Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Post Game: Isles win 2-1!!

Last night, our New York Islanders defeated the Buffalo Sabres by a score of 2-1. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-First time we've won 2 straight since the first week of the season. Wow! Can we not wait that long again to do this?

-First back to back road wins since March, that says a lot!!

-Al Montoya is a beast!! He saved the game at least four times!! He needs to be the number one goalie, I mean all he hasn't done is just go up and score himself!!

-Hamonic & Amac played very well!! Hopefully they've hit their stride and can keep this play up now!

-Congrats to David Ullstrom on his first NHL point!

-Nice tip by Moulson on the first goal!

-Awesome fight by Matt Martin against Zack Kassian after the nice hit by Nino on Gerbe!

The Isles played a solid game last night! Hopefully they can keep it up, because if they can well see a lot brighter things then we have the last month and a half.

Next Game: Friday Night 8:30PM @ Chicago

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Post Game: Isles win 3-2!!

Yes, you are reading that right!! This afternoon, our New York Islanders defeated the New Jersey Devils by a score of 3-2. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Can Al Montoya please be the Islanders number one goalie?? Even with his lack of playing time in the last month guy never misses a beat.

-My godge, some of the saves Marty Brodeur made today!! WOW!!!

-Powerplay is atrocious!!

-I am shocked they called it right with two seconds left waiving off the goal! I honestly thought they would keep it as a goal, thats the typical Islander fan mentality I guess.

-Great play by Grabner to net the shorty!!

-It seems like I say this a lot, but Mike Mottau just isn't good!!

-Great play by Rolston and nice shot by Bailey on his goal

-David Ullstrom continues to not look out of place at the NHL level

It was really nice to finally see a full 60 minute effort from the team!! Hopefully they build on this as they head to Buffalo!

Next Game: Tuesday 11/29 @Buffalo

Friday, November 25, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 1-0!!

This afternoon, our New York Islanders fell 1-0 to the Devils. Here are some of my notes:

-Opposite of the game vs Philly two days ago in that the goalie showed up and the offense didn't.

-Bad defensive breakdown led to the Devils lone goal. How you leave a guy at the hash marks right in the slot open long enough to get a clean shot off is beyond me.

-Powerplay and in general the team looks for the pass WAY to much!! They lose out on some quality scoring chances because they always go for the extra pass instead of the shot and end up turning it over.

-Streit played that last 6 seconds badly, instead of putting it on net he went down the boards with it.

-Powerplay is atrocious! If they get one chance there lucky! That's not the formula to win, need to be a lot better on the powerplay!

-Awesome fight by Haley in the first period with Jansen.

-Mike Mottau simply isn't good!

They have to win a game sooner or later don't they?

Next Game: Tomorrow 1PM @ Devils

Blake Comeau to Calgary!!! Pre Game: Devils @ Islanders!

It was just announced that the Calgary Flames have claimed Blake Comeau on waivers from the Islanders. Comeau was placed on waivers yesterday. He had no points and was a -11 in 17 games this year. I wish Comeau the best of luck in Calgary and thank him for his service with the Islanders.

Now, later this afternoon, the New Jersey Devils travel to the old barn in Hempstead to take on our New York Islanders.

After being taken off IR the other night, I expect Al Montoya to get the start for the Islanders and I had read that Johan Hedberg will be getting the start for the Devils today.

I wonder if Comeau disappearing on waivers will light any further a fire in the stomachs of any of the players. The know now, that if they don't perform they could be just like Comeau.

Seeing another well played game for the second game in a row would be very nice and show they were able to build on solid play from their prior game.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Montoya Back!! Comeau on waivers!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

If you missed it, last night goalie Al Montoya was activated off IR and will return to the dressed roster tomorrow. This occurring led to rookie goalie Anders Nilsson being sent back to Bridgeport. Where he belongs in my opinion!! I expect Montoya to start tomorrow vs the Devils after Rick Dipietros sub par performance in the game last night vs the Flyers.

