Monday, February 27, 2012

Forward Yannick Riendeau

Yannick signed on with the Bruins on April 2nd 2009 as a free agent. He is a 5'10 178 pound 23 year old forward.

This season Yannick has split time between the Providence Bruins in the AHL and the Reading Royals in the ECHL. In 18 games in Providence Yannick has put up just 6 points. However in 30 games with Reading Yannick put up 29 points, averaging nearly a point per game.

Last season was spent mostly with Reading but he saw a brief cup of coffee with Providence. In 54 games for Reading he managed to put up 43 points. However in six games for Providence, he managed no points and took a minor penalty.

With the recent call ups of Casey and Ullstrom, Yannick may see some playing time in Bridgeport down the stretch. It will certainly be interesting to see what he contributes if anything during his time here. Even if its nothing its always good to have the extra experienced depth instead of having to deplete random ECHL teams of there players who in most cases have never played at this level let alone been apart of a stretch run such as the one the Tigers are currently apart of.

Defenseman Marc Cantin!!

Cantin signed on with the Bruins toward the end of last season as a free agent. He is a 6'1 201 pound defenseman.

Last season he had 10 goals and 31 assists and 78 penalty minutes in the OHL. So the penalty minutes show he obviously isn't afraid to mix it up a little bit.

This year he played a little bit with the Providence Bruins but the performance really wasnt there so after 19 games he was sent to the ECHL. There he so far has put up 6 points in 16 games. It will be interesting to see how much playing time if he gets if any while here.

The Tigers now have tremendous depth on defense with Mark Katic being loaned there today and now his acquisition. Its always good to have depth especially in playoff a run late in the season because of how beat up people are it makes it easier to get injured.

Isles Surprise Lots of People, Deal Rolston/Mottau To Bruins!!

Well, upon getting out of class today I saw I had a few texts. One of them happened to be from a friend of mine telling me that the Islanders had traded Brian Rolston and Mike Mottau. Saying my jaw fell on the floor as I was walking to my car would be an understatement.

They in a letter text sent me the Isles tweet about the trade that they had been moved to the Boston Bruins for defenseman Marc Cantin and forward Yannick Riendeau. To actually get warm bodies back for them to really surprised me as well.

With all the negative hype surrounding the team about possibly dealing PA, this was certainly some positivity. Hopefully this little bit of extra depth with help Bridgeport on there playoff run. I dont know if I should commend Garth for actually moving them or if Garth is thanking his lucky stars that he found a taker.

Brief scouting reports on each of the players involved will follow this post.

Isles Taking Offers on PA!!! Nabby To Remain For Rest of the Season!

Update Four: According to Chris Botta, the Islanders are NOT offering PA enough in contract and asking to much in trade.

I wonder what they are offering, if its anything less then at least 4 per I wouldn't blame PA/Allen Walsh for laughing at them.

Update Three: Kevin Allen of USA Today just tweeted that he didn't think that PA would be dealt. Kevin is certainly well connected so that's good to hear and it carries weight. However people are always wrong so its certainly not 100% yet.

Encouraging, but not out of the woods!

Update Two: According to Chris Botta, the Islanders are looking for a first round pick and a player in return for PA via trade. Well depending on the skill level of the player that could be a pretty good return. Although I would still be leery given his production to pull the trigger on a deal shipping him out of town.

I think we would regret it, because not only his production but he usually shows up and is one of the few players who plays with like pride and emotion game in game out regardless of the score. That is something we really cant lose from the locker room!

Nabby Update: According to Sportsnet, goalie Evgeni Nabakov will not be resigned today. However he will not be traded either.

That gives me a little more hope then PA because at least were not shopping him. This tells me, us and Nabakov are close, but there needs to be some final convincing or something either way.

According to TSN's Darren Dreger, although his desire is to stay here the Islanders are now taking offers on perspective UFA forward PA Parenteau.

To me this isn't good because that means were further apart then we initially thought. If we do deal him we better get a lot, because his production won't be easily replaced at all.

When was the last time we had a forward surpass 70 points? I don't remember either! When was the last time such a player came here? I don't remember either! The Islanders need to take all that into account and the image it would convey to the fans before pulling the trigger.

The Montreal Canadians traded forward Andrei Kostitsyn to the Predators for a 2013 second round pick and a conditional 5th round pick. So if Kostitsyn gets that, then PA I think would get a lot more then him since Kostitsyn is often to described as an enigma and PA is far from that.

Post Game: Isles Come Up Short in Big Game With 5-2 Loss!

Last night our Islanders fell 5-2 to the Ottawa Senators. I wasn't able to see the game so I dont really have any notes.

Check out Lighthousehockey, pointblank, or any of the Islander sites on our sidebar because I am sure they will have something.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

RUMORS SWIRLING: Coliseum To Undergo Summer Renovations??

Update: It was confirmed to me yesterday that there has been rumblings within Nassau County about renovations to the Coliseum over this summer. Also it was confirmed that the Coliseum would recieve some upgrades this summer through the ADA.

There has been some talk that the Nassau Coliseum will undergo some summer renovations. These renovations will include:

-New 100's Sections

-Middle Handrails on the 200's and 300's sections through a grant from the Americans with Disabilities Act.

