

-Also if you haven't seen/heard, apparently on the Isles timeout with one second remaining a video popped up online of JT taking the clipboard from the coaches and drawing up his own play for when play resumed. Is this a poor endorsement of the coaches? Or Tavares showing his leadership? You decide!

-Smart move by Cappy tonight scratching Reasoner for Casey! If Casey is going to be here, then for the rest of the season, Reasoner should be scratched so he can play. If Cappy sits Casey to play Reasoner then we certainly have some issues.

-Isles broke the Flyers shutout streak. Coming into the game tonight the Flyers had 3 consecutive shutouts I believe, so its nice to break that on them.

Well, the Islanders showed up good for roughly 15-20 minutes tonight. The rest of the time, they were partly getting stoned by a hot goalie, otherwise they were just one and done on offensive rushes. Certainly not the formula to winning hockey.

Next Game: Saturday 3/17 7PM @ Montreal

Bruce Ratner: "We'd Love To Have the Islanders In Brooklyn!!"

During the first intermission of tonights game against the Flyers, Bruce Ratner the owner of Forest City Ratner (The Barclays Center in Brooklyn among other things) as well as minority owner of the New Jersey Nets had a brief interview with Howie Rose.

In the interview the predictable was talked about. That being the possibility of the Islanders relocating to Brooklyn post 2015 when the lease expires. Ratner handled the questions very easy repeatedly saying that he believes its Charles first choice to have a new arena built here. However he said that if something cant be done that they would love to have the Islanders in Brooklyn. He made it a point to say more then once that New York needs the Islanders which isn't something you hear often.

Overall, I am not sure if the interview could've went better from an Isles perspective. Like many others have said Ratner played his role perfectly. Here is yet another brief turn on what will be a very crazy road to the finish line, so strap yourselves in folks!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post Game: Isles Blow 3 Goal Lead, Fall To Caps In OT!

On Tuesday night, our Islanders fell to Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals by a score of 5-4 in overtime. Here are some of my notes:

-Defense was abysmal at points during this game. Many blown assignments led to Capital goals. Most notably when Alex Ovechkin was lost and was allowed three shots on the net eventually converting on a goal.

-Congrats to Tavares and Moulson for both reaching the 30 goal club. This is the first time of many I am sure for Tavares.

-Now Moulson, three straight years of at least 30 goals. Who would've thunk it? Moulson is an incredible story of a guy going from minor league fodder to one of the above average players in the entire league.

-Lost in the defenses bad overall effort, was that Travis Hamonic amassed almost 28 minutes of ice time. That is just borderline jaw dropping for a kid of his age to be playing such long minutes. It is certainly nice to finally get an unexpected winner from the draft isn't it?

I know some will disagree but I thought our play fell off after we scored our fourth goal. I thought for the better part of the second half of the game that the Capitals controlled the play and rather easily to and that just isn't a recipe to win games. I know we have a younger team for the most part so they will make mistakes, but the thing is instead of learning from them they seem to find crazy ways to make the same mistake again. Sooner or later people are going to begin wondering what will it be tonight?

Next Game: Tonight @ Home VS The Flyers

Monday, March 12, 2012

Haley/Nilsson Sent To Bridgeport!

This morning, the Islanders announced that they have sent down goalie Anders Nilsson and forward Michael Haley to Bridgeport.

This signals that either Matt Martin, or Casey Cizikas along with Al Montoya will be ready for Tuesdays game against the Capitals.

This is good for both teams because after a rough weekend the Tigers could certainly use both of them, especially Nilsson to give Poulin a breather.

And the Islanders can certainly use Martin or Cizikas to influx a bit more skill into the lineup.

Isles Drop 3 In A Row To Officially End Playoff Chances!

This weekend was a rather rough one for the Islander faithful! First came the 5-1 loss at New Jersey on Thursday when we seemingly couldn't defend Ilya Kovalchuk and he made us pay for it, not once, not twice, but three times notching a hatrick.

Then came Saturdays dehabilitating 2-1 loss to the Devils. This was a true heart breaker for us, and evidence that even at this stage of the season we still dont know how to close out games. To completely blow a 1-0 lead with less then two minutes left is simply unacceptable! Anders Nilsson did play rather well once again in this game, he just lacked help.

Then last night, our Isles fell 4-3 to the Rangers in overtime. Here are some of my notes:

-Less then 20 shots in a game? I mean, I know we scored three goals, but you have to shoot more then that. Not eclipsing 20 shots in a game is simply not going to get you very far!

-Team has to be more disciplined! Took to many penalties last night.

-What happened to the penalty kill? At one point for a long stretch it was among the best in the NHL, boy has that changed.

-The trip on Hamonic in OT was a very soft call though, especially since a minute or two before that PA had been hooked down basically into the Ranger net without a call. But because of the big angry reaction from the Garden crowd Hamonic got called for tripping which led to the Rangers winner. Its a shame the refs let the fans decide the game!

-Nice seeing some emotion from Nabby even at this stage of the season at the end of the second period when Prust came in hard at him.

-Not a terrible game by Nabakov! I mean he was clearly not on top of his game. However, he was miles ahead of where he was Thursday against the Devils.

