Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My thoughts on today and whats next!!

This morning, at Borellis on hempstead turnpike there was another rally for the referendum which saw around 100 or so people pack the parking lot of Borellis in support of a new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum as well as the construction of a minor league ball park. At this one there were a lot more islander representation then the one 2 weeks ago, more fans as well as Islanders employees including ice girls Christie, Danielle, & a third that I don't know.

After this we all made our way to the legislature for the 1 o'clock meeting. Around 80 or so people showed up to the legislature. The meeting started with legislators Dave Denenberg and Wayne Wink proposing amendments which after some dialogue were voted down. Mr. Wink wanted to move the date of the election to election day in order to save costs, he wants a separate RFP done for development on the rest of the land and lastly he wanted the RFP as well as contractual info done by 7/1 if the vote was to be held on 8/1. Dave Denenberg wanted to move things to primary day again to save costs and he thought this would be better then election day because your saving time. However your still using time the labor people don't have. They are losing their homes and struggling to feed their families. Although a month or so may not seem like a lot to the legislatures its a huge difference for the workers and they didn't seem to understand that. Before voting on this the democrats took a caucus which means they temporarily left chambers to discuss the matter and presumably decide how they would vote. After about a 10 minute stoppage the democrats made their way back in and legislator Abrahams was the first to address the crowd and he voted no and that was met with boos and the subsequent Democrats also voted no which was met with boos from the crowd. They said they didn't have enough information to cast a yes vote. The only democrat to vote yes was Dave Denenberg. This ended up passing 11-7, so the vote will in fact be held on August 1st.

It was a tad bit disheartening for me seeing the democrats vote no, although not surprising. It seems as though them and the republicans have traded spots so to speak. With regard to the Lighthouse republicans had issues up the wazoo and democrats were all for it, now Manganos plan a republican and republicans are all for it however Democrats have reservations. Although some of their reservations maybe warranted especially ones stating that we don't have a lot of info, I think that they took that position because its a republican proposed project. If Tom Suozzi or another democrat had proposed this then I feel as though they would've been 100% supportive however since a republican proposed it they have reservations. I wish for once that they would stop worrying about politics and their party and start worrying about us the people who put them there!!

Following the vote County Executive Ed Mangano had a signing ceremony upstairs to make the vote official so to speak. After doing so came a brief time of questions then a photo op.

Now, whats next is, on August 1st all Nassau County voters need to get to the polls and vote to put the referendum through. Assuming it gets voted up then we will need to get a green light from NIFA as well as have the legislature approve the bonding. That won't be to easy since with that you need a super-majority of the legislature and not a majority like was needed today. In that vote 13 yes votes are needed. If Mr. Denenbergs vote is any indication then with the return of the one republican legislature who wasn't in today we'd need one of the democratic legislatures to switch party lines to get this thing done. Assuming that happens according to reports construction on a new Coliseum will start next June.

It will be a wild next couple months in Uniondale!! You can bet on that!!

Hockeys back in Winnipeg!!!

It was officially announced today that the Atlanta Thrashers will be moving to Winnipeg for the 2011/2012 NHL season. They will remain in the Southeast division next year according to reports.

This coming on the day when the referendum for the new Coliseum is signed by the county executive and vote scheduled for August 1st. People need to realize that if this is voted down there is a very real chance that we could be like those people in Atlanta in just 3 years. Do you want to expierence that? Because I know I sure as hell don't!!!!

Vote is later today!!

Tomorrow the Nassau County Legislature will vote weather or not to put the 400 million dollar referendum on the ballot for August 1st for the Nassau County voters to decide weather or not they would like said 400 million dollars to be spent on building a brand new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum as well as a minor league ball park.

The meeting of the legislature starts at 1PM tomorrow however it is unknown where the Coliseum is on their agenda so we could be facing a situation like last week where it was over 3 hours before they started talking about the Coliseum.