From whats been said, these renovations are why there isn't really any shows booked at the Coliseum this summer.

I am 50/50 on this! After going to the meeting at the Legislature on Valentines day, I fail to see where the money would come from to get the new 100's sections. That makes me a little skeptical of this.

However, the handrail in the 200's/300's actually make some sense since it'd be through the grant. It would certainly make the place a little safer when navigating the stairs and it'd be paid for with state/federal funds.

I will certainly keep you all updated if I hear anything more on this.

(h/t) to Matty

Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Game: Parenteaus Two Goals Lift Isles To 4-3 Shootout Victory!

Tonight, our New York Islanders defeated the rival New York Rangers by a score of 4-3 in a shootout. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Heck of an effort from PA tonight!! Had a couple goals and actually played a pretty good all around game to. I really hope we resign this guy, because his production will not be easily replaced and I think we would regret it!

-Solid game by Nabby to!! Some thought after not playing for a week and a half he'd be a little rusty but he really wasn't to bad. I mean the first goal he'd probably like to have back but it was a good shot. The third goal was a fluky goal!! Its a shame but they do happen, just have to shake those off.

-Thought Casey played pretty well for his NHL debut in such a rivalry game. Thought he held his own! Felt the penalty on him was rather weak as well! Wonder if his play while Bailey is out will affect Baileys standing for next season?

-Thought Matt Martin had a pretty good game. Started off with a draw fight with Bickel, then overall solid effort as usual. I thought the penalty on the second period scrum was weak, got called for defending himself. Nice seeing Okposo step in there showing some leadership as well.

-Hamonic played well in his return!! It didn't look like he had lost a step out there.

-Bad defensive breakdown letting Gaborik get the breakaway on the second goal for the Rangers.

-Really nice crowd tonight! As I told my dad, the Coliseum was packed to the gills. Boy was it something having the hole place up on their feet for the shootout, also the battling isles ranger chant of the third period was pretty cool to.

-Refs were sub-par at best. There were many points where you thought they were deciding the game and not the teams and that is never ever good.

Overall, pretty good game from the Islanders. I mean there were a few sloppy parts but it was a pretty good overall effort! Now lets hope they can translate this into a bit of a streak.

Next Game: Sunday 5PM @ Ottawa

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What is it we Actually Want from a New Arena?

For decades now, the talk Islander land has been how we need a new arena. The thing is, people never really elaborate as far as to what they want, vs whats needed for a new arena.

People want all these amenities and fancy clubs and stuff like that because they've been spoiled by the other new stadiums going up around the area. Most recently the billion dollar renovation of MSG.

But when it comes down to it, what is actually needed?

-Wider concourses

-New Seats

-Cupholders would be nice

-More bathrooms to get rid of the trailers Wang always talks about during interviews.

Beyond that, what is actually needed?? Sure we want a hell of a lot more then that and we will get it more then likely regardless of where we end up. But what beyond that do we actually NEED?

I think given the luxury amenities of new stadiums/arenas to be put up recently people have been spoiled and in some instances forget about the purpose of coming to games and watching the teams/players live. The purpose isn't to go sit in some club in some big comfy chair having some fancy meal. Its to go and root your ass off for your favorite team!

If you've been to an Islander game over the last few years your familiar with the people in section 329. They are loud as hell chanting and singing game in game out regardless of the weather. (If you haven't, they are the equivalent of the bleacher creachers at Yankee Stadium I guess you could say) They to me, epitomize what I have been describing above and I feel its being lost as a hole amongst fans because of the amenities new arenas/stadiums offer. If we get a new arena, will they come to more games then they would've otherwise? Nope, and do you know why? Because regardless of the arena they love the crest in this case on the front of the jersey.

In my opinion, people should put less focus on amenities and more on being loud as hell and rooting for their favorite team, after all, thats what they are there for!

I know people will disagree with me on many fronts with this, but I thought it would be interesting to look at a new arena from a different angle because seemingly every other angle has been played out already over the last so many years.

Post Game: Sens KILL The Ghosts 6-0

In front of a crowd over 15,000 strong, the Islanders laid a goose egg.  They produced nothing, literally on the scoreboard.  The big crowd who was all amped and ready to see the Isles edge to possibly within 4 points of a playoff spot was held mute(the whole game).  Sad when the only time the fans got to cheer was when they rush on to the ice at 1:00P.M or when Martin was throwing fists. 

Not to sure what to add without sounding too negative but luckily Carolina blew the Capitals out tonight as well, beating them by the score of 5-0.  We cannot seem to get over the hump of .500 also as well of showing up in important games with a big home crowd behind you.  I expect the Islanders to come out strong tonight against Buffalo.  This is a game where they need to win and they know it.  The biggest question is who is starting in goal.  Time will tell but the one answer we do know is that we are all excited to see Mr. Rolston in the lineup. Yep, that's for sure, he must be one hell of a leader cause he sure is not doing much on the ice.  Wish i can make 5 million doing that... Go Isles

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pre Game: Ottawa @ Islanders!! *Konopka Returns to LI*

Tomorrow afternoon our Islanders will play host to Jason Spezza and the Ottawa Senators.

