Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Track Facility added to Coliseum Plan!!!

According to a Newsday report earlier tonight, a 90,000 square foot track facility will be added as part of the Coliseum plan. It now includes a brand new Nassau Coliseum, a minor league baseball stadium which will be home to an independent league team owned by Frank Boulton, and now this 90,000 square foot track facility which will be good for track and field events & conventions. It will be placed behind the omni in Mitchell Field.

The building will cost 5 million dollars & the costs are tied into the 400 million, this isn't an extra 5 million which will be put on top of the 400 mil, so on August 1st your now voting on weather or not you want all three things in the "hub" area. Hopefully you all out there in Nassau County make the right decision and vote YES for this!!

By adding this facility to the vote, they add another revenue generator which can contribute to paying off the debt service which will help out the taxpayers. Thats how I see it at least!!


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