With a majority republican legislature it is expected that the referendum will be voted to be on the ballot for 8/1. After discussing some amendments proposed by democrats they will have the vote.

The meeting is open to the public, its at the Nassau County Legislature office which is at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola. I intend on attending tomorrow wearing an islander t-shirt so if you go come over and say hi. Hopefully the Coliseum is first on their agenda because I don't intend on sticking around if it isn't.

Quick note: According to the save the Islanders now facebook page which was created by a group led by Brian M Rosenberg who was the moderator at the rallys two weeks ago says there will be a rally tomorrow at Borellis on Hempstead turnpike. They didn't say a time but I figure around 12:00 o'clock at the latest it would start considering as stated above the legislature meeting starts at 1 PM.

Hope to see you there

https://www.facebook.com/#!/SaveTheIslandersNOW Go there for more information on the rally

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Case With Trevor Gillies

Should the tough guy enforcer be back next year?  I hope not.  I am not a fan of Gillies and I'm sure I am not the only one.  Sure some fans will want to see him back to "protect Tavares" but is he really needed.  I think not.
To me it is waste to have a player on the roster just to get two or three shifts a game.  Maybe he is lucky and plays up to five minutes.  Also there is little room on the roster as is, Gillies should not take up a spot. 

Also I think he is an embarrassment in some sort.  His childish act sometimes on the ice make us look bad.  Taunting an injured player on the ice, is not an act of professionalism.  If we want to build a reputation and gain respect around hockey, there is no room for that.  Gillies may be a nice and generous guy off the ice, but on the rink Id rather not see him.

Do the Islanders want him back?  Will we see him down in Bridgeport?  Does another team sign him?  Answers we will soon know.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How much credit does Garth Snow deserve?

Since taking over the Islanders in the summer of 2006 Garth Snows Islanders have only finished outside the bottom 5 in the NHL once and that was in his first year when they made the playoffs.

Following a first round ouster in that season the Islanders decided they would undergo a full blown rebuild to replenish their minor league system which was depleted by Snows predecessor Mike Milbury. Over the last 3 drafts the Islanders have done a good job at replenishing their system by acquiring a ton of draft picks for the June amateur draft as well as signing some college free agents as well. They've done such a good job in the last three drafts that at last look THN says we have a top 15 system in the NHL. If you would've told someone 4 years ago that in 4 years the isles would be in the upper half of the league when it comes to farm system they would've said that you were out of your mind. Garth has shown that he is also shrewd when it comes to negotiating contracts as well. Locking up bargain basement deals with players like Frans Nielsen and Andrew MacDonald. Also locking up players like Matt Moulson, Kyle Okposo and Michael Grabner to very favorable deals as well.

While everything mentioned above is good, the team in a results oriented business has been among the worst teams in the league over the past few seasons. Snow hasn't shown the ability to be able to use trades or free agency to noticeably improve the team outside of his trade for James Wisniewski last summer. Usually over the summer the arena is blamed for the lack of action we see with regard to our beloved Islanders. However, if you remember Chris Bottas interview with Gord Miller of TSN our owner Charles B. Wang doesn't have the most favorable image around the league, according to him many see us as a circus type atmosphere. One has to wonder if that perception around the league has just as big if not bigger impact as the arena does on our ability to draw free agents. Its understood that the team is rebuilding however rebuilding isn't throwing a team of kids to the wolves every night. Although he has gotten better with that in getting some vet. help for the defense they could still use help. In a rebuild veterans have to be bought in, in order to help supplement the kids and have the kids not feel like the whole onus of the teams success rides on their play. To this point outside of some as BD Gallof said on twitter, "band aids" on defense they really haven't done that, for the rebuild to take the next step that has to be done otherwise I fear we will always say what could've been and not what is.

This should be a very interesting summer on Long Island!!!!!