Since tomorrow is a "kids day" the Islanders will have the Presidents run a race during intermission like theyve done the last few years. They will also be roaming the concourse for pictures and participating in other in game activities. You can start getting there at 11:30 if you would like to meet them or anything.

Moving on to the game, assuming Nabakov is still sick then I think the starting goalie could go either way. But for our sake hopefully Nabby is feeling up to snuff to start between the pipes. As for the rest of the lineup, I expect the same lineup as we saw Saturday night.

Also former Islander enforcer and fan favorite Zenon Konopka returns to the Island for the first time since departing last summer as a UFA. I expect him to get a fairly big ovation as many fans resent us letting him go to get Reasoner and paying Reasoner double what we wouldve paid him for neither the production nor entertainment value.

After Winnipegs victory tonight, we now sit six points behind both them as well as the 8th and final playoff spot. If the team wants to make a run, it starts with stringing some wins together. If someone could get on a roll similar to Grabners last season that would be a huge help. Lets see how it goes, because tomorrow is as must win as it gets right now for the team.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Post Game: Tavares 3 Point Night Leads Isles To 4-3 Victory!

Tonight, our New York Islanders defeated the Carolina Hurricanes by a score of 4-3. Here are some of my notes:

-Nice game by JT!! #1 star in all four games versus them, wow!! Pretty sweet goal going coast to coast through the defenseman to.

-This is the first time in 32 years that the Islanders have swept the season series from the Hurricanes/Whalers.

-Pretty good game by Poulin!! None of the goals were really bad goals. Some unfortunate, but not much you can do about that.

-Nice game by Nino, only a matter a time before he gets promoted to the third line.

-Good game by Matt Martin!! Good for him showing fight til the buzzer and going after the Hurricane when they shot after the buzzer.

-Not to be mean to Marty Reasoner, but outside of faceoffs I am pretty sure the scrum he was in, in the first period was the most hes done all season.

-Nice seeing Okposo get back on the board!

Overall, not the perfect game but still a rather solid one. With the win we moved back within 6 points of the last playoff spot. Now in order for this win to mean something, we need to win Monday to. We cant keep going back and forth with the wins and loses like this because we will never get anywhere then. This is the 9th game in row where we've won, lost, won and so on. That must change if they want to push!

Next Game: Monday 1PM @ Home VS Ottawa (Konopka Returns)

Wang To Be Given First Crack at Private Development Idea For Coliseum!

According to Newsday, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has said that Islanders owner Charles Wang will be given the first crack to come up with a privately financed development idea for the Nassau "Hub". Mangano said that if he doesnt get such a plan then they would have no choice but to go in a different direction.

This comes into a little bit of the financing descrepency that I noticed at the hearing. Rob Walker saying entirely private then Michael Picker and others saying that wasnt possible. It should be interesting to see if they are able to come up with a comprimise of sorts or something along those lines.

Picker was quoted as saying that if the County puts the site out for public bidding that the team likely wont participate. "We would have to evaluate it, but I dont think so." Picker said.

Well, isnt that nice of Mr Mangano to graciously give Wang the first crack? Its not like hes made previous attempts and got shot down by Politicans and greedy selfish residents or anything. If Wang proposes something, Mangano should get Joe Mondellos approval of it. We all know if Mondello desn't like it he will make sure Kate Murray and her goonies block it like they did with the Lighthouse.

It will be quite interesting what comes of this. If Wang makes a legit offer then you know that theres still some hope left that the Islanders stay here. But if no offer is made, then the Islanders time here is ticking down by the day.

I have a feeling we will know an answer to this sooner rather then later, so strap yourselves in folks its going to be quite a ride.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Post Game: Montoyas Poor Game Leads Isles to 5-1 Defeat!

Last night, our Islanders fell 5-1 to the Saint Louis Blues. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Montoyas rust showed!! Weak game from him.

-Still don't understand how Rolston is on the third line over Nino? It seems like its been forever that the announcers and others have been praising his game. So why doesn't the coaching staff reward him for it?

-Bad penalty kill on the Backes tip goal. How do you let a big skilled body like Backes stand in front all by his lonesome? Someones got to be there to clear him out, or at least make it difficult for him.

-Had a little scare there when Moulson got hurt from the slash. But the Islanders iron man was luckily ok.

Overall, pretty bad game against an excellent home team. Not sure if you are all aware but this year the Blues have only lost three games at home in regulation. But now for the people who think we can still make a run, we MUST win the next four games, hopefully were up to the task.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night @ Home VS The Hurricanes

Non Game Related:

I attended the Islanders Meetup at Millers last night and overheard people talking about Travis Hamonic. From what I heard, his face looked like he got hit by a truck. Then came the news today about him going on IR. Based off these two things, I think it will be another few weeks at minimum before we see Travis back in the lineup.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recap of my Afternoon at the Legislature!!

This afternoon the Nassau County Legislature held a hearing on the future of the Nassau County "Hub" which includes the Nassau Coliseum as most of us already know.

Below will be my summaries of the biggest things to come out of the hearing.

Financing Discrepancy?

At the hearing today, Deputy County Executive Robert Walker was the first person to speak and he spoke for upwards of 90 minutes. One of the points he stressed was that the Coliseum would be 100% privately financed. However subsequent speakers said the ROI (Return On Investment) wouldn't be great enough for a developer to actually take something like that on so some sort of public element would be needed.

