Friday, July 29, 2011

Referendum News Recap!

Over the last few days some stuff has happened with regard to the referendum & in this entry I intend on recapping all of it.

According to News 12, the ABLI which we have all come to know is taking a new step to try and stop the Coliseum plan. News 12 is reporting that the are asking NIFA to quash it. Newsday quoted Desmond Ryan as wondering if NIFA are watchdogs or lapdogs.

I don't think they have the authority to do so because when the date was approved last month Chris Botta said that it will happen & not even NIFA can stop it.

This is the ABLI once again blowing smoke, & I can't imagine anyone with half a brain listens to them anymore. Everyone knows that they are self motivated & couldn't give a crap less about residents.

Lastly in a Newsday article they reported what had been already known that the lease with regard to this was amended to make sure Nassau County retains the development rights to the area, I don't know what else needs to be done to silence the ABLI.


According to Newsday, Commercial property owners will see their taxes rise to pay off the coliseum bonds to, not just residents. According to the article commercial business owners will be paying 4.8 million of the 25.6 million dollar debt service. The article lists LIPA, Verizon, & Roosevelt Field Mall as the hardest hit places by this.


Lastly, as first mentioned in his disaster of an interview the other day, Nassau & NY State Democratic chairperson Jay Jacobs is continuing to push against the referendum & has suggested charging Islanders season ticket holders PSL's(Personal Seat Licenses) in order to raise money to pay this off rather then charging the taxpayers. He suggested charging season ticket holders between $1500 & $5000 for the PSL. Today he sent a letter to Nassau Residents pushing the idea.

I feel the same way as Mike Francessa did when he first bought it up to him on his show. I think Jacobs is out of his mind! PSL's barely worked in football with the Jets & Giants, and now he wants to do them in Hockey? Also if the Dems. had half a brain they would reel Jay Jacobs in and put him on house arrest or something because lately he has been making the party look like fools everytime he opens his mouth. I would be embarrassed to be a registered democrat after his actions of the last few days!

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