Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Your 2013/2014 Islanders Ice Girls

Update: Here is an image of the full squad courtesy of the full squad courtesy of the Islanders facebook page:

Two weeks ago, the Islanders held auditions for the 2013/2014 Islanders Ice Girl squad at Iceworks in Syosset.  In the video below you can meet this years squad:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Former Islanders Finding New Homes

This week has seen a couple former Islander players find new homes.

First off, Ty Wishart who had been a defenseman for Bridgeport the last couple seasons signed a contract with Schwenningen in Germany.

Wishart had struggled in his own end for the last couple seasons and with the emergence of defensive prospects in the Islanders system it isn't surprising that he wasn't bought back when he reached free agency earlier this summer.

Next, former Islander enforcer Trevor Gillies who played last season in the KHL signed a contract with HIFK in Finland.

In 24 games in the KHL last season Gillies registered zero points and 95 penalty minutes.

Lastly, former Islanders prospect Brenden Kichton signed a 3 year entry level contract with the Winnipeg Jets.

If you recall, Kichton was a draft pick of the Islanders a couple years back and after the team and him failed to agree to a contract earlier this year he re-entered the draft in June and was selected by the Jets.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Save The Isles Chats With Islanders Third Round Pick Eamon McAdam

Recently, we had a chance to chat with 2013 Islanders third round pick Eamon McAdam.  McAdam was drafted using the third round pick acquired along with Cal Clutterbuck in exchange for Nino Niederreiter.  We would like to thank Eamon for taking the time to talk with us and you can follow him on twitter here.

STI:   How old were you when you discovered your love of hockey?  Was it big in your family or is it something that you came to love on your own?  Also was goalie your first position, or is it something that you developed as you grew older?

EM: I started loving hockey before I can even remember.  My mom has always been a die hard Flyers fan so I was brought up watching hockey all the time.  I started playing floor hockey at the YMCA and tried goalie once and ever since then it just kind of stuck.  I guess I was born for the position.

STI: Growing up was there a favorite player that you idolized and maybe even tailored your game after? 

EM: I never really idolized one person growing up.  The first player I was really into and followed was Patrick Roy, but I never really modeled my game after him.  More recently I really respect the way Ryan Miller plays and with a similar build and style I would say I model my game after him to some degree.

STI: In the days leading up to and even on draft day, what was the feeling like? (Nerves, excitement etc)  Also once being selected by the New York Islanders there must of been some weight lifted from your shoulders, what ran through your head? 

EM: I was going into the draft not really knowing what to expect so I didn’t really have the classic nerves that most players talk about.  I was not expecting to get picked by the Islanders and when my name was called it was quite the surreal moment.  I looked at my parents and the look on their faces is indescribable.  The only thing I could think about after I heard my name called was an image of myself that I’ve had since I was a kid.  Myself playing in the NHL, but now I finally had a detail that was always wavering; I had on an Islanders jersey.

STI:  How was Long Island & Islanders rookie camp?  While you were here, was there somebody that had a major impact on you? 

EM: I enjoyed my time on Long Island.  It was a very tiring week, but it was cool to see the level that I need to get to if I want to compete for an NHL job.  While I was there it was great to meet the entire staff and I think a big factor in my development through the next few years will be the goalie coach, Mike Dunham.

STI: How was playing at the coliseum in front of thousands of Islander fans, as well as the boatloads of people who waited after the game for the autograph session?

EM: The experience of playing in front of all of those people was pretty amazing since it was on an NHL rink in front of fans that were there for an NHL team.  Seeing all of those people show up for the game and then seeing the insane number that stayed after gets me more then excited to put on the Islanders jersey again soon.  With a fan base like that it will be great to play for the Islanders as soon as I can.

STI: Where do you feel that you need to continue to work and improve your game to reach the next level of professional hockey?

EM: At this point, the adjustments that need to be made are minor.  Everyone has little things in their game that constantly need tweaking to keep yourself on top of things, but the biggest thing I need to work on is just adjusting to the pace at the NCAA level right now and then hopefully soon to the AHL and NHL levels. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Praise Flowing In For Nassau County After Coliseum Decision! Is It Deserved?

Last week, following the announcement that Forest City Ratner was awarded the proposal to redo the Nassau Coliseum and surrounding area, the praise started flowing in for Ed Mangano and company and it could be seen on their faces at the press conference on Friday from the Coliseum.

