Thursday, July 24, 2014

Asking The Crowd - Part III

With this being the last season at the coli, do you expect crowd attendance to rise, also how many games do you plan on attending?

(kcos194) I think attendance will be good this year, and if it's not, shame on isles fans. Fans have barked for years about spending, now Wang has spent, so it's time for Isles fans to hold up their end of the bargain and show up. I live in NC but I'm planning on attending at least one game this year to get messy at the ol barn again.

(NotMattyMarts) I do believe attendance will rise this season...we won't sell out every game but I hope we can average at least 13k a night. I plan on going to at least 10-15 games this season. I wish I could go to more but it's hard being a full-time college student who works as well to find the free time to go to games this year but I will try my best

(NYIslesPride) I do think the crowds will rise drastically seeing as theirs so much history in the building and this team. I will be at college upstate next year but am going to try and attend every home game I can when I'm home and some home playoff games hopefully too!

(MattClausen) It’s tough to say where attendance will be at the barn. I expect the place to fill on weekends and matinĂ©e holiday games, but has it ever filled on a Tuesday night in November in the midst of another losing streak? I think the interest in going to the Old Barn one last time will be stronger this year and you’ll probably see it fill more after the All-Star break (god, I’m going to hate this year’s gimmickfest, but I hate them all…) regardless of where the team is in the standings. But if the team wants capacity all season, actually do something we don’t do very well: win in November, give us a reason to keep coming in December and January when we’re usually looking at the top 10 prospects going “well, who are we getting now?” As for Me, I’ll try to get in as much as I can throughout the season.

Islanders Agree To 1 Year Deal With Kevin Poulin

According to reports, the Islanders agreed to a 1 year two way contract with goalie Kevin Poulin earlier today.  The contract will pay Poulin $675,000 at the NHL level next season and $175,000 in the AHL.  There is also a $275,000 guarantee part of the contract, according to Arthur Staple.

Poulin was the Islanders last remaining unsigned restricted free agent.

Kulemin/Brennan Select Their Numbers

Earlier today, the Islanders announced that new additions Nikolai Kulemin and TJ Brennan have chosen the numbers they will wear for this upcoming season.

Kulemin will wear number 86, meanwhile, Brennan will wear number 4.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Asking The Crowd - Part II

With all this speculations that Wang is selling, do you believe he actually pulls the cord and sells at least majority stakes? With this summer being one in Which the Isles have been spending, do you think that's a possible sign?

(kcos194) I'm torn on Wang because I know he genuinely loves this team. I don't hate him or want him to sell like some fans do. He's lost a TON Of money on this team and to be honest there's enough blame to go around for everyone, including fans, as to why. I think he ends up not selling unless this years team totally craps the bed. Then I think you'll see a new owner/GM/coach trio in the next few years.

(NotMattyMarts) I do believe Wang will sell the team. I would say most likey during the next off-season. Hopefully we will find out soon. Yes I think with all the money spent by the Isles this off-season that it is a great sign. Hopefully Brooklyn will attract more NHL talent to come play for the Isles and hopefully Wang is willing to open up the check book.

(NYIslesPride) Personally I think Wang wont sell this offseason but likely wait to see how they do their last season in the coliseum but the increase in spending could also show signs of him selling so i think its a toss up.

(MattClausen) Do I think Charles Sells; probably, but not at the anticipated timeline everyone’s expecting; furthermore the extra spending this summer is a welcome sign, but I’m not going to get into the tea leaves reading aspect of it. The guy has spent close to half a billion on this team (payroll over a decade, his attempts with the Lighthouse and Coliseum, the lease at the barn, buying the team when he did, there’s been HUNDREDS of millions spent on the Islanders that hasn’t been on the ice). Charles will sell when he feels he’s able to best recoup a significant portion of those losses, like any halfway decent business person would. Is it Barroway, an unnamed Guy or me; I don't, it’s silly to speculate. Here’s the thing, the next owner has to be willing to let Hockey Ops be Hockey ops and not let them go insane. Daddy Warbucks thought he was buying a winner in Buffalo and ended up with Ville Leino and praying for us to suck so he amplifies his chances at Connor McHockey (and while I think Del Colle will be great, we still should have punted this year’s pick in my minority opinion).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ex Islander Vanek Witness In FBI Investigation

photo by twitter

According to reports, former Islander forward Thomas Vanek is a witness in an FBI investigation into illegal gambling in upstate New York.

Those same reports state that two men who own a restaurant in Rochester New York are facing 23 charges of illegal gambling and that Vanek is a witness in the case.  He isn't the subject of any case or anything like that.  According to the statement from his agent Steve Bartlett, Vanek is fully cooperating with the FBI's investigation.

Botta: No News on Sale

Asking The Crowd - Part 1

Last year, we SaveTheIsles did a series where we asked some Islander fans questions related to the team. Well guess what, its back! 


Do you think the Isles are done this summer, or is a trade coming? If so, name some players that YOU would like to see them get.

(Isles Pride) Follow Here: Realistically I think the Isles are most likely done trade wise but Id really like them to trade for a top 4 dman to help the up and coming defensive prospects.

(Not Matty Marts) Follow Here: I personally believe that the isles are done this off-season. I don't think they will trade anymore. I would love it if the Isles take a chance on Free Agents: Michael Del Zotto and Devin Setoguchi.

(Kcos194) Follow Here: I don't think the isles are done, I think a trade is gonna happen before the season starts. It'd be interesting to see if any teams have forwards go down early in camp and end up trading a D man for Bailey. He's the one "premier" name I'd be okay losing. He needs a change of scenery. Personally I'd like to see Boychuck from BOS or Leddy from CHI here. But Garth has shown he won't overpay and that's good.

(Matt Clausen) Follow HereAre the Isles done for the Summer; I want to say no, but I am going to go against the grind and say no trade imminent. If there were a trade for a D, Chicago looks like the most likely partner and man wouldn’t Niklas Hjalmarrsson look good in Blue and Orange. I have to believe that Garth is trying to work the phones, but I’m not going to bang the drums everyday demanding a trade get finished. This is the quiet season now…if a trade happens expect it in September or October. Garth also doesn’t have a lot of assets he wants to move with high value right now. A guy like De Haan or Hickey, who I say is certainly replaceable in say a Hjalmarrsson deal, isn’t going to get dealt right now despite their values being on the upswing, and Grabner/Bailey have unknown or Negative trade value in my eyes, so it’s not a simple “trade players x and y and boom.” I’m willing to wait it out to serif Garth can get that missing guy on D.