Earlier today, it was announced that the Islanders had put forward Blake Comeau on waivers. Comeau had no points in 17 games thus far this year and is a -11. With the way he has been playing, I would be kinda surprised if a team puts a claim on him. If he clears, there is a chance he could be sent to Bridgeport to sorta find his game so to speak.

Lastly, I wanted to take this time to wish all our loyal readers out there who celebrate, a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Thank you all for your support over the last 7+ months, were very appreciative!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 4-3 in OT!!

Tonight, our New York Islanders fell 4-3 to the Flyers in OT. Here are some of my notes:

-DP had a bad game!! At least 2 of the Flyers 3 goals shouldve been stopped!! Cant have success with an unreliable goalie at the helm.

-Kyle Okposo had his best game of the season!! It was nice to see him finally wake up!!

-Power play even though we scored one, is pretty bad!! They always look for the pretty play instead of putting it on net and more times then not end up turning it over. Its getting old and the coaches need to do something!!

-Grabner had a nice shot on his goal!!

-Haley didn't play much at all! I am under the impression that Capuano requested for him yesterday in his meeting with Snow. So if he requested for him why wouldn't he play him more then a slightly better goon?

-Once again for his second game in a row David Ullstrom didn't look out of place in the slightest.

-Staios takes to many penalties

-Mottau isn't very good!

Solid effort from the team tonight! Although they had momentary lapses on defense and were let down by the goalie and that was their downfall.

Next Game: Friday @ Home 3PM Vs the Devils

Pre Game: Flyers @ Islanders!!

Tonight, the Flyers travel to the Coliseum to take on Michael Grabner and our fragile New York Islanders.

Tonight, forwards Brian Rolston, Marty Reasoner, and El Nino will be scratched. Michael Haley who was called up from Bridgeport yesterday will be in the starting lineup. At least we know if we get our butt kicked tonight, it will be a bit more exciting with Haley in there.

Rick Dipietro will be starting in net, this is his first appearance since he was taken out after the first period in that pathetic all around team showing last Saturday vs the Bruins. Anders Nilsson will be serving as DP's backup tonight.

Hopefully the Islanders show up tonight, if they don't show up for a third game in a row, I have a feeling Friday afternoon there won't be many people in attendance at all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 5-0

Last night the "Islanders" lost 5-0 to the Penguins. Here's some of my notes:

-First I have Islanders in quotes because although they wear the Isles sweaters they aren't playing like an NHL team right now so I don't feel they deserve to be acknowledged as one.

-I haven't criticized Cappy much at all through this crap streak we've went through. However that was a poor job by him last night making Nilsson suffer through that game. It showed very poor judgement on his part not pulling him and saving some of Nilssons confidence. Just because the team is bad right now, doesn't mean the coach should lose common sense, and I think that happened to Jack last night by not pulling Nilsson and sticking in Dipietro.

-Well after the Bruins game Saturday I bet we all thought that would be our low point of the season. Little did we know!! I didn't know it was possible to look as bad as we have in the last two games. Something needs to be done!! And I don't mean a callup or something!

-There has been speculation on twitter that because of Mark Eatons injury a defenseman might get called up from the Soundtigers. I hope if we do its a guy with experience and not a prospect who may not be ready yet.

-The only bright side to come out of the game yesterday was David Ullstrom didn't look out of place at all last night. So that is a good sign, and hopefully he puts up some points as he gets more acclimated to the NHL game.

Next Game: Tomorrow @ Home VS Philly

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Post Game: Bruins win 6-0

Tonight, the Boston Bruins defeated the other team 6-0. The other team was supposed to be the Islanders, however they didn't show up tonight so they don't deserve the acknowledgement! Here are some of my notes from the Bruins free hockey clinic given at the Coliseum tonight:

-2/3 of the Bruins first three goals are on DP!! Hes terrible!!

-Bruins just dominated the entire game basically!! 2 shots in the first period?? Really?? Bruins showed why they are the cup champs and we've been in the lottery the last 4 years.

-Nilsson was the only bright spot of the game in my opinion. Although he gave up three goals I'm hard pressed to say any were his fault, quite the difference from our other goalie.

