Friday, September 30, 2011

Predictions: Defensemen

Continuing with the predictions, now the defensemen:

1) Mark Streit- 15 goals
40 assists
55 points

Returning from injury I think Streit will put up a solid season this year. I think he will proivde something that was very missed on the powerplay last year. Also with the addition of Brian Rolston he will have something that he really hasn't had in his time with the team and that is like a second pointman with a rocket shot. It should be interesting to see how having Rolston now as well influences Streits play.

2) Andrew MacDonald- 6 goals
30 assists
36 points

I think Amac will only improve this year & that is on both sides of his game. I think he will beat the sophomore slump and have himself a very good season.

3) Travis Hamonic- 7 goals
27 assists
34 points
125 PIMS

I think Travis will continue to build on what he showed last year & cement himself as a top four defenseman in this league. By even the middle of the year the pairing of him and Amac could even become our first pairing, in my opinion at least. Additionally off course he will continue to be a physical player like he showed last year accumulating over 100 penalty minutes as a rookie.

4) Mark Eaton- 1 goal
6 assists
7 points

Eaton isn't around for his offensive prowess. Eaton is here to be a stabilizing presence in the top four & because he has a cup to his name so he knows what it takes to win. Hopefully he is able to stay healthy this year.

5) Milan "Juice" Jurcina- 5 goals
15 assists
20 points

The Islanders record with & without Jurcina last year was pretty crazy with how much it varied. For our sake hopefully he is able to stay healthy this year. Also hopefully he is able to get that big shot of his on target more times then not to give us more then expected scoring chances.

6) Steve Staios- 5 goals
15 assists
20 points

Staios like Eaton isn't here for his offensive prowess. Staios has looked solid thus far on his tryout, which is why the Islanders signed him to a one year deal today. While he isn't the type of guy we needed, he will give us solid depth and a very welcomed veteran presence.

Guys who could see time:

1) Mike Mottau- 0 goals
5 assists
5 points

After the signing of Staios today, I think Mike Mottau now has a seat in the press box to start the season. That is assuming Milan Jurcina is healthy. He like Staios and Eaton is also a good veteran presence with playoff experience.

2) Ty Wishart- 1 goal
4 assists
5 points

After acquiring him from Tampa around New Years for Dwayne Roloson, I thought Ty looked decent up here. I know there are quite a few fans who are down on him, however I think he will be a serviceable depth guy for us this year.

3) Dylan Reese- 1 goal
4 assists
5 points

I think Dylan will see a cup of coffee with us like he has the last two years.

Isles sign Staios to 1 year deal!!

According to Darren Dregger of TSN, the Islanders have signed defenseman Steve Staios to a one year deal worth $800,000. With bonuses the deal could reach as much as 1.6 million.

I am not surprised they signed him as I have thought hes looked fairly good in the games I have seen him in thus far this preseason. Also this makes Ty Wisharts send down earlier in the week a little more explainable, because they would rather him get top minutes in Bridgeport then sit up here in the press box to be depth. Barring any injuries I think we have a top six of:

Jurcina(depending on health)-Staios

I don't know if it is a playoff worthy top six but its certainly better then it was last year.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mangano to seek state funds for Coliseum/"hub" redevelopment aid!!

According to Newsday, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano met with Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany today to discuss possibly trying to acquire some state funds to help with the redevelopment of the Nassau Coliseum & surrounding area. The article speculates that state aid plus private financing could provide enough money to get something done. The article says we will find out in December which project(s) are going to be awarded aid by the state.

I mean, this is a valiant effort I guess to try & do something. However I won't hold my breath on the Coliseum project getting any money. Plus even if they get some it won't really put much of a dent into costs because they'd be splitting from $200 million. It'd surely be nice though!! We will see what happens, I hope so much that we get a resolution on this much sooner rather then later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BREAKING: Coliseum Task Force can't come to an agreement on a plan!!

According to newsday, the task force set up by the ABLI, to create a plan for development of and around the Nassau Coliseum site will NOT be submitting the plan made public last week to Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano for consideration at the site. A statement from a member of the task force said they all decided to submit separate plans because they couldn't come to a decision on the components of one plan that they'd submit as a group.