Well certainly not the stretch Islanders Country expected! However, since the kids have to mostly learn on their own thanks to lack of proper veteran support because of budget limitations stuff like this will happen.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night @ Home VS Washington

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pre Game: Isles @ Devils!

Tonight, our Islanders continue their three game set with the Devils as they travel to New Jersey tonight.

Evgeni Nabakov will start in net for the Islanders tonight against Marty Brodeur for the Devils. I was a little surprised that after his shutout Sunday that Anders Nilsson wasnt given a second start in a row.

Michael Grabner will once again be scratched, along with Dylan Reese. They had been getting over the flu, but they are now listed as healthy scratches. So the Islanders will dress the same lineup as Sundays game. Meanwhile, Alexei Ponikarovsky will be returning to the lineup for the Devils. Alexei didn't play in the game on Sunday.

After Sundays 1-0 shutout loss, I am sure the Devils will come out firing. So hopefully Nabby and the defense are ready for that and are able to help the team to continue this streak.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Post Game: Okposos 2nd Period Goal Leads To Shutout Win Over the Devils!!

On Sunday afternoon, behind Anders Nilsson our Islanders defeated the New Jersey Devils by a score of 1-0 in their first of three games this week. Here are some of my notes from game one:
-Congrats to Anders Nilsson on his first NHL win. For a first NHL win, cant get much better then shutting out Marty Brodeur. After this outing it will be interesting to see when Cappy gives him the nod again.
-Very solid defensive game from the team! This was like the tale of two starts for Nilsson. His first start they were like traffic cones in front of him and they were actually pretty solid in front of him.

-Nice seeing Okposo get on the board! Hopefully this continues for him as the season winds down.
Overall, huge win for our Islanders in game one of this three game "series" with the Devils this week.
Next Game: Tonight @ NJD 7PM

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pre Game: Devils @ Islanders!!

This afternoon, Zach Parise and the New Jersey Devils travel to Long Island to take on John Tavares and our New York Islanders.

Well given that the Islanders played yesterday and there prior play this season in back to backs, this game should certainly be interesting. This season back to backs the Islanders have usually come up pretty flat. So hopefully Cappy can get them up for this, if he cant that will sure be telling.

I would assume given the teams history this year with the flu that Michael Grabner will once again be out of the lineup. So that means Nino will be in his spot again, I honestly didn't think there line (Cizikas centering Nino and Okposo) played bad yesterday at all. Hopefully they can continue and maybe even pot one today.

The Islanders said that they will have the starters after Jack Capuano talks to the media at around 1:00PM. I have a feeling you wont know who the starting goalie is until then. Nabakov, although he played well, didn't have an easy game yesterday so logic would seem to side with starting Anders Nilsson today. However, Jack has flown in the face of that logic before during this season so the only person who probably knows right now is Jack, and he may not even know yet.

Post Game: Nabby Returns To Form As Isles Down Defending Cup Champs!!

Yesterday afternoon our New York Islanders defeated the Boston Bruins by a score of 3-2. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Heck of a game by Nabby! Made many big saves and was a very intricate part in us getting the two points. You know a goalie has at least a pretty good game when the goals given up aren't his fault. The first one was a powerplay, we couldn't clear it. It changed direction in front thanks to Rolston and not much you can do there. Then on Seguins goal, MacDonald got caught flat footed and Seguin exploited that.

-JT does it again! First his nice pass down low to Moulson for the second goal. Then his nice tip in front on the Moulson shot for the third goal. Were so lucky to be able to watch a player like this night in a night out.

-Josh Bailey continues his great play!! Seems like his move to wing has helped his game!! I remember thinking the same thing when they moved him there briefly last season. Hopefully this is a more long term thing then that was because I think it will be mutually beneficial for both of us if it is.

-Anyone else find it ironic that Rolston got an assist against us? Also, good job Howie Rose for ripping Rolston after his comments about not getting enough of an opportunity here. We all know how I felt about him and I thought he had to much of an opportunity so for him to say what he did is just mind blowing.

-I thought Nino had a decent game in his return to the lineup! Should be interesting if its a full time return or just til Grabners better then riding the pine again.

Was it a fantastic game by the Islanders? No! But was it a good way to end what ended being a pretty crappy trip? You bet!

Next Game: Today @ Home 3PM VS The Devils

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Post Game: Isles Lackluster Play Continues As They Lose 6-3 To Flyers!!

Tonight our Islanders fell 6-3 to the Flyers. Here are my few notes from the game:

-Congrats to Casey Cizikas on getting his first NHL point.

-Whats come of Josh Bailey? Three goals in his last two games! Just wow, hopefully he can keep it up at even a quarter of this pace to change his doubters.

-Weak game from Nabby! After he let in that third goal, it was such a momentum killer and I think took so much out of the sails from the team. I just had that feeling after he gave up the third goal, I dont know what it was but I had a feeling that this just wasnt our game.

Well the losses just keep coming! So much for any sort of a run! Now hopefully were able to keep our heads at least semi above water as we head down the stretch because if we cant that will really be a shame.

Next Game: Saturday, 1PM @ Boston