They said that the state could pay that part, however Kevin Law who is the Co President of the organization who handles that which was created by Governor Cuomo said the biggest award issued last year to a single place was 6 million dollars. Now 6 million dollars is a lot of money, but no where near the amount that would put even a small dent in something like this.

Both Walker and Mike Picker said that talks were ongoing between the County and the Islanders, and I have a feeling this is something being talked about because they have two totally different views on this and beside getting the approvals this is the most important thing so your not going to go anywhere without it.

Answer by Years End??

That is correct!! Speculation by both Deputy Executive Walker and Mike Picker would be that an answer on redevelopment for the property would be needed by years end if not sooner so the Islanders can start making preparations for life post July 31st 2015. That date is something nobody at the hearing seemed to know, they would just say the middle of 2015.

Well after all these years, we seem to be nearing the end game. All I have to say is thank god!

Ignorance aplenty!!

At one point, Rob Walker reiterated developer Vince Polimeni stance of trying to lure another professional team here sure the Islanders leave. How foolish can someone be to choose to come here willingly and deal with this crap? Nobody with any ounce of sanity will come here!!

At another point Legislator Howard Kopel tried to say that Yankee Stadium was privately financed by the Yankees. Picker quickly shut him down with that! But the fact that he thought that is rather scary!! Its not like there were a ton of articles detailing how many bonds and stuff of that nature both the Yankees and Mets sought from NYC at the time. Oh wait!

Little mention of the ABLI!!

There was very little mention of the ABLI this afternoon. After all the mention of them and all the talk from Mr. Polimeni I thought for sure they would have a Representative or someone there to talk on behalf of them but three hours in and there was nothing from them.

Legislators get a Laugh at our Expense!!

After Rob Walker spoke, the legislators were given a chance to ask him questions. When it came to Legislator Denenberg he started off by saying that the first hearing he ever supervised was on the Nassau Coliseum and it was under Tom Gulotta. He said he remembered telling legislator Nicolello at the time, "imagine if were here 10 years from now." That line got big laughs from him, Legislator Nicolello, as well as Denise Ford who was in charge of the hearing.

Am I the only one that sees issue with this? The fact that our elected officials who are supposed to have our best interests at heart find humor in the fact that politics have strangled this process so long that we are no closer to getting something done now then we were over ten years ago?

Everyone in the crowd saw no humor in it and some where even a little offended that the Legislators did, and rightly so!

That shows the type of people those particular legislators are, that they think its funny that development is impossible in this area and that more then 2300 people could end up unemployed because of their negligence and down right carelessness!


It was nice to see so many Islander employees come out for this! Many employees all the way up to Paul Lancey and Michael Picker showed up for this. If you are un aware they are Wangs right hand guys when it comes to this kind of stuff.

There were times when I thought I was more knowledgeable on certain things related to this then the people speaking were. For example one of the speakers, I forget who said they need to make sure all the jobs come from Long Island. Now I know that since early in the Lighthouse, they've had contracts with the Nassau Suffolk Trades ran by James Castellane and Jim Durso that stated such. But how does he as a leader of an organization not know that?

Overall, not the "beginning of the end" as some speculated it might be, in my opinion at least. But it was definitely informative!

Post Game: Parenteau Tip Leads To Isles 3-1 Victory!!

Tonight, our Islanders defeated the Jets by a score of 3-1. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Great game by PA!!! He now has 12 goals and 39 assists which puts him 21st overall in the NHL in points. Also PA is 5th in the league in assists. I know some people are skeptical but I would keep PA unless were blown out of the water with an offer. Then in the off season sign him to a one year deal and let him do it again next year. If he can do this again or similar to this again then I would sign him up. He is a huge and more then welcome surprise!!!

-Brian Rolston got a point!! Yes you are reading that right, on PAs goal Rolston got an assist. With all the times I bash him I had to stick that in to be fair.

-Great game by Nabby!! Some great saves!!

-Penalty kill is still on and its quite amazing!!

-Nice to see the top line get some points again!

-Great play by PA to set up Martins empty netter!! Great for Martin to get on the board, and as I said in the open PA just had a very good game!

-Nice game by Amac

-Aaron Ness doesnt look out of place! A bit more muscle and I think he could be a pretty good player here!

-Refs were atrocious!! So nice to win games when the refs are like that!! Its interesting that Stephen Walkom seems to be a ref a lot in our games and miss calls and stuff of that nature.

The Isles came up with a very big win tonight, and right now after the Leafs loss to Calgary only sit 3 games out of a playoff spot!! Who would've thunk it?

Next Game: Thursday Night 8PM @ STL

ABLI Developer Says They Will Pursue Another Pro Team If The Isles Leave!

ABLI developer Vince Polimeni told that if his proposal for "the hub" property without the Islanders came to fruition and they moved, that they would try to attract another professional sports team to the property.

The fact that he was serious with this shows the true ignorance of the morons associated with this group. Anyone with half a brain knows if the Islanders leave no pro team is coming back, but these fools seem to think otherwise!