It has now been nearly two months since the referendum failed & Jay Jacobs has been no where to be found with regard to private development ideas with regard to the development of this site. Throughout the whole referendum process he & the democratic party mostly behind closed doors kept bringing up the idea of private financing & how there'd be plenty of private solutions & that is what should be done with the site. After the vote failed on August 1st, Jay wrote on his twitter (@JayJacobs28) that they would begin working on a private solution the next day. Well its been about 6-7 weeks now since that past and we haven't heard a whisper from Jay "PSL" Jacobs. One of his more famous quotes was defending his PSL stance saying something along the lines of Islander fans, if you don't want to pay a little bit extra why should we all have to? The lack of movement on his part over the last month and half shows that at the time he was talking for political position only not because he actually believed the project was wrong. Whats sad is, this fool led his party on a phone bank the day before the vote targeting older people & with his BS and mis-information got a lot of people to vote no. If the powers at be in the New York Democratic party had half a brain they'd kick Jay Jacobs the hell out because the guy is a fool & an embarrassment to their party.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Predictions: Bottom 6 forwards

Continuing with our predictions, next up is bottom six forwards:

1) Blake Comeau- 28 goals
25 assists
53 points

After coming off a career season last year I think Blake continues to grow on that this year & sees another increase in point total. If he can be more consistent then he normally is I see no reason at all as to why he can't reach these numbers. Plus he will be playing with better linemates this year then he did last year so that will help as well.

2) Josh Bailey- 15 goals
25 assists
40 points

I am expecting a nice rebound year from Josh to hopefully gain confidence back in many fans who have lost it in him after he has struggled so vitally in his first three years in the NHL. I am personally hoping he bounces back but who knows what is going to happen.

3) Nino Niederreiter- 12 goals
23 assists
35 points

I think Nino will have a year similar to that of Evander Kane is his rookie year. Getting third line minutes and some second unit powerplay here & there. I think this year will be the most of many for Nino as an Islander!!

4) Brian Rolston- 16 goals
24 assists
40 points

I think Rolston will be a solid asset for the team on the power play & with his leadership. Although he may have lost a step he still has a solid shot from the point which will be a big help on the powerplay to counter Streits. So either the defensemen will have to split their attention between him and Streit or we will have solid point shots on both lines will be a nice added feature this year, which is something we haven't had in years past.

5) Marty Reasoner- 12 goals
15 assists
27 points

I think although Zenon Konopka was a fan favorite, I know I loved him. Reasoners addition over him will be nice. Nothing against Konopka because he serves his role very well and he had a very big impact on this team last year. However Marty will have much more of an impact on the overall game then Konopka did. I'll miss Z but I am happy to have Marty & his much increased offensive stats.

6) Matt Martin- 8 goals
12 assists
20 points
160 PIMS

I think Matt will continue to increase his offensive production this year. Also he will continue to be the hitting machine that he was last year being amongst the tops of the league in hits.

Guys who could see some time:

1) Trevor Gillies- 1 goal
1 assist
2 points
145 PIMS

I think given the log jam at forward Trevor will see limited time this year. I would be surprised if he got into more then like 25 or so games. Although I am sure he will have an impact of some sort in most of the games he participates in.

2) Justin Dibenedetto- 1 goal
1 assist
2 points

I think Dibo will get a cup of coffee this year like last year. He will have limited production, however I am sure he will annoy the hell outta the other team when he is on the ice so that means he'd be doing his job.

3) Rhett Rakhshani- 1 goal
0 assists
1 point

Like last year I think Rhett assuming healthy will get a call again. I am hoping he can build on what he showed last year both here & in the AHL and maybe top 70 points in the AHL and connect on his first NHL goal up here.

So these are my predictions!! Think I am right? Think I am out of my mind? Discuss it in comments or tweet us @savetheisles

Friday, September 23, 2011

Predictions: Top 6 Forwards!!

In the coming weeks, we here at savetheisles will be doing predictions for:

1) Top 6 forwards

2) Bottom 6 forwards

3) Defenseman

4) Goalies

Were gonna start off with top 6 forwards:

1) John Tavares- 35 goals
45 assists
80 points

I think this is the year that Tavares will break out of his shell, and become a top player in this league & recognized league wide as such. We all saw the stick work & some of the dekes he pulled off at the end of last season so he can only build on that as this season starts.