Quick Note: Yesterday Swedish goalie Anders Nilsson signed his entry level deal. There was some speculation that after having such a good season in the SEL last year which is Swedens top league that Nilsson maybe a tough sign but seeing him sign is really good to see and only increases our depth at goalie and after this season going through 6 goalies you can never have enough!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Doug Weight retires and joins front office!!!

As expected at his press conference this morning Islander captain Doug Weight retired from the NHL. After retiring GM Garth Snow announced that Weight would be joining the front office as well as the coaching staff as an assistant coach as well as a special assistant to the GM.

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone as its been long expected that Weight would stay with the team following retirement and after spending some of the final games of the season behind the bench you could've guessed that he'd be part of the coaching staff. Also given the respect he has around the league its very little surprise that they also made him a special assistant to the GM. Not replacing the people who were let go last summer probably helped him get into the front office as well because there was additional space for him.

Congrats to Doug Weight on a great career and good luck to him in the next phase of his life!!

Catch Doug Weights press conference tomorrow live!!

If your not busy at 11am this morning you can catch Doug Weights press conference tomorrow morning at 11am streamed on islanders.nhl.com.

It is expected that Weight will announce his retirement from the NHL tomorrow. It is expected that Weight will take a position in the Islanders front office. There has been some speculation by the fans that after signing his five year contract today that tomorrow Weight may hand over the captain C to Kyle Okposo. To be honest I really wouldn't mind that, for so long we've had captains who within two years of getting the c bolt. It'd be nice to have a captain around for a while and who plays on a constant basis.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Isles sign Okposo to 5 year 14 million dollar extension!!!

Today our Islanders took another step in locking up their core by signed 2006 seventh overall pick and future possible captain Kyle Okposo to a five year 14 million dollar contract.

According to Katie strang the contract is back loaded in terms of salary distribution like that of the contract given to Michael Grabner. This contract breaks down as follows:

11/12: 1 million

12/13: 2 million

13/14: 3 million

14/15: 3.5 million

15/16: 4.5 million

Meanwhile according to Chris Botta the cap hit for this deal is 2.8 million annually til the final season when the cap hit jumps to 4.5 million.

Nice job by Snow here locking up a valuable member of the core to a very affordable contract. This contract has the pot. to be a steal should Okposo turn into the player many of us think he could be.

We only have three RFA's left now in Blake Comeau, Jack Hillen, and Josh Bailey. I think Comeau might get a multi year deal while Bailey and maybe Hillen get one year qualifying offers. Bailey hasn't shown the production of Grabner or Okposo or even Comeau to deserve a multi year deal.

The Case With: Rick Dipietro

Probably the most hated player throughout the organization is Rick DiPietro.  Funny thing is that instead of booing and wishing he was gone, we should be wishing he comes back strong and ready to play.  His play relies on his shoulder and he plays a major part in the success with this team.

I would like to add here that I am a DP fan and always has.  I think his determination and fight to play the game that he loves dearly is very admirable.  I also appreciate the love he has for us the fans and the Islanders organization, yes we did hook him up with that whack contract but put that aside.  I am rooting for Ricky to make a return.  I miss that DP chant that was oh so known around Islander country.

Its on your shoulders Ricky
Fans think DP is done, a has been, not even good enough to play in the AHL, hey you all might be right but that to me is not the right attitude.  We all should hope that DiPietro comes back stronger then ever.  Chances of that happening are not great, but DP has to play average.  Least good enough to be a quality backup.

What if DiPietro comes to training camp and shocks everyone.  He looks great and his side to side movement is spot on.  His play stuns everyone, even the Isles themselves, does he get the number one spot?  Does Al Montaya take a seat on the bench?  Or what if DP looks the same as he did this year, do we potentially put him in Bridgeport?  I do not see that happening but weirder things have occurred.  He is a major question mark on this team, a once major strength has now since turned into a major weakness.

After all Rick has been through I cannot imagine that his quickness and feel for the game can just come back in a blink of an eye.  That is why I am giving Ricky a chance.  Maybe this off-season he has worked on his game and comes back strong and surprises us all.

