Monday, July 18, 2011

A fans message to Nassau County

Today, we decided to take a break from all the politics with the referendum & focus on the fans view. So, with that, below is a message to Nassau County residents from Tom Ballantyne who can often be found in section 329 at Islanders games.

"People of Nassau County: Think of the future when voting on August 1st. For the Islanders, the future looks extremely bright as they WILL be contending for a long time as soon as next season. There will be many shows coming to the new arena. Also, we will have a baseball stadium for an Atlantic League team, which will probably only cost $5 per ticket. The future of Long Island is decided on August 1st, and I hope you, along with myself and many I know, will vote Yes and keep Long Islands future bright."

If you have a message for the people of Nassau County, or thoughts on the referendum, dm us on twitter @savetheisles, write it on our facebook page to which a link can be found on the side bar, or write it in comments & who knows maybe your message will appear on the site.

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