2) Matt Moulson- 33 goals

25 assists
58 points

With another year under his belt I think well only see an increase in production from Moulson. I don't think it'll be to drastic but it will be there. His increased experience plus line chemistry with Tavares & PA will lead to the increased point total.

3) PA Parenteau- 21 goals
35 assists
56 points

I didn't give PA a major increase because I think he is more of a product of how good JT is rather then how good he is. Don't get me wrong, the guy has skill. However I think he was made to look better then he actually is because he played with John.

4) Frans Nielsen- 15 goals
36 assists
51 points

I think we will see an increase of Nielsens stats for two main reasons. Kyle Okposo will be there for the hole year, so he'll have someone who he didn't have for more then half of last year. Also his pending UFA status next summer I am sure will cause him to do well because more often then not guys often do well in their contract years.

5) Kyle Okposo- 20 goals

30 assists
50 points

I think this is the year that Kyle finally hits the 20 goal plateau. After having last year cut really short by a severe shoulder injury I think that he will have a heck of a bounce back season!!!

6) Michael Grabner- 35 goals

25 assists
60 points

I think Michael Grabner will prove to the NHL that he is the real deal. Combined with Frans move & his speed they will combine to be 1 & 2 in the league in shorties by the years end. I think this year Grabner will be just fine and avoid going through a sophomore slump.

So thats my predictions for the top six forwards!! You like them? Dislike them? Think I am nuts? Talk about it in comments!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Plan unveiled for the Coliseum area!!!

Earlier this afternoon, Randi Marshall of newsday reported that the task force created by the ABLI for private development ideas for the Coliseum site unveiled their idea today. The cost of this idea would be 347 million dollars and include a RENOVATED Nassau Coliseum not a brand new one like we would've gotten if the referendum had passed. The article states that 100 million dollars will go toward the Coliseum for new seats & suites & to make the structure larger and taller.

I am a little disappointed with that as I personally was hoping for a new one but hey beggars can't be choosers. The other 247 million will be spent on a minor league ball park (don't that sound familiar?), an outdoor ice rink, a parking garage, & retail & restaurant space. The article said that several developers have expressed interest in this. There could be trouble though, because according to the article Wang/Michael Picker hasn't issued comment on this yet. Wang owns a piece of that property. Approximately 7 acres I believe, so any development plans for that property that plan on encompassing the whole property would need to get Wangs blessing.

I wonder what his comments will be on this latest idea!!! For more check out Randi Marshalls article below:

Isles new captain to be announced today!! New team store update!!

Update: As some expected, Mark Streit has been named captain of the 2011/2012 New York Islanders!! He is the 13th team captain in team history.

According to various news outlets, the Islanders will announce the teams thirteenth captain in team history today. Arthur Staple of Newsday believes the teams new captain will be defenseman Mark Streit.

I wonder if they will go that route or maybe if they will go with a younger guy like Okposo because you know at least that he will be around for a while longer. I personally think that they should maybe go with a younger guy so they dont have to change the captain again in two years.

Also, according to the Isles twitter the new team store located in the box office will be open for business at the preseason game this weekend. Check out the Islanders flickr account to see pictures from inside it. This should be a cool new thing to have at the coliseum since they never really had something like this before there.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Steve Staios accepts invite to Isles camp!! Moulson being sued!!

Various news outlets reported about an hour ago that defenseman Steve Staios had accepted an invite to Islanders camp & would be arriving to camp on Monday.

I personally think that Staios has a pretty good chance to make the team assuming he stays healthy & totally doesnt suck the bucket in camp. From what I have read he is a real heart and soul type player and plays with his heart on his sleeve. Further his addition would give the team needed depth. Although hes not the top 4 dman we need getting depth is the next best thing I suppose.

I wonder if he will be joined by anyone at camp on Monday or if hell be the only one who accepts one of our invites. It should be interesting to see when the time comes Monday.

Note: If you haven't seen, Islanders forward Matt Moulson is being sued by a woman who he was in a car accident with last June because she still has pain from injuries associated with the accident. Evidentally she wants more then the insurance company will give her which is why she filed suit against him today. Hopefully they are able to settle this before the season starts next month.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BREAKING: Islanders agree to two year deal with Josh Bailey!!