If that doesn't show the type of people were dealing with here, I don't know what does!


According to multiple developers are preparing proposals for the "hub" property that don't include the Islanders. The most notable one is from Polimeni and his "associates" from the ABLI.

I don't know what else to say beside that for the first time I can honestly see the Islanders leaving Uniondale and its really weird!

*If you would like to see more from the article you can find it on our facebook page*

Monday, February 13, 2012

BREAKING: Botta Sources Say Isles Listening to Offers From Inside and Outside NY!!

Within the hour Chris Botta reported on that according to his sources the Islanders were not only listening to offers from inside NY from places such as Queens and Brooklyn. But also from outside of NY, mostly Canadian cities willing to write a blank check to land a NHL team.

Botta for the first time admitted that the team may actually leave Nassau County. Botta who has been mr. positive for the most part throughout this process admitting this is troubling for those who don't want us going anywhere.

The hearing at the Legislature office tomorrow he said could be seen as a historic day because it could be seen as the beginning of the end.

For more check out his entry on pointblank which could be found on our facebook page.

My Thoughts:

Wow, I certainly didn't expect this at this time. Although I am not very surprised and think its good that Wang is finally after all this time listening to other options. I hope he is smart enough to use these other options to his advantage and as leverage. Although for the first time I am really starting to think that post 2015 we will no longer call the Coliseum home and that is a really weird feeling.

Post Game: Lifeless Second Period Leads to 4-1 Loss to Panthers!!

Yesterday afternoon the Isles fell 4-1 to the Panthers. Here are some of my notes:

-Team played a pretty good opening period!!

-However the final two periods were awful for the most part and that wont get you anywhere in the NHL.

-Outside of a few brief spurts they couldn't muster much of anything in the second or third period.

Certainly not the effort you expected in such a big game!! You have to begin to wonder if theres an issue with the coaching that he cant get them up for back to back games.

Next Game: Tuesday @ the Jets

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pre Game: Panthers @ Isles!!

This afternoon, Stephen Weiss and the Florida Panthers travel to Long Island to take on Mark Streit and our New York Islanders.

Normally, you would think the backup would start tomorrow being in the midst of back to backs. Although, in this case, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nabby get the nod in between the pipes again. Given the regularity hes been playing and how good he has been playing, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him get the start.

If there are any other lineup changes I would think it would be Rolston out for Rhett. Otherwise I think the lineup will be the same as this afternoon.

Hopefully the Isles can show up today and pick up the win and get a little stretch going on here as we head toward the deadline in a little over two weeks.

Post Game: Sweet moves by Streit Lead Isles To 2-1 OT Victory!!

This afternoon, our New York Islanders defeated the LA Kings by a score of 2-1 in overtime. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Nice ceremony before the game for Jonsson. I noticed that mentions of Garth and Wang weren't well received by everyone in attendance.

-Sweet moves by Streit to net the winner!!

-Nice game by Nabby!

-Refs were garbage!! They didn't call anything!! Seeing Cappy on top of the bench more then once was the most emotion I have ever seen him show in game, by far!!

-Penalty kill continues to roll!

-Did anyone get the logic in putting Rolston in the lineup over Rhett? I thought the line with Martin, Bailey, and Rhett had been playing really well. Saying I was surprised when I saw Rolston was in for him would be quite the understatement.

-Nice crowd today!! See what happens when your technically still in the race? Even though its a long shot, people still come out!! Hopefully they take hints!

Overall, this was a much better game then the Montreal game on Thursday. There was a lot less sloppy play and overall as a hole was a better effort. Hopefully they build on this for tomorrows game vs the Panthers.

Next Game: This afternoon 3PM VS The Panthers

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre Game: Kings @ Islanders!! Kenny Jonsson Day!

This afternoon, the LA Kings travel to whats supposed to be a lightly snow covered Long Island by game time to take on Evgeni Nabakov and our Islanders.

I would say its a toss up as to who starts between Montoya and Nabakov. Given the back to backs I suspect they will split it. But who goes which day is something only Jack knows.

Beside the goalie, I expect the same lineup to be iced as the one against the Canadians the other night.

Hopefully this game has a better result then the last game, because for the people who still have faith in making a run this weekend is pivotal especially after the bad loss to Montreal the other night. The Kings are a good team though and have been playing very well since Sutter took over as coach so this will surely be no easy task for the Islanders.

Don't forget that prior to the game the Islanders will hold a ceremony in which defenseman Kenny Jonsson will be inducted into the Islanders Hall of Fame. He will be the fourth and final person inducted this season. He was preceded this season by forward Patrick Flatley and defensemen Ken Morrow and Eddie Westfall.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Post Game: Isles lose 4-2 in really weird game!!

Tonight, our Isles fell 4-2 to Montreal in what was a pretty weird game. Here are some of my notes:

-Unfortunate that Nabby gave up that first goal because it really killed the teams mojo so to speak.

-Aaron Ness didnt play bad again!!

-Tim Wallace played a pretty good game, he threw quite a few nice hits.

-Breakout was poor once again!

-Passing in general wasnt good, way to many passes to spaces where nobody was or was going and into skates.

-Refs were garbage!!

-Carey Price came up really big for the Habs!! If it wasnt for him the Isles probably wouldve won, or at least taken it to OT.

