Thursday, July 14, 2011

County campaigning for the Coliseum?

According to Newsday, some people are accusing the county of campaigning for people to vote yes for the referendum vote on August 1st. Newsday says if Nassau County used taxpayer money to try and campaign the vote rather then educate they could get in trouble.

The accusations arose after some vote yes fliers were found on walls in some 3rd floor Nassau County offices in Mineola, most of which are currently under renovation. Nassau County denied any wrong doing & since the fliers have been taken down and replaced by something else.

But off course, thats not good enough for our old friend Desmond Ryan from the ABLI, he said he feels a full investigation from the district attorney & the attorney general should begin asap.

Well, off course Ryan is going to say that because it would give this a better chance of it not getting off the floor and possibly giving him or one of his cronies the chance to develop the land. He is a disgrace, and I wonder if anyone even listens to him anymore, because anyone with half a brain can see he's involved in this for his own self interests.

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