Some of the praise came from quite an unlikely source in that of former senator and long time coliseum development opponent Al D'Amato through a piece in the LI Herald.  If you recall, D'Amato was a staunch opponent of the Lighthouse Project because Charles Wang refused to hire his brother Armand into the Lighthouse Development Group.  D'Amato starts his piece in the LI Herald off with the line "Finally, we have made progress and are closer to ending the nearly two-decade-long debate on the outdated Nassau Coliseum."

What he fails to realize that if not for him and people like him that progress would've been made long ago.  Insiders have said that along with Joe Mondello the GOP head the pair quietly made sure Town of Hempstead officials didn't take kindly to the Lighthouse.  Rumor was that they were afraid young democratic voters would move into the housing element of the Lighthouse which would jeopardize an arena that has been a strong hold for the GOP for a really long time.  By this time, if the Lighthouse had been approved the arena would've been finished and the Islanders would be on their way to many seasons in Uniondale.  Instead, the farewell party for the team is slowly starting as they prepare for their move to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in 2015.

At the end of his piece D'Amato touches on the politics by saying, "Now we must hope that the redevelopment plan receives the bipartisan support it needs instead of being the subject of political bickering, which would only hold the project back and be detrimental to its success."  Well, since D'Amato has no issues with this proposal, it has certainly cleared one major hurdle on the way to success.,49361?page=1&content_source=

Don't get me wrong, I am as happy as the next guy about a proposal being chosen for the Nassau Coliseum.  I'm especially happy that they made the right decision by choosing Ratner over MSG.  But, what exactly is Nassau County being praised for?  They have had a team in one of the four major sports call this area home for over 40 years.  After sitting on their thumbs and being given ample opportunity to secure the teams future for years to come they let the team leave and hope to replace them with a minor league facility.  What about that is worthy of praise? 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Matt Martin To Cover VMA Red Carpet

According to Newsday, Islanders enforcer Matt Martin is going to join BCTV host Alyonka Larionov to cover the red carpet for the MTV VMA's coming up on Sunday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  Larionov is the daughter of former NHL great Igor Larionov.

For more, check out the link below:

Friday, August 16, 2013

Long Island Sound Tigers??

photo by BridgeportCT 

Update 2: Here is Bridgeports full statement to islanderspointblank regarding the prospect of the team moving:

“Our agreement with the City of Bridgeport ends on August 31st, 2020. We have seven years remaining on this deal. The Sound Tigers have an agreement to play in Webster Bank Arena until then and plan on doing so until we hear otherwise from our owner. There is no agreement in place between the Islanders organization and the Ratner Group or Barclays Center. The Sound Tigers love being in Bridgeport and absolutely plan on spending at least the next seven AHL seasons here”

Update:  According to Mike Fornabaio, a reporter that covers the Sound Tigers, Howard Saffan who is the President of the Tigers told him, "We absolutely do not have any arrangement in place (re: Sound Tigers to NVMC).  Our owner has not executed any agreement."

At todays press conference from the Nassau Coliseum, Bruce Ratner said that as part of his proposal the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, the AHL affiliate of the Islanders will move to the Coliseum.  There has long been rumors of this happening with no confirmed reports.

They really didn't put a timeline on things, but if I had to guess I would say it would happen in 3-4 years assuming all goes smoothly which you know on Long Island is never a guarantee.  As someone who has gone to a lot of Bridgeport games the last two seasons this is certainly something I would be excited about.

Forbes Joins The Conspiracy Theories

It seems as though almost since the time it was announced last October that the Islanders would be leaving the Coliseum and moving to the Barlcays Center that some fans still held out hope that they could somehow stay at the Coliseum.

The noise grew even louder when the proposals were made for the new Coliseum and one was done by Bruce Ratner the majority owner of the Barclays Center and a minority owner of the Nets the Barclays Centers anchor tenant.  Now, after the news yesterday of Ratners proposal being chosen as the one the to develop the Coliseum site the noise is at its loudest with even Forbes magazine joining in.

A recent report from Forbes talks about how with Ratners planned 200+ million dollar investment in the area, what is to stop a deal from taking place where they invest a little more money to get a slightly bigger arena and keep the Islanders where they belong?