This was a really weird game, the Islanders play really went back and forth. They had a few stretches of good play but on the same token there were more then a few stretches of simply bad play. Especially in the beginning of the third! This is a bad game for a team that still considers them "in it." They really didnt show up like a team that was "in it."

Next Game: Saturday *Kenny Jonsson day* 1PM VS The Kings

Pre Game: Habs @ Islanders!!

Tonight, the Montreal Canadians travel to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our Islanders.

Evgeni Nabakov will once again be starting for the Islanders in net tonight, and Milan Jurcina will be returning to the lineup to replace the injured Dylan Reese.

We are playing a team below us tonight in the standings. With us sitting just two points out of the basement in the eastern conference when playing against teams below us we really need to win them! Especially for the people who still have faith that we can make a playoff run. You don't make any runs when you lose to teams under you in the standings. Lets hope for good things from the team tonight as they faceoff with the Habs.

Reese Injury Update!!

I don't know if you all saw yesterday, but the Islanders announced that defenseman Dylan Reese would miss 4-6 weeks with a sprained knee. Dylan suffered this injury at the end of the second period in Tuesdays game against Philly. The replay of the injury made me cringe so I thought it was going to be bad but I was hoping we'd get lucky.

This is a real shame because Dylan had been playing pretty well in his brief time during his second call up. Hopefully that return frame is accurate because with the lack of depth suffered recently from injuries we can really use him.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Post Game: Nabby Leads Isles to Shutout Victory!

Tonight, goalie Evgeni Nabakov played the game of the year for him and led the Islanders to a 1-0 victory in a shootout versus the Flyers. Here are some of my notes:

-You cant say enough about the effort put forth by Nabakov tonight!! His performance tonight was the definition of a goalie stealing a game. He was just incredible!!

-Aaron Ness for his NHL debut didn't look bad at all!!

-Did anyone else cringe when seeing the replay of Dylan Reese get hurt? Hopefully its not as bad as it looked, if it is then it would be a real shame!

-On this topic, the Isles need to go out and get a defenseman or two. Bridgeport is in a playoff race sitting at first in their division and I don't know about you but I think it would be good if the young players were able to get that experience. They wont get that though if we take all the defensemen from the team and make them get people from the ECHL. Would it kill Wang/Snow to bring in a decent depth defenseman?

-Josh Bailey played pretty good!

-Refs let a lot go!

-Being down so many defensemen was quite evident by the lack of offensive chances.

Well it took us almost 5 years to beat Philly in Philly. Now within a few weeks we've beaten them two times. Not only that, combined in the two games we've held them to one goal. If we could get a few more games on the lines of tonight we will surely make things interesting down the stretch.

Next Game: Thursday @ Home VS Montreal

Isles Sign Nielsen to 4 year extenstion!

During tonights game vs the Flyers, it was first reported by Bob McKenzie that we had signed center Frans Nielsen to a 4 year extension worth 11 million dollars.

It was first reported a few weeks ago by a Danish website that we were close to an extension with the Danish center. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that we agreed with him.

To be honest, the money was a little more then I thought it would be. The years were right in line, but I thought the money would be two million tops. Although I am not complaining, I am very happy we retained him and didn't just dump him for a pick.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Aaron Ness recalled on ER Basis!!

It was announced within the last hour that the Islanders were recalling defenseman Aaron Ness from Bridgeport on an emergency basis.

This is coming after Milan Jurcina suffered an elbow laceration Friday night and Travis Hamonic suffered a broken nose Saturday night.

I am personally a little uncertain about this because I dont know if Aaron is ready for the big time yet, or if he needs some more seasoning. But we will have to see I guess. Hopefully they play him and he looks ok!! We wish him luck and hopefully he will make his debut tomorrow night.

ABLI: Played Nassau Residents, Now Want To Develop "Hub" Site!!

Update: The Legislature told me the hearing on Tuesday begins at 1PM. I intend on going, so if you want to keep updated you can follow me on twitter @scottclinco and I will try to tweet any updates, or you can just wait til Tuesday night because I am going to try and have an entry on things up by then.

Well you knew it was going to happen, it wasn't a matter of if but when. A little background if you don't know what I am talking about.

If you remember in the months leading to the referendum vote last summer the most outspoken critics of the plan were the ABLI. (Association for a Better Long Island) Desmond Ryan, one of the bigger people part of the group would comment on the referendum left and right anytime he was given the chance to. They had fliers that went out, also if I remember correctly they also led a phone bank as well against the vote. They kept saying they cared about Nassau residents and thought this was a bad deal for them. However anyone with half a brain could see that they were against the referendum because they wanted to build there instead of Wang and were hell bent on stopping it.

Well, the other day, Newsday published an article entitled "Developers to offer New Nassau Hub Plan." It just so happens that, the four developers that would partner with this plan are all part of the ABLI. Are you surprised? No? Neither am I! I have decided to break the article down in parts because of the ridiculousness of it.

First, they say that the plan will be formulated and submitted if and when a Request for Proposals for the Site is filed by Nassau County.

I thought this happened a while ago like in the time after the referendum was defeated? If it didn't, then what the heck was Mangano waiting for? Time isn't on our side so you cant take your sweet time with anything.

