Thursday, July 21, 2011

My letter to the editor!!!!!

Below is a letter I sent to the editor of Newsday as well as two other papers which escape me right now.

"On August 1st, people of Nassau County all need to go out and vote yes on the new Nassau Coliseum and minor league baseball stadium. Sure does it suck that its going to cost us a little money in the interim? Yes! But you can't think of it like that, you have to think of it as a quality of life issue. Getting rid of the Coliseum will make an area that's already not the greatest a lot worse!! A new Coliseum will have the ability to draw in higher quality acts, additionally maybe the frozen four college hockey tournament or a branch of the NCAA basketball tournament as well. Those things won't happen with the current structure & tournaments like that would bring in revenue that the county has never seen before, more so it would create a buzz not only around the county but people will talk about Nassau County again for some probably for the first time since the early 80's. With the amount of taxes residents here pay, shouldn't we get the best for our buck? Voting Yes makes it so you get the best for your buck, rather then voting than voting no and voting to let yet another organization leave Nassau County which the Islanders will do if a new Coliseum isn't built. When does it stop? Its been a never ending cycle which has seen property taxes rise exponentially over the last 10 years because there hasn't been development in this area. I say it stops NOW!!

A yes vote on August 1st is a vote in favor of the future of Nassau County!

Get out and vote YES on 8/1

Show people that we still have the CAN DO attitude here on Long Island


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