This was a pathetic "game" and "effort" by the Isles. Hopefully they pick it up because they don't have much time off.

Next Game: Monday @ Pit

Injury updates and Pre Game: Bruins @ Islanders!

Firstly, if you missed it yesterday, it was announced that goalie Evgeni Nabakov would be out 3-4 week with a groin injury. Also that goalie Al Montoya is day to day with a strained groin. Goalie Anders Nilsson was called up this morning to serve as Rick Dipietros backup for the game tonight. Also, the Tigers signed veteran goalie Steven Valiquette to be the backup for Kevin Poulin until Nilsson is returned.

Now, tonight the Boston Bruins pay a visit to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our Islanders.

After his albatross of a game the other night, Mike Mottau will be sitting in the press box tonight as Mark Eaton returns to action. Also, Kyle Okposo will be scratched once again, for the third game in a row. One has to wonder how long it will be before he sees some playing time.

The Bruins have more then recovered from their bad start so this should be interesting for the Islanders who took advantage of a tired Canadians team the other night on route for only their second victory since 10/15.

Hopefully the Isles are able to build on their solid play from the other night and send the fans home happy on leave for Pit on a good note.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Post Game: Isles win 4-3!!

Yes, you are reading that right!! Tonight, our New York Islanders defeated the Montreal Canadiens by a score of 4-3. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Hopefully Nabakov is all good and not seriously hurt!!

-Mottau, DP, and Streit are to blame for the 3 Hab goals. Awful awful turn over by Mottau, DP was caught flopping like a fish on the second goal, and on the third goal the Habs forward beat Streit on the goal.

-Where are the players with stones on this team?? Bailey gets boarded in the first period and no one does anything!!! Then later in the first period Tavares gets cheap shotted away from the play and no one on that shift does anything. Good on Matt Martin for being the guy to show something as on his first shift after the hit on Tavares he put a hit on Weber and then challenged him to a fight.

-Furthering on Matt, I think he is having a pretty good season thus far and you continue to see more progress to his game and him suiting into his enforcer role well as evidence by his thing tonight with Weber. Just one of many examples of that this year!!

-Great to finally get an even strength goal by a defenseman!!

-Great having Pandolfo get on the board!! Congrats to him as that goal was the 100th of his career! Good pass by Bailey on that goal!!

-Bailey had a decent game tonight!! While he had nice plays like the assist, he still had his fair share of bone headed plays.

-John Tavares is a beast!! Simple as that!! It is anyones guess as to exactly how good he will be!!

Overall, tonight was a very solid game by the team, I thought at least!! Much better and COMPLETE game then the game vs the Rangers Tuesday night.

Next Game: Saturday @ Home VS the Bruins

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pre Game: Habs @ Isles

Tonight, the Montreal Canadians travel to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our struggling New York Islanders.

Kyle Okposo will be the healthy scratch again tonight for the second game in a row. This came as a surprise to me when I read it this morning because I thought for sure after that pure laziness play by Bailey that led to the Rangers winning goal the other night that he would be the one to sit. Hopefully he doesn't make the coaching staff regret that decision!!

Evgeni Nabakov will start in net for us tonight, and Rick Dipietro is backing up. Hopefully Nabby can give another solid outing like he did the other night. I have a feeling if we ever win a game again that it will be because the goalie stole the win for us, because the way weve played at times over the last few weeks, we'd have trouble beating our selfs the way out of a paper bag.

The habs played last night, so the Isles need to jump on them early and hope they can grab an early lead and if they can the strap on the defense. If they can't then well its anyones guess!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose again!! 4-2

Tonight, our Isles fell 4-2 to the Rangers!! Here's my notes:

-Can Bailey be scratched for the next game please?? That was lazy lazy play that led to the Rags winner!!

-I thought the team looked good for the 2nd period and patches in the third. Otherwise I thought they looked bad!!!

-If you cant show up for a Rags game in the midst of this crap streak were in then well you may as well stay home!! Seriously its like borderline embarrassing now!!

-Players need to be held accountable!!