They said this plan is regardless if the Islanders stay at the Coliseum or not.

They need the Islanders to say at the Coliseum to make it worth having around. What in the world would they do with the Coliseum? Pay the millions it would take to tear down? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Mangano said the County will seek state aid to make "Hub" infrastructure improvements.

How the heck does he expect to get this? The State Aid available from the the thing started by Cuomo and co-headed by the President of Hofstra is for shovel ready projects. This isn't something that is anywhere near shovel ready so I have no clue how in the world he expects to get State Aid. Many including me think aid is the only chance the team has to stay in Nassau, but I just dont see it.

Residents Get Played

I hope the people who voted no last summer because of the ridiculousness spewed by them feel foolish as now they can see what they were really in it for. I hope they all feel ridiculous when the Isles leave, the ABLI develops the property and puts up something we don't need just for the sake of it. Then they won't be "lining the pockets of a billionaire", (The Rally Cry against the Referendum) they'd be lining the pockets of the ABLI. You made your bed Nassau, now lay in it!!!!

Also in the Newsday article they said there will be a hearing at the Legislature at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola on Tuesday, February 14th to discuss the future of the "hub." I will call the Legislature tomorrow to find out the time.

*Check out our facebook page if you would like to see the Newsday article in its entirety*

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday Signing Draws Huge Crowd!!

Today, Islanders 2010 first round pick Nino Niederreiter as well as team captain Mark Streit had an autograph signing in the team store at the Coliseum.

You may think that not many people would show up given how they played last night and the fact that it was Superbowl Sunday. Well you would be dead wrong!! If you are familiar with the layout of the box office in relation to the team store, the line started at the team store then went down the entire box office and wrapped around again. Some people toward the front of the line said they got there upwards of an hour before the signing was scheduled to begin.

Id say the crowd reached the 150 number easily and probably surpassed that as well. If you don't know, at signings like this they always guarantee the first 150 people an autograph and then its up to the respective person after that.

The big line caused some changes with regard to how it was run. Most notably, you weren't allowed to go behind the table to get pictures done. Also instead of having the 4x6 pictures on the table for the players to grab and sign for those that didnt bring anything, they had them by a member of the staff and when needed the players would ask the staff member for the pictures and then they would be given to them.

I wonder if we will start seeing crowds like this at signings in the future because if we are then I better adjust the times I leave and arrive to minimize the wait because I know if you were on the back of that line today you probably waiting at least an hour to an hour and a half.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post Game: Sloppy Play Leads To Shootout Loss To Buffalo!!

Update: According to Brian Compton, Travis Hamonic was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Capuano said he hoped to have an update later on tonight.

Tonight, our Islanders fell 4-3 in a shootout to the Buffalo Sabres. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-First off, I want to send well wishes to Travis Hamonic who took a puck in the facial area during tonights game and actually left a lot of blood on the ice. Hopefully he will be back quite soon because he is a very vital part of this team as arguably our number one defenseman.

-Good job by the team taking advantage of Miller in the first period!

-Nice fight by Martin, he really put a hurting on Kaleta!!

To be honest theres nothing much else positive to come out of this game, so heres the rest:

-Powerless play!! Especially in OT 4-3 and they don't get any real good scoring chances outside of maybe one. OT powerplays have to do better then that!

-Passing was a big issue tonight!! So many passes were at skates or no where near people in general! Your not going to do a lot when your passing like that!

-Going hand in hand with passing the break out tonight was dreadful! I cant tell you how many times you looked up at them making an attempt to get out of the zone and it just ended up being a turnover with Buffalo getting a chance!

-Refs weren't very good!! They missed a lot during regulation! Although nice job by them to make the call in OT.

-Team has to learn to not make line changes with the puck at center ice. How NHL players think that is ok is beyond me! Tonight Hamonic chips it out to center ice and Buffalo gains possession and starts to break in and Travis goes off. I know your tired and stuff but you cant go off with the puck at center ice with the team starting the break in. I personally never played hockey in any organized league but I would imagine your taught at a young age to get the puck deep to make changes because otherwise you leave yourself very vulnerable as was shown in this instance giving Buffalo their first goal.

-Also a troubling note, the team looked noticeably tired! I know they are in the second day of back to backs but they are supposed to be conditioned to be able to handle that a lot better then they did!! That falls squarely on the coaching staff!

Overall this was a bad game!! Having this game against one of the lower seated teams in the league and looking tired as you do it is a very troubling sign!! This needs to be figured out right away!!

Next Game: February 7th @ Philly 7PM

Konopka: Isles Spending Habits or Lack Thereof Will Hinder Tavares Development!!

Prior to todays game versus Ottawa, former Islander and current Senator enforcer Zenon Konopka was interviewed by the Toronto Sun about the game tonight and his thoughts on the Islanders.

At one point they say Konopka said that although Tavares has a lot to overcome in his quest, that Konopka thinks he will be a superstar in this league. Konopka mentioned that one thing he has to overcome is the fact that the Islanders don't spend money comparable to other teams, even other "small market teams."