Ricky we are waiting, its your turn..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

31 years ago today!!!

Today is a very special day in Islanders history, 31 years ago today Bobby Nystrom scored the goal that started it all. On May 24th, 1980 Bob Nystroms goal to give the New York Islanders their first Stanley Cup sent Long Island into a tizzy. The teams in the city have the big parades well when our Islanders won their parades were in our backyard, on Hempstead turnpike. Relatives who attended have told me stories about how crazy the parades were how you had thousands upon thousands of people on the street then just celebrating and going nuts.

Although times have been hard recently today we take the time to look back and remember that no matter how hard things get the Islanders are still the only North American dynasty in NHL history and no amount of wise cracks and shots from analysts and opposing fans can take that away from us!!!!

Legislature vote next Tuesday at 1PM

I arrived to the Legislature office at around 8:20am this morning, and after searching for a spot for a few minutes, I walked up to the rally. To my surprise there was very few Islander fans in attendance. I'd say that there was maybe a dozen Islander fans present at most, while there was between 200 and 300 labor people present.

The rally ended at about 20 minutes to ten and then people proceeded to go inside. I got in a little late because I ran to my car to make sure I didn't have a ticket, and when I saw I didn't, I moved my car and then made my way back in. When I entered the room in which this was being held, Kevan Abrahams (who is the legislature of the first district) and Peter Schmitt (the preceding officer) were in an argument over what topic to begin the meeting with. Mr Abrahams felt they should start with the Coliseum issue because that was first on their agenda and was what the room full of about 251 people wanted to hear about. However, Peter Schmitt wanted to discuss the redistricting of lines in Nassau County, and Schmitt won. So from approx. 10:15 until 1:45, they discussed the redistricting. During that time, Peter Schmitt came off as a real rude arrogant person, and any time the crowd would get testy he would tell them to, "stop having a hissy fit."

Seeing this, really opened my eyes to see how things work in the County. It gave me understanding as to why so many young people are leaving this area in droves-because we have politicians like them who sit up and just talk in circles with each other without getting anything done. I told a labor member who I became kind of friendly with while we were sitting there, that I thought that the graduating high school class this year had more sense then the people in the legislature did.

It wasn't until a quarter to two, that the legislature began to discuss the arena. After a brief recess awaiting the arrival of deputy County Executive Rob Walker, they got started with some questions and stuff until the County Executive made his second appearance of the day and gave a powerpoint presentation to the legislature. His first appearance was at the am rally. After this, Peter Schmitt opened the floor to the little remaining public that had stuck around for the three hours and forty five minutes. At approx. 10 o'clock I'd say there was around 275 people present. However, by the time they started discussing this matter I'd say the crowd was down to maybe 100-150 people. This time period was totally different from that of the redistricting that had been discussed because everyone (mostly republicans) were dead on with what they were saying. The democrats while being in favor of it had some reservations. The biggest one which was mentioned by multiple legislatures was the proposed date of the special election for the referendum. Wayne H. Wink JR, the legislature for the 11th district, suggested moving the election date to election day in November, while legislator Dave Denenberg of the 19th district suggested moving the election to primary day in September. Judy Jacobs, who is the legislature of the 16th district, thought the vote should be moved to election day because back in 2004 and 2006, environmental referendums were put to vote that day and both passed with flying colors. She also thought that doing it would then maximize voter participation. All the suggestions were made to save the county the costs it would take to have the special election but the suggestions were shot down by the republican majority of the board who stressed the need to do this as soon as possible and stressed that this should be a stand a lone issue and not part of a ballot with other items because its the future of our county.

One of the two biggest news items to come out of this was that next Tuesday the Nassau County Legislature will once again meet and this time, there will be a vote after discussion, as to whether or not this item will go on the ballot on August 1st. After being there all day today, I am confident the election will pass. This meeting is open to the public so if you aren't busy that day, go down to the legislature and see them vote. I intend on going down that day for the vote.