-Doug Weight and co need to work on the pp!! I know we got a goal on the powerplay but the powerplays that preceded it were pretty bad!!!!

-Thought Nino played pretty well and Matt Martin wasn't bad either!

-Nabby and the PK kept us in this game!! Anyone who blames Nabakov for the loss is simply delusional!!

-There were a lot more Rag fans in attendance then Isles fans in the Coliseum tonight by a decent margin, not surprising but kind of depressing!!

-Were the refs good? No they were actually pretty bad!! But that doesn't excuse the Isles lackluster at best play!! They didn't deserve to win, in my opinion at least!!

Next Game: Thursday @ Home VS The Habs

Monday, November 14, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 4-1

Last night, our New York Islanders fell to the Vancouver Canucks by a score of 4-1. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-I know what Cappy tries to accomplish by pulling the goalie so early like he does when the team is down by two. However, it hasn't worked at all in the previous attempts of trying it so why does he keep doing it??

-Team needs to show up for a full 60 minutes. Cant show up just in like spurts because if you do theres no way your going to beat teams like Vancouver.

-Defense needs to play better and not depend on the goalie so much because that will bite them sooner rather then later.

-Offense needs to pot some goals. Seriously! Especially Okposo & Comeau. These were two guys who you expected pretty good production from and the fact that they are both goalless to this point is getting to be worry some.

Postgame Capuano said he may have to switch up the lines again if things don't improve. With Nino coming back for the next game things will already be different. Hopefully he provides a spark of some sort because its much needed.

Next Game: Tomorrow @ Home VS The Rangers

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pre Game: Isles @ Canucks

Tonight our New York Islanders travel to Vancouver to take on the Sedin twins the Vancouver Canucks.

The goaltending matchup tonight will be Evgeni Nabakov for the Islanders and Roberto Luongo for the Canucks. The Islanders need to come out and play like they did in the first two periods the other night vs Colorado. If we play tonight like we did in the third period the other night then tonight will be a long game.

Note: Tonight is Ninos last game in Bridgeport so he will most likely be in the lineup for the Ranger game at home Tuesday. I wonder if performances tonight will determine who sits for that game.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 4-3 in OT

Tonight, our New York Islanders choked away a three goal lead and lost 4-3 to the Avalanche in OT. Here are some of my notes:

-Did anyone else have DP flashbacks on the third goal?? I am sorry but unless it was deflected which it didn't look like it was, Montoya has to stop that!!

-The team looked really good in the first two periods, I don't know what happened in the third. The team HAS to be able to finish off games. Although I don't know about you but after they tied it I had a bad feeling and after Montoya took the penalty I knew it was coming. Games like this is how you know this team isn't a playoff team yet!!

-Bad job by Montoya letting frustration get the best of him in OT and taking that penalty. I have a feeling he won't be playing Sunday because of that.

-Refs weren't good!! The three things that stuck out for me were, giving Martin the 2,5,10 on his fight after that dude like abused Tavares while David Jones got nothing for fighting Staios with the visor on, the phantom tripping call on Rolston, and the non call on the cross check on Reasoner in the third I believe it was. The refs have to be consistent!! If your not going to be consistent you may as well just not show up!

-Nice tip by Bailey on the first goal, hopefully that gets him going!

-Nice to see Rolston finally get on the board

Not the way you wanted to start the trip, especially with a team like Vancouver next on the schedule. This could easily turn into another losing streak with the Rangers after the Canucks and as much as we hate to admit it, the Rangers have one of the best records in hockey so they will be far from an easy game.

Next Game: Sunday 9PM @Vancouver

False Hope: If you weren't aware, the rumor that Evgeni Nabakov had been traded to the Blue Jackets for Fedor Tyutin is untrue. It was said to be true on twitter, and even on the broadcast, however Bob McKenzie and later others confirmed that the gun was jumped in reporting that and in fact the real deal ended up being the Jackets dealing Kris Russel to the Blues I believe.

So much for the Isles doing something!! I think the only move we might see is a call up or something, id be very surprised if we saw a trade, unless its Nabakov for a pick.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Isles @ Colorado 9:00 PM

Tonight the New York Islanders play the Colorado Avalanche. Colorado who has lost their last two, has struggled at home.  With a record of 1-5-0, the Isles need to look to jump early on them.