For more check out the report from Forbes below:

I was one of those people who never bought into the conspiracy theories even as much sense as they made.  I was one who expected the move for a while so it was easier for me to accept when it was finally reality instead of being in a sort of denial.  While I still don't believe them what so ever it is certainly something interesting to talk and think about.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nassau County Chooses Ratners Group For The Coliseum

 photo courtesy of

Within the last hour, at a press conference from Mineola, Ed Mangano announced that he had chosen Forest City Ratner to develop the Nassau Coliseum and surrounding area.  Ratner had been competing with MSG for the bid.

The Ratner plan will cost 229 million and be totally privately financed by Forest City Ratner.  Some aspects of his plan include a 13,000 seat Coliseum which can be lowered to 4,000 seats depending on the event.  There will also be a 2,000 seat theater similar to Live Nations Fillmore Auditorium, a 2,500 seat outdoor amphitheater, 4-6 Islander home games per year, 1 Nets home game, up to 6 restaurants, roughly 50,000 feet in retail space, and 4-6 big time boxing events among other things.  Jay Z's Roc Nation is involved with the proposal and will help in attracting top acts to the arena.

The lease with Ratner is currently 34 years set to begin in August 2015 with an optional 15 year extension.  A news conference will be held with Ratner tomorrow from the Coliseum.

For more, check out the Newsday article below:

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mangano To Choose Coliseum Developer Tomorrow

According to Newsday, Ed Mangano who had been deciding between MSG and Forest City Ratner for the development of the Nassau Coliseum is expected to announce his decision at a press conference tomorrow morning at 11:30 am.

On Thursday, there will be another press conference from the Coliseum with the winning bidder.

Following a winner being chosen, the Nassau County legislature will need to approve the contract between the developer and the county before anything could be started.

According to the article, it appears that the developer who chose to give more to Nassau County will be announced as the winner because of Nassau Countys current poor financial situation.

Save The Isles Chats With Kirill Kabanov

We recently had the chance to chat with Islanders prospect Kirill Kabanov.  We would like to thank Kirill for taking the time to chat with us.  You can add him on facebook here

1) What were your feelings on draft day when you were drafted? Being someone many people projected to get picked in the first round and not getting picked til the third round must've been disappointing.
1. no not at all.. I happy that the Islanders pick me... and the fact i was picked in 3rd round.. made me push myself harder.
2) In your final years in juniors your teams seemed to switch a lot with moves or teams folding. How did changing teams so often at such a young age impact you?
2. get to see a lot of new different people.. positive... there is always ups and downs but u need to be able to handle this, other way you'll wont be able to be an athlete..
3) How is your wrist doing after your injury last season?
3.Great .. Huge Merci to Islanders/Soundtigers doctors and trainers

4) What are your expectations for yourself for this season?

4. To get faster and stronger.. be a good teammate, help team... be the best player on the ice.

5) You seem to be a guy who fools around a lot, have you played any pranks on teammates? If so, what is the best one?

5. No.

6) What have you done in the off season to keep busy?

6. Workout in Toronto since may 20th with Gary Roberts

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Lubo

Today, Islanders defenseman Lubomir Visnovsky celebrates his 37th birthday.

Last season for the Islanders, Visnovsky managed to put up 14 points in 35 games.  With the loss of Mark Streit on the blueline going into next season, Visnovsky is expected to pick up some of the offense the team is losing.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Buyer Found For The Devils

The recent financial struggles of the Devils haven't been a secret to anyone.  Recently, it had gone as far as a Forbes report suggesting the NHL could take over the team if they couldn't find a buyer for them by the time the season started.

Well, according to reports, that search is over as a deal with Joshua Harris to buy the debt riddled team is reportedly a "done deal."  Harris is also the owner of the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team.

For more, check out the link below:

Friday, August 9, 2013

MSG/Ratner To Submit Coliseum Contracts

According to Newsday, both MSG and Forest City Ratner will submit signed contracts to Nassau County Friday for the Nassau Coliseum development leading to a winner being chosen as soon as next week.  If you recall, last month MSG and Forest City Ratner were named finalists for the project.

If you are unfamiliar with the plans, the highlights of Ratners include a 13,000 seat coliseum, minor league hockey, six Islander games per season, and 4-6 major boxing events managed by Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins.

Meanwhile, the highlights of MSG's plan include a 14,500 seat coliseum, an outdoor entertainment complex with restaurants, boxing events, and an Islanders themed bar.