The second big news item of the day occurred with about 10 minutes left when during his questioning by the board, deputy County Executive Rob Walker, said that the Islanders or more specifically owner Charles B. Wang, will pick up the cost for any construction overruns should the cost of constructing the new Coliseum exceed the estimated 350 million dollar figure that has been presented to the public. This is big because normally that would've been paid for by taxes but the fact that Wang was willing to front thye costs himself, brings relief to the base.

The only major hurdle left is NIFA who outside of outspoken president George Marlin (who bashed the plan again in a newsday op-ed piece today), has been pretty mum on things since the press conference a few weeks back. However, should the voters give this a thumbs up, I have a hard time seeing NIFA stand in the way because they are politicians too and not pleasing the people you represent, is political suicide.

Overall, todays hearing was very poorly handled by Nassau County. How do you have 300 or so people in attendance and not start with the matter they are all there to talk about? Mind boggling to me!!!

Today was a good day for us in Islander land but the bigger day will be next Tuesday when hopefully the Legislature vote to put this on the ballot for 8/1 passes, and that will complete step two of the process in my mind at least. Step three to me will be the submitting of the contracts between Wang and the County to the legislature and the approval of those contracts and the referendum itself. Step four will be the approval of bonding by the Legislature which will take place in the time after the election should the yes be the majority and this time we need a super majority in this which means that two democratic legislatures will have to cross party lines for the bonding to be approved, and lets not forget we also need to get the green light from NIFA. Assuming all that happens step five in my mind is shovels in the ground in what will be a historic day in this county. Its going to be a wild summer in Islander land, you can bet on that!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Doug Weight to announce retirement this week?

According to Kuklas Korner Doug Weight while flanked by Garth Snow and Charles Wang at a press conference this Thursday will make an announcement about his future. According to BD Gallof said announcement will be that Weight is retiring from the NHL. Weight who had 1033 points in 1238 games in his 19 year career is a sure fire hall of famer, in my opinion at least. Given his time with us wasn't anything spectacular on the ice however you can't deny his stats.

It has been speculated that Weight will accept a management position with us. Could he be on the coaching staff next year? He did spend some time on the bench at the end of this season. Or will it be in the front office as the sort of team spokesman? I personally feel that Weight would make a great team spokesman. He is well respected around the league, hes a professional, and is well spoken. He would be something the Islanders haven't had in well since I can't remember.

Look for a post as the season draws near for our thoughts on who the next captain should be.



Quick Note: Its also being reported that former Devil and current Red Wings defenseman Brian Rafalski is expected to announce his retirement with one year and six million dollars left on his current contract.

Big rally tomorrow prior to public hearing!!

Todays "rally" at the Coliseum was more of a pep rally of sorts. Labor people spoke as well as some reps from local businesses. The biggest thing to come out of it was that tomorrow there is going to be a rally outside the Legislature office at 1550 Franklin Ave. in Mineola prior to the public hearing. Its going to be by the Teddy Roosevelt statue, and will start at 8:30am with the hearing starting at 10am.

The moderator of todays event repeatedly stated that this will be the largest rally in LI history so lets all get out and prove this guy right. Hope to see you tomorrow and don't forget if you can't make it tomorrow to check us at on twitter @savetheisles for updates from the hearing and maybe some pics as well.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Public Hearing Update!!!

According to Nick Giglia of lettherebelighthouse not only will their be a public hearing on Tuesday but the Nassau Legislature will also vote on the matter.

If they vote yes on this and given the current makeup of the legislature with 3 more republicans then democrats I would hope a yes is a pretty safe bet for this vote. With a yes vote the referendum will officially be on the ballot for 8/1.

The next two days should be interesting in Islanders Country with the rally tomorrow in front of the Coliseum at 11:30 then the public hearing and vote on Tuesday starting at 10am. Don't forget to follow us on twitter so you can get the latest news as we find out about it.