Isles need to get shots on the net and play simple hockey.  No new problems,  just play agressive simple hockey and we can leave Colorado with a win.  Al Montoya gets the start tonight in goal.  His chance to perhaps re-grab the starting role.  Also Mottau will get the start replacing Jurcina. 

I am sure we both will be on twitter during the game, so don't be afraid to get involved in the discussion.  Lets Go Islanders

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New "Hub" Plan includes transit stop and multiple hotels!!

I noticed upon looking on the Nassau County site at the latest plan for Coliseum redevelopment that it included 4 hotels including the marriot to be on the site, also a transit stop.

Now, I think a transit stop would be a good idea, however everyone and there brother knows this will never fly. Look at how the Garden City EPOA reacted when they though there was a light rail system part of the Lighthouse Project that never was. They went nuts!! So although I think it is a good idea, it will never happen so I don't understand why that was included.

Secondly I noticed 4 hotels were to be included in the plan including the Marriot which is currently there. I don't understand the point of that, why have so many hotels on the single piece of property. To me it appears as they were just trying to fill the land and they decided to just throw another hotel there.

The centerpiece to the plan would be a bio-center/hi tech facility. Recently officials were quoted in Newsday saying they think it would be fit well there because of the Colleges near by and stuff. Personally I think they are nuts, I don't see how that would fit well with Colleges, but its not as if we all didn't know they were nuts already.

Of course, I will support the plan because it would result in a new Coliseum and that is what we all want. However, if County Executive Mangano wants to be taken seriously, and gain support from the masses he needs to put more thought into the plans, and look at what hasn't worked in the past and maybe try to avoid doing it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 6-2

Tonight, after putting forth a solid 40 minute effort our Islanders fell 6-2 to the defending cup champion Boston Bruins. Here are some of my notes:

-Nabby was a little bit shaky tonight. That first goal he gave up would've been covered in my opinion. Although the last two goals weren't really his fault because of awful defense I think Cappy made the right move pulling him.

-Al Montoya played well tonight and showed why he should be the number one. Sure there were a few goals scored in the third period including one empty net, but the only reason the game was competitive in the third was because of Montoya.

-Defense for some of the first and some of the third was just abysmal at best. Seriously, so much missed coverage and mis communication. Certainly not what I was expecting after Saturdays win.

-Martin picked a good spot to fight in the first period, and it served its purpose. You could see that he worked on his fighting. As he ended up getting the slight victory over McQuaid. Martin refining the aspects of his game.

-Tavares made a really nice pass to Grabner for the 2nd goal of the game and Moulson had a real nice tip for the first goal.

-Can someone please wake up Okposo and remind him the season started??

Hopefully this stops here and doesn't come on the road with us because if it does were in trouble.

Next Game: Thursday 9PM @ Colorado

Pre Game: Isles @ Bruins

Tonight, our New York Islanders return to the road as they travel to Boston to take on Zdeno Chara and the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins.

Evgeni Nabakov will get the start tonight, his first since the game in Pitsburgh when he took himself out of the game in the shootout and saw Rick Dipietro get his first action of the year. Al Montoya will be backing up Nabby tonight. I feel for Montoya seeing as how after playing pretty well in his first few starts hes just been basically benched. Hopefully he gets a start or two at minimum while we are on the road.

The Islanders and Bruins are currently tied for last in the eastern conference. So after Saturday nights big victory over the Capitals defeating the defending Stanley Cup Champions would be pretty big for the team, also big to keep us out of last place.

We need to hope that the new lines from Saturday continue to gel tonight, also that Nabakov has no injury rust or anything and is just as sharp as he was before the injury.

Tonight is a very winnable game for our Isles, lets hope they can pull it off!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Post Game: Isles win 5-3!!

Last night, the Islanders shocked many and defeated the Washington Capitals by a score of 5-3. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-DP played ok, he needs to ween himself from playing the puck as much though & he needs to cover the puck more. There are times when it seems like hes scared to cover the puck or something.