For more on this including the probable next steps check out the Newsday article below:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

NHL To Take Over The Devils?

According to Forbes, the Devils are likely to be taken over by the NHL when training camp gets underway next month.

At that point teams have to start cutting payroll checks for players and sitting at 230 million in debt the Devils can't afford to do that.  The NHL plans to operate the team until an owner could be found according to the report.  Recently, a group led by Andrew Barraway seemed poised to buy the financially struggling team but withdrew their bid after getting a closer look at the teams books.

For more on this, check out the Forbes article below:

Photos Of Yankee Stadium With A Hockey Rink

 photo courtesy of

This winter, the Islanders will play host to the Rangers on January 29th at Yankee Stadium as part of the NHL's Stadium Series.  Below, you can find links to a couple images of what Yankee Stadium will look like with a hockey rink.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NHL News: Stitches For Charity

According to puckdaddy, Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks will be auctioning off his stitches from game 6 of this years Stanley Cup Finals with the proceeds going to breast cancer research.

The item will be put up by the Jimmy V Foundation on ebay on August 15th and the auction will last for ten days.

Shaw has made many donations to breast cancer research because his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

For more on this check out the article on puckdaddy below:

Boxing Coming to Nassau?

According to Newsday, Boxing has been added to the bids of MSG and the Barclays Center for the Coliseum.

According to the article, Oscar De La Hoya and Bernard Hopkins will manage the boxing events at the Coliseum under the Barclays Center proposal.  Brett Yormark, Barclays CEO and in charge of Islanders ticket sales, suite sales and marketing told Newsday that they hoped to have 4-6 big time boxing events at the Coliseum per year.  The matches for the most part would be organized by De La Hoyas firm Golden Boy Promotions.

For more on this, check out the Newsday article below:

Monday, August 5, 2013

NHL News: NHL Approves Sale of Coyotes

According to reports, the NHL has approved the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to a group headed by George Gosbee and Anthony LeBlanc.

Following the news, LeBlanc took to twitter to officially announce it and let fans know that the team is in Arizona to stay.

For more on this check out puckdaddys story at the link below:

Vote For Tavares is running a contest allowing fans to vote on the top 5 most anticipated first round pick debuts of the last 20 years.

Among the debuts that can be voted on are John Tavares debut in 2009 when he scored a goal and an assist against the Penguins.

The top 5 voted debuts will air on the NHL network on August 10th.

You can vote for Tavares at the link below:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Isles Not Done Yet?

According to Arthur Staple, in a recent interview for he left the door open for another acquisition by the Islanders that would impact the NHL team.  In prior years, Staple has said they were done and not to expect anything more.

He specifically mentions goalie as a spot where they would be able to, "bring in another skilled veteran to compete for a job in camp."  This has caused some fans to start talking about Tim Thomas again because in that piece a few weeks ago for the Boston Globe it is speculated that a team would only need to give Thomas a training camp invite and not a guaranteed contract.

For more from the interview check out the link below:

I personally don't see an acquisition coming as I think they want to see what Poulin has in a more expanded role.  Although, if they were to do something a veteran goalie would be on the top of the list of things to do in my opinion.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bridgeport Signs 5 Players

According to islanderspointblank, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers signed 5 players to contracts today.

Forward Justin Johnson signed an AHL contract.  Meanwhile, defensemen Sean Escobedo, Mathieu Coderre-Gagnon, forward Ben Rosen, and goalie Parker Milner agreed to two way AHL/ECHL contracts.  The Islanders, a couple days ago came to an agreement with the Stockton Thunder to serve as their ECHL affiliate.

Johnson, the oldest of the group at age 32 has accumulated 392 penalty minutes the last three season playing in the AHL for the Manchester Monarchs.  So, he will be added to a team that already features enforcers Brett Gallant and Chris Bruton so teams better think twice before they try and take liberties against Bridgeport next season.

For a more in depth report on the other guys signed, check out pointblank below:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Former Islander "Ziggy" Palffy Retires From Pro Hockey

 photo courtesy of

This afternoon, reports came out that former NHL player Ziggy Palffy was retiring from professional hockey.  Palffy played 11 seasons in the NHL 5 of which for the Islanders retiring from the NHL after the 05/06 season.  Since then he has played for Skalica HK 36 in the Slovan league.

Palffy managed to put up 331 points over the course of his five seasons on the Island which included some really bad Islander teams.