What could've been and what is!!!

Back in 2003/2004 after being told by then County Executive Tom Suozzi that Nassau County couldn't afford to fix up the Nassau Coliseum & that he should think of something so our New York Islanders could get a new home, team owner Charles B. Wang came up with the Lighthouse Project.

The original proposal called for a transformed Nassau Coliseum, a 60 story Lighthouse and various housing, retail and office development. After public demand Wang redid the proposal taking out the 60 story Lighthouse and adding two smaller hotels. Fast forward to the summer of 2009 and after needing the help of County Executive Tom Suozzi to get both Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and Wang in the same room it was decided that in August there would be a public hearing regarding environmental issues with regard to the project. At the hearing Wang received a huge ovation as approx 99% of the crowd was made up of Islander fans as well as labor people who were currently unemployed, and according to stats the unemployment rate in the unions represented was around 30-35%. Then after that the town of Hempstead was mum on things for a few weeks they set a date for the rezoning hearing which took place about six weeks later. It was at that hearing that after seeing his experts grilled by the politicians of the Town of Hempstead for multiple hours that Charles lost his cool and essentially asked the board to show his experts more respect. After this hearing we wouldn't hear another word on the Lighthouse for about 11 months til the middle of July, 2010 when the town of Hempstead with the help of Westchester based firm FP Clarke announced their plans for a scaled back Lighthouse Project. This plan called for an approximate 75% cut back in the Lighthouse. Either the same day the proposal was made public or the next day Wang and now County Executive Edward P. Mangano issued a statement stating that the towns redevelopment plan was not economically feasible given the fact that the project was to be privately financed by Wang and his then partner Scott Rechler. That scale back essentially ended the Lighthouse as we knew it.

Now fast forward to about a week and a half ago and you had Wang, Mangano and Kate Murray all on stage to announce a plan for a referendum in the neighborhood of 400 million dollars to build a new Coliseum as well as a minor league ball park. It was pretty ironic that you saw Wang and Kate on stage with each other since it was because of that woman that we were still sitting in that place with no signs of progress asking the public to enter into a partnership so we can get a new Coliseum instead of using Wangs privately financed project to get it. Sure I don't think her hand wasn't forced so to speak however she still made the decision to treat the Lighthouse as she did. Now in about 31 and a half hours we have a rally of sorts for this referendum thats on the table, while I think the Lighthouse was the far better plan I encourage all of you that are able to go to attend this rally in front of the Coliseum on Monday at 11:30, then the public hearing the next day at the Nassau Legislatures office in Mineola and then hope that the legislature agrees to have the vote on the ballot for 8/1. The power right now is no longer with the Politicians its with us. The politicians had their chance and they couldn't get anything done and now they've left it up to us, let get this approved so we can show the rest of LI and the rest of the nation that development can take place on Long Island so maybe we can start to thrive instead of losing our young people by the busloads and losing businesses such as OSI Pharmaceuticals, also show politicians that even if they can't overcome party lines to do whats best for us that we can come together and do whats best for us.

Our Long Island Dream is now just that a dream and we have politicians to thank for that however don't lose hope and make sure on 8/1 you and every single person you know vote yes so we can finally get much needed development in the "hub" area and finally after all these years finally get us a new building!!

On both Monday and Tuesday check us out on twitter @savetheisles for tweets and maybe some pics from the rally on Monday and hearing on tuesday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rally on Monday/Public Hearing on Tuesday!!

According to BD Gallof there will be a rally of sorts in front of the Coliseum on Monday, May 23rd starting at 11:30 am.

The public hearing is on Tuesday May 24th at 10am at the Nassau Legislature office on 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola.

According to BD many Nassau businesses, labor unions, corporate partners as well as Isles fans will be in attendance at the rally. One of the more interesting guests he mentioned I thought was Representatives from the newly formed Build a Coliseum Coalition. According to BD the legislatures vote regarding the Coliseum will be the main