-Great to see Rolston & Bailey finally get on the board!

-It was so nice to finally put some points on the board period!!

-It was big that the defense was able to get so many shots through. That happening led to Matt Martins nice goal!

-The line changes seemed to have worked pretty well, so I was wrong with my speculation yesterday pregame, and I am happy I was.

-Once again Matt Martin had a solid game! Hit like a mad man, and had a very nice goal. He really showed his strength on the puck and his resolve to get the puck off anyway even though he was being knocked over. He is getting better before our eyes and its really cool!

-Nice crowd last night! I had thought that after the way they had been playing that the crowd was going to be on the smaller side but it was actually a pretty big crowd, so good job Islanders Country!!

Hopefully the Isles are able to build on this as they head on the road for the next week and a half.

Next Game: Monday @ Boston

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pre Game: Caps @ Islanders!!

Tonight, Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals pay a visit to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our struggling New York Islanders.

Rick Dipietro will once again get the nod in goal for the Islanders tonight. Tonight will mark his third consecutive start in net for us. While hes played pretty well given DP's standards, I wonder what the heck happened to Al Montoya? Guy played pretty well to start the season and since the Tampa game more then two weeks ago now he hasn't seen any action at all. Hopefully he sees some time while were on the road for the next week and a half after tonights game.

As promised there are going to be drastic line changes for the game tonight. They go like this:


*Bolded people represent where the changes are.*

Two things I don't like about this are:

1) Breaking up the fourth line which has been the only consistent line all season makes little sense to me. If its not broke then why fix it??

2) And putting Bailey on the 4th line makes no sense to me either. How is the guy supposed to break out of his offensive funk when he doesn't have offensive first players on his wings with him?

All in all, hope for the best tonight, and hope they can keep the game reasonably close at least.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 3-0!!

Tonight, in a game that the Isles only showed up for half of, they fell 3-0 to the Jets in the teams return to LI. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-In general DP didn't play terrible, although he needs to ween himself from playing the puck, there were multiple times were that led to turnovers and that helps nobody. Only big criticism I can give him play wise is to COVER THE PUCK!! He doesn't cover the puck nearly enough and often puts the defense in really tough situations. So far it really hasn't come back to bite him, but everyone knows that eventually it will.

-The first period tonight, in the beginning and end I thought they looked ok to pretty good. However in the middle ten minutes they were just putrid!!

-Kyle Okposo is quickly joining the Bailey and Comeau club of lostness! Outside of his pass to Grabner for that one sweet powerplay goal last weekend his contributions in this young season have been minimal at best.

-Once again the fourth line was pretty solid!

-Would like to note Matt Martin though because he was a tank tonight drilling everything in site. He was just on fire and was forechecking like a mad man.

-Baileys line didn't play bad either!!

-When it comes to JT you can see at times that he is pressing. For example tonight in I believe was the third period he tried to go one on three with three Jets players toward the end of a shift nonetheless. I know Tavares is a good players and in the not so distant future will be the best player we've had in some time. However not even the very best of player can get out of situations like that. You have to dump it in there to go off for the change, but his pressing was exposed there.

-The second period in general was pretty solid. They had good pressure and overall as a team looked good.

-So what the hell happened in intermission between the second and third period?? The third period was one of the single worst periods of hockey this team has played all year. Like I described it on twitter, "This period is embarrassing, disgraceful, and pathetic wrapped in one." The fact that the team only had 3 shots in the period and didn't get the first one til there was under 5 minutes left isn't even the biggest issue for me. For me, what the biggest issue was, was the teams difficulty to get out of their zone. I lost count of the times that they got the puck to the redline and turned it over. I am sorry, but your not going to win many games doing that.

-Given that though, Pavlec played a great game in the first two periods for the Jets making some awesome saves. So he really should be given a large amount of responsibility for their teams win tonight. That and the fact that the Islanders just can't finish right now!