Other small market teams don't circumvent the cap floor by using buy outs and un-attainable bonuses to reach the cap floor instead of actually spending the money on players that can help. The fact that, those practices go on here regardless of arena issues and what not is disgraceful and a terrible, terrible disservice to the fans and also the players!!

I totally agree with Konopka, what he is saying makes a ton of sense. Stamkos had a Marty St Louis to develop with, now no offense to PA, Okposo, or Moulson but none of them are Marty St Louis or near that.

*If you would like to see more from Konopkas "interview" visit Konopka had a nice compliment for his buddy and co rabbit owner Pa Parenteau at one point calling him possibly one of the most underrated players in the league.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Post Game: Eatons OT Goal Leads Isles to 2-1 Victory over Sens!!

Tonight, our Isles defeated the Ottawa Senators by a score of 2-1 in overtime with the winner coming from the most unlikely of people. Here are some of my notes:

-How many of you were as shocked as I was when Mark Eaton at the hash mark spun around and backhanded one past Craig Anderson for the OT winner? I am willing to bet a fair number of you were. For it to happen in general is something to see but for it to happen in his 600th NHL game nonetheless is pretty cool. So congrats to him on his 600th game and getting the big goal for tonights Isles win. It was his first goal since a game early last season vs the Rangers. Also his first OT goal since a game against the Predators more then 10 years ago.

-PA continues to rack up the points! With his two assists tonight he reaches 47 points in 50 games so far this season. He is having a ridiculous year, and as his point total goes up so do the dollar signs. It will be quite interesting what the team decides to do with him.

-Nice job by Martin finishing off a great pass from PA to get the team on the board after the bad goal they gave up at the end of the second period.

-Chris Neil ran wild on his tonight, he seemed like he was hitting everything that moved!

-Nice seeing Konopka again, was it nice classic Konopka after he got called for the penalty on Rhett?

-Rhett had another pretty good game, although he did take a bad penalty late in the third.

Although the win in regulation would've been nice, a wins a win so I will take it. Now lets hope we can keep the streak going and reach the NHL's version of .500 tomorrow night. With the way that one stretch of the season went for us, reaching the .500 mark would be really good and a nice morale boost so to speak.

Next Game: Tomorrow Night @ Home VS Buffalo

Report: Brooklyn Making Agressive Sales Pitch To Isles/Wang!!

According to BD Gallof, Brooklyn is making an aggressive sales pitch to the Islanders and team owner Charles Wang to consider making Brooklyn the teams permanent home once the arena lease in Nassau expires in 2015. The report says that the preseason game is just a, "first step" in their attempt to lure the team to Brooklyn and give Wang a peek of what life would be like should he choose to take the team there.

BD said that according to an NHL source of his that the chances we end up in Brooklyn are "...actually pretty good."

I know that there are some out there who aren't BD's biggest fan for past things that hes done and therefore will scoff at this. However, with regard to arena issues and stuff of that nature usually BD is pretty good with it so I think there is something here.

The other day when asked about us playing the preseason game in Brooklyn Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said that he hoped the teams experience in Brooklyn would affirm for them why they should remain in Nassau. Well, Mangano better hope that happens because if it goes off like I think it will then well it wont be good for Mr. Mangano. Following this over the next few months should be quite interesting!!

*If you would like to learn more you can check out BD's article on CBS or check out our facebook page which can be found on the side bar where we will post a link to his article*

Pre Game: Isles @ Ottawa!

Tonight, our New York Islanders travel to Ottawa to take on Jason Spezza and the Ottawa Senators.

Evgeni Nabakov will be in net for the Islanders tonight and the same lineup for Tuesday will be out for the netminder tonight.

It should be interesting to see how Tavares responds returning to Ottawa less then a week after being there for all stars.

Also, I feel like that if Rhett can play on a consistent basis like he did the other night, he might get a longer look then expected.

I read the other night that right now the Islanders are 13 points behind Ottawa but still have 4 games against them as well as 4 games at hand. So for those that still have faith we can make a run this season a win tonight would be vital to that cause.

Cizikas/Poulin named AHL Stars!!

If you missed it, the other day goalie Kevin Poulin and center Casey Cizikas were named AHL goalie of the month and #1 star of the month respectively.

This isn't much of a surprise for Poulin who if you remember had a shutout streak in the middle of the month that almost broke the franchises record only coming a few minutes short. He also didn't even play the hole month down in Bridgeport, as you know he played two games up here as well so that's just a testament to how well he played.

Also center Casey Cizikas who was the teams lone all star Representative replacing defenseman Calvin De Haan who is injured was named the first star of the month. Given his play was good enough to earn him the spot on the all star team as De Haans replacement, the fact that he was awarded this doesn't come as much surprise. He has been one of the more consistent as well as healthy Tigers players this season. Hopefully he is able to keep it up for them as they push to the playoffs.

Seeing stuff like this is always good, especially when the Islanders aren't in the best place in the standings. Having our young players get awarded things like this can give people hope for the future that we have some nice players on the way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tavares named NHL's #1 Star of January!

The NHL has named Islanders center John Tavares the number one star of the month of January.

Tavares who had 22 points in January had the most of anyone in the NHL. Noone will be surprised with this being awarded to him if you have seen him play recently.

Congrats to Tavares who is well deserving of this!!!