According to Arthur Staple of Newsday, the Islanders have agreed to a two year extension with Josh Bailey worth 1.05 million per season.

This comes just 7 hours and change before the deadline would've passed for Josh to sign to be eligible to play for the Islanders this season. I really hope Josh is finally able to figure things out and become the player the org. thinks he can be. If he still struggles in two years like he does now, I think the Islanders will part ways with him.

Now tomorrow can be spent without roster worry & wondering which vets are going to accept our camp invites.!/StapeNewsday/status/114541057722683392

Staios/Mara among short group of camp invites!!

According to new Newsday beat writer Arthur Staple, defesemen Paul Mara and Steve Staios are on a short list of camp invites for the Isles. Arthur believes one will agree to come by tomorrow.

I personally haven't watched these guys at all in recent seasons, so I don't have an opinion on them as players. However I can tell you this is far from the top 4 defenseman this team needs!!! However its nice to see them trying to add a little depth to the defense rather then doing nothing at all. Dare I say progress is being made? Hopefully we won't need OHL players on ATO's to fill out our defense by the end of this season.!/StapeNewsday/status/114400929045938176

Bailey & Isles need to agree by 7am tomorrow morning!!

According to Katie Strang of ESPN NY, Garth Snow said that the team and Josh Bailey have un til tomorrow morning at 7AM to get a deal done. If a deal fails to get done then as per team policy Bailey will have to forfeit the season and play over seas or something like that. The last person this happened to was Sean Bergenheim a few years back.

Hopefully for Baileys sake, he doesn't allow this to happen but maybe it will be good for him. Maybe he'll be able to go to Europe and refine his game and then come back in 2012/2013 and be much better & consistent and maybe have some confidence back that hes lost since being rushed to the NHL 3 years ago. It should be an interesting next 20 hours give it take to see if Josh Bailey will be part of the 2011/2012 Islanders or not. If he fails to sign then I wonder what happens?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BREAKING: Isles and Tavares agree to 6 year deal!!!

According to Katie Strang of ESPN NY, the Islanders and John Tavares have agreed to terms on a 6 year deal with an annual salary of 5.5 million per year. There will be a press conference tomorrow at the Coliseum presumably to announce this deal. If it is open to season ticket holders, I intend on going, however I am awaiting a call/email back from the Islanders to let me know. The press conference is slated to start at 1PM according to reports. I for one am ecstatic by this news & you all should be to!! Today is a great day to be an Islander fan!!!!/KatieStrangESPN/status/114063998793682944

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Isles close to a long term deal with JT?? Botta leaving pointblank??

Update: Bob Mckenzie of TSN estimated on twitter earlier this morning that the deal will be around 6 years 5.5 million per year, give it take a few hundred thousand. So that would work out to around 33 million overall should it be 5.5 per. I think that is more then fair for Tavares & will be ecstatic when this is finally announced!!

According to newsday, in recent weeks the Isles have had discussions with Pat Brisson the agent for John Tavares on a long term deal. New newsday beat writer Arthur Staple said that the deal could be signed before camp because Tavares doesn't want, "it hanging over his head all season." Staples newsday report says the deal could be in the range of 5-6 years.

I for one am ecstatic at this news, I don't think it can be done soon enough!! Getting Tavares locked up long term would be a big moral boost for the fan base & quell some fears, also may shut up the Tavares lovers in Canada who never would believe he'd sign a long term deal here.

NOTE: If you didn't know, Chris Botta announced today that SNY was taking over his pointblank site & that he would no longer be writing for it. Wanted to take this spot to thank Chris for his coverage of the team for the last 3 years, his sites been a go to stop & his coverage has been a god send!! Best wishes Chris!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Josh Bailey: Wake Up

As another summer ran down in New York, there is some unfinished work for the New York Islanders before the start of training camp.  GM Garth Snow has been said to be looking for a top four defense man all summer long and maybe by the start of season, he may achieve his goal.  I sure hope as it would boost the Islanders chances of playing post season hockey in a tremendous way.  As Snow continues his hunt, there lies another problem.  Another situation that has been silent all summer long.

