Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Islander Fans React To Sale News

Meet Jonathan Ledecky

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Earlier today, reports came out that Charles Wang had sold a minority stake of the Islanders to a group led by Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin.

Ledecky graduated Harvard University and the Harvard Business School before beginning his career in Washington in 1983.  As of 2006 Ledecky was the founder, co founder, or director of 10 publicly traded companies with total sales of close to 9 billion dollars.

Ledecky has made his money in corporate roll ups which means he would take many small companies in a similar industry and merge them into one larger business.  Ledecky's first huge deal came in 1994 when he formed US Office Products.  From 1999-2001 Ledecky was part of a group that held an ownership stake in the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards as well as the MCI Center.  As of 1998 Ledecky had a net worth of 200 million dollars.  In 2005, Ledecky made a bid to buy the Washington Nationals MLB team but was unsuccessful.

Ledecky has served as a member of the board for Forbes since January 2011 and the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board since February of 2012, according to his Forbes profile page.  Ledecky served as the Interim Chief Financial Officer of Forbes from February 2012 until July 2013.

Meet Scott Malkin

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Today, reports came out that Scott Malkin and Jonathan Ledecky have purchased a minority share of the Islanders from Charles Wang.

Scott Malkin is the CEO of London based Value Retail which he founded in 1992.  He is also chairman of Malkin holdings which owns and manages 11 million square feet of office and retail space in the greater New York area.  Malkin is a trustee of the New York Public Library as well as Vice Chair of the Urban Land Institute Empire and chair of the Urban Land Institute Europe.  Last year, Malkin's family was named the 10th most famous multi-generational entrepreneur family by Forbes.

BREAKING NEWS: Charles Wang Has Sold A Minority Share of the Islanders

Update 2: According to Katie Strang, a Board of Governors vote will not take place until December.

Update: According to News 12, after the two years Wang will maintain minority ownership after the two years.

According to Arthur Staple of Newsday, Charles Wang has sold a minority share of the Islanders to Jonathan Ledecky and Scott Malkin.  Ledecky and Malkin will own a minority share of the Islanders for the next two seasons and then assume control of the team after that.

The financial terms have yet to be released.  The sale is pending the approval of the NHL BOG.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ho-Sang Speaks His Mind About Hockey Canada

According to TSN, Islanders prospect Josh Ho-Sang in a recent interview spoke his mind regarding his snub from the World Junior team last year by Hockey Canada.

Some snippets from his interview include at one point Ho-Sang saying, "I don't play for Hockey Canada, I play for New York."  He continued, "I don't really care if nobody else does..."  On his feelings about his omission he said, "The fact that I haven't been invited to a camp, it's insulting..."  When attempting to figure out a reason for his omission Ho-Sang said, "They can't invite me to that stuff because they are afraid."  When asked directly why Hockey Canada wouldn't want him Ho-Sang said, "I don't know."

I know this will turn some people off because players especially young ones that speak up like this aren't usually looked favorably upon like Ho-Sang alludes to in the piece.  However, I love this!  I love that Ho-Sang is himself and he isn't afraid to be himself.  While I hope he matures as he gets older I hope he doesn't lose that element of his personality.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Travis Hamonic

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Today, Islanders defenseman Travis Hamonic is celebrating his 24th birthday.

Last season for the Islanders, Hamonic had 18 points in 69 games.  Prior to the start of last season, Hamonic signed a 7 year extension with the Islanders worth 27 million dollars so Hamonic is locked in for the long haul here.

With the question marks surrounding the Islanders defense heading into camp, they are really depending on Hamonic continuing to develop his game and become better on both sides of the play.  That happening will go a long way in ensuring the Islanders return to the playoffs in the final season at the Coliseum after last seasons major step backwards.

We here at savetheisles would like to wish Hamonic a very Happy Birthday.

Shannon Hogan To Replace Peter Ruttgaizer As Pre/Post Game Host

According to reports, after a couple seasons of being the pre/post game host for the Islanders Peter Ruttgaizer will no longer serve that role for the team.  This season, the role will be filled by Shannon Hogan.  Prior to landing this job with the Islanders, Hogan worked for Fox Sports Detroit.  To get better acquainted with the newest member of Islanders Country, you can follow her on twitter here.