-Like I said in the first sentence it was like they only showed up for half a game. I am sorry, but when your in the midst of a 5 game losing streak after the type of streak we went through last year how aren't you going guns a blazing for 60 plus minutes every night? This is especially true for the young guys! When you have guys like Pandolfo going down to block shots in the final minutes of a loss then in the midst of a change he dishes it up to Comeau for example and Comeau misses the pass because he was caught flat footed. That shouldn't happen especially with regard to the younger players but I have seen it more then once this year and the coaches need to slam home that its not acceptable!!

-Furthering on that, the fancy bullcrap this team does very often needs to stop. When your in the midst of a losing streak like they are you don't worry about making the pretty pass, or making the sweet move to set up a shot. You get pucks on net, you charge the net, and you finish your checks. Fancy plays are also higher risk and the people involved look foolish if it doesn't pan out. The coaches should also hammer this home, ENOUGH WITH THE FANCY CRAP!! What I am mainly referring to is the blind passes this team does all the time. Sure when it connects its like wow. But more often then not, it doesn't connect and given the streak this team is currently in you can't play like that. With an already lowered confidence, giving up the first goal would lower it that much more.

Postgame, Cappy said to expect some line changes for the game Saturday because they, "need to score goals." Well they better do something because if they don't, its going to be a very long Saturday night at the Coliseum.

Next Game: Saturday 7PM @Home VS the Caps

Post Game: Jets @ Isles

I am unable to give a accurate report and post on a post game as I did not watch the game.  Was only able to catch bits and pieces due to a busy schedule.  Obvisouly though the Isles fell 3-0 to the Jets tonight.  Dipietro seemed to be fine, the real problem is scoring.  Last years strength is this years weakness.  Who would of known.  I am sure Scott will give a more in depth and detailed look on things.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pre Game: Jets @ Isles

Tonight, the Winnipeg Jets make their first trip to LI in 15 years to take on John Tavares and our Islanders.

Tonight is a really big game for the Islanders. After struggling pretty bad recently tonights game is as close to a must win as one can be early in the season. This is a team you are clearly better then so it would be quite the let down if you failed to secure the two points in regulation.

Rick Dipietro will be starting in net for the Islanders tonight. I mean he did play well last Saturday, however what happened to Al Montoya? After one semi rough outing in Tampa he hasn't played since. Sure Nabakov did run with it for a little bit, but I think its time to get Monty back in there. It would be quite the mistake to stick him back in there Saturday when the Caps come to town. You can't expect the guy to be sharp after not playing for over two weeks and playing the Capitals the only way your going to have a chance is if the goalie steals the game because they are on fire right now.

Tonight, the Isles need to play good old fashioned hockey. Throw pucks on the net and finish their checks and keep their legs moving. None of the fancy careless play crap that they've done far to much of during the early portion of this season. If they do that, then I think they have a good chance to finally pull off a w tonight for the first time in a while.

Guest Post: By Kenneth Boudreau

 To Claim or Not to Claim? As well as other thoughts from this week... 

Well 12:00 p.m of November 1st came by which was the deadline for any team to claim Trevor Gillies or Sean Avery... Sean Avery? Who is he? Oh right he is that guy who tried fighting Travis Hamonic last year and turned around to Michael Haley’s fist cracking him at least five times in the season finale of the Islanders onslaught of the Rangers last season. The same Sean Avery who had some not some kind things to say to Islanders general manager Garth Snow. Well according to a few sources, as well as some crazy fans, the Islanders were going to claim Avery. Why??? Do not get me wrong; when Avery plays his game, he is one of the best agitators in the sport of hockey. But realistically, with all his publicity stunts and enemies created on this Islander team, does anyone see a sense in picking this guy up? If the Rangers think that calling up Avery is going to big such a difference, well only time will tell. Another reason to like Garth not picking him up is that his attitude problems are not needed in a locker room full of youth. Veterans such as Jay Pandolfo, Marty Reasoner amongst others will help support this team and provide their valuable playing experiences. Well the time has passed and luckily Garth did not bite on Avery.
      Other Thoughts:

  • According to the Islanders twitter feed, Nino Niederreiter will be down with Bridgeport on a conditioning stint for a maximum of two weeks
  • My opinion: GREAT idea! Get him back into game shape around a youthful bunch that Bridgeport has and then he should be ready by around the 11/15 Ranger game barring a setback.
  • A lot of people have been asking about the third jersey: I can confidently say that this will be the next third jersey of the New York Islanders released later this month.

