Friday, July 15, 2011

Mangano takes shots back at ABLI!!

The smear campaign put up by the ABLI & there leader Desmond Ryan has been pretty well documented, however today Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano returned fire against the ABLI saying that they tried to extort the development rights to the "hub" area & when they weren't given to them they turned against the plan.

Mangano says that Desmond Ryan told him that if the county sold his group the development rights to the property that his group would support the plan, but when Mangano refused the ABLI started a smear campaign against the plan.

This just confirms what I had figured for a while, that Ryan & co. were just involved for their own self interests & couldn't care less about Nassau County taxpayers or anything. For more check out the link below:

I wonder how Ryan will respond to this!

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