 Josh Bailey is a restricted free agent but has yet signed a contract with the team.  Bailey who is coming off an up and down season, cannot be looking for much.  Well at least the normal person may think.  Bailey who put up 28 points in 70 games last season should get a reasonable contract between 1-2 million for maybe two years.  A contract that would worth for both sides.  Wheres the problem?  This is the part where it gets dark.  There has been little to no news coming out of both camps.
Bailey who has been said to be Garth Snows "baby" by many fans needs to sign by the start of camp.  Owner Charles Wang has been known to sit out a player if they are not signed by the start of training camp.  This gives Bailey only a few days to get a deal done.  Whether Snow and company are being cheap or if Baileys camp is asking too much, there is no clear answer.

As Islander fans, it was not an easy summer.  The gigantic vote on August 1st which resulted in a NO vote, the inability of general manager Garth Snow to acquire a top defense man and now the Bailey situation. The fans do not need another dark cloud, they cannot afford the young talented forward to risk his development over a contract dispute.

Bailey and the Islanders need to get this resolved, now or tomorrow.  This must get done.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Isles to induct 4 to HOF!

It was just announced on twitter a little while ago through their official twitter account that to celebrate there 40th season the isles would be adding four players to their Hall of Fame. The players chosen will each commemorate a decade. The first will be Ed Westfall, then Ken Morrow, then Pat Flately, then Kenny Jonnson. There names will be added to a Hall of Fame banner hanging above the ice and they will have plaques in the hall way leading to the isles dressing room.

I think this is a cool thing for the Islanders to do, and its a nice touch to commemorate this milestone season.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Plane Crash in Russia Kills 40!!!

Update: Below you can find a list of those who perished in the crash. Reports suggest that there were two survivors. Player Alex Galimov & a crew member.

Heres an update on the crash also what the KHL plans to do next, courtesy of puckdaddy:

According to many reports, a plane crash in Russia this morning has killed 36 people & critically injured one. It is widely expected that most of a KHL team that was on board the plane has been killed. Reportedly only a handful or less members of the team survived. Its been reported that former NHLers Josef Vasicek & Pavol Demitra among others were some of the former NHL players on board this flight.

For up to the minute info follow Dmitry Chesnokov on twitter. Dmitry is the Russian hockey reported for yahoos puckdaddy. His twitter name is @dchesnokov.

In what has been a tragic summer for hockey it just gets worse!! I'm sending my thoughts & prayers out to all affected by this tragedy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fundraiser in NYC this Tuesday!!

This Tuesday marks not only the first day of school for many in the metro area, but its the day of a fundraiser in NYC to benefit a young man named Jake Wisniewski who works for MSG networks. Jake underwent a double lung transplant this past summer as he continues to fight against cystic fibrosis.

There will be many local hockey personalities there including but not limited to:

Michael Grabner

Butch Goring

Matt Moulson

And Zach Parise

The charge is $50 a head, to learn more about what you get for that and the night in general check out the link below to Chris Bottas post on the matter. I hope you are able to make it if you can, its a good cause!!

Out of NY option popping up for the Isles??

According to the Montreal Gazette, there has been an agreement reached in Quebec on a new arena that should be officially announced tomorrow.

This will hopefully be a sign to people around here to get there crap together because if they are not careful and the other in state options go by the waste side, the isles could be calling that new arena home in a few years, and well all have the idiot politicians and the grumpy close minded fools who voted down the referendum to thank for that.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jay Pandolfo accepts camp invite!!

Earlier this afternoon, Katie Strang of Newsday reported that former Devil winger Jay Pandolfo accepted a training camp invite with the Islanders. A couple weeks ago he was mentioned by Katie as a potential guy we could see come to camp on an invite.

She speculates that Sergei Samsonov & Bryan McCabe might be reluctant to accept invites because both had decent to pretty good seasons last year so they were hoping for guaranteed deals.

It should be interesting to see if one or both accepts invites!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Isles sign Tattoo Lou's as official Tattoo shop of the team!!

The Islanders reported about an hour ago that they had come to an agreement with Tattoo Lou's to be the official tattoo shop of the team. They said this is the first time a pro sports team had ever designated an official tattoo shop. Additionally, as part of this agreement Tattoo Lou's will have a booth on the concourse at the Coliseum for ten games next season. I don't know about you, but I wonder where they will fit this in the concourse because its already pretty crowded.!/NYIslanders/status/109726694281191425