  • My opinion: It’s different, and I can say I like it. Although the black is somewhat questionable with the Islanders color schemes, it will be nice to see something unique.         
  • Lastly a big issue this off-season and even during the current season is the realignment of the whole NHL for the 2012-13 season with Winnipeg getting a  hockey team back. Of course nothing is set in stone, but according to CBC Sports, this is what the proposed divisions would look like. Although the Islanders get to keep four of their divisional rivals in this new look realignment plan, they lose a big one in the Penguins who are rumored to not be happy about this plan... Go figure.. 

  • My opinion: I am not 100% sure how the amount of games would break down but from the look of it, I like it! Although I was not alive to see it, I would love to see divisional playoffs. Look for more of division realignment talk to heat up really soon... 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Q&A: With Jess Rubenstein from TheProspectPark

(Q)When did you start following the prospects of the Isles and is there any reasoning behind it?

(A)Why is easier to answer because one should be aware of what your rivals are doing to see if you will have an answer for it. How will the Rangers be able to fend off the Islanders as the 2 teams improve over the next 2-3 years.

As a fan, the NHL needs the Ranger/Islander/Devil rivalry to have meaning for the NHL to grow. You are talking the number 1 TV market in the country and everyone wins if instead of pride the teams are meeting in the playoffs.

(Q)Be honest, who has the stronger minors the Rangers or Isles and why?

(A)That is a dangerous question because in all honesty neither team right now is all that strong with their AHL teams. For both teams their best prospects are playing in the NCAA or Canadian juniors right now. For the Islanders, Lee, Russo, Mayfield, and Strome offer the best potential for the Islanders with some project players like Andrey Pedan who plays for Guelph (OHL) and John Persson who plays for Red Deer (WHL)

(Q)In the early hockey season, which Islander prospect has impressed and stood out the most?

(A)No question Anders Lee (2009 6th) as he leads the NCAA in goals scored with 10 and is 4th overall in points (13). Lee has points in every game he has played in but more importantly is showing a more consistent game this season.

(Q)Islander first round selection Ryan Strome has been going nuts in juniors, what do you seem him being as he grows older and fully develops?

(A)I would like to withhold any kind of judgment on Strome until he gets into the OHL playoffs or plays for Canada in the World Under-20. There is no question he can score at the OHL level but what was a concern for me last year was how he could not address having a full-time shadow on him as Mississauga did during the playoffs. We know Strome has a great package of offensive skills so the biggest question has to be can he beat the defensive game plans drawn up to stop him in the big games.

If Strome can then at worst he will be a 2nd liner with a legit chance to be a 1st liner.

(Q)Do you believe Kabonov can be a legit top 6 forward?
(A)Yes no question about it as Kabanov because of all the other stuff has distracted people's attention from his skill set. Kabanov has everything you want out of a star player, he has the size, the skill, the skating and the IQ. Kabanov is just learning that he can dominate games and it is starting to show in the results. The other strength Kabanov has that most do not realize is an uncanny ability to develop chemistry who ever they send out their to play with him.  Kabanov brings out the best in those he plays with and that is something you can not take for granted.

What Kabanov also has that most teams lack is a personality as when people get to see Kabanov off ice then it is so hard not to like him.  Kabanov will become the Islander's most popular player for what he does on and off the ice.

(Q)Also to add, do you believe that Kevin Poulin can be a legit number one in the NHL

(A)Yes he can as he has been improving with every year. The Islanders need to get him the lion's share of playing time as the sooner he gets regular PT then the sooner he will claim his spot as the Islander goalie of the future.


Thank You Jess for giving some great insight and personal opinion.  Her blog TheProspectPark is top of the line for Islander prospect coverage.  Follow TheProspectPark on Twitter here.