Saturday, July 9, 2011

Isles seek $$$ for Coliseum repairs from Nassau County

As first reported on twitter yesterday by Chris Botta, the Islanders are seeking 4 million dollars from Nassau County to make repairs to the Coliseum.

Botta says that the following things would be repaired using the money:

1) A majority of 100 level seats are broken & beyond repair

2) The mechanism that allows the sections to slide in and out based off events, are in poor shape.

3) Hundreds of other seats outside the 100's are damaged/broken and beyond repair.

4) Many patches of damage to the roof

5) The refrigeration system that creates the surface for games is barely running & can break on any given day. Botta reports that even after the Islanders recently spent $500,000 of their own money to repair it the ice at the coliseum is still amongst the worst in the league.

Additional things weren't mentioned by Chris.

This request to Nassau County is coming just three weeks before the referendum vote which Nassau County residents will be voting weather or not the County will have the ability to bond an amount of money up to 400 million dollars to build a brand new Nassau Coliseum & Minor League baseball stadium. That being the case, it has caused some to scratch their heads with regard to the timing of this request. Well as Botta said people need to remember that regardless if the new building gets approved there are still 3 seasons of hockey left to be played there as well as countless concerts shows among other things, so the place needs to be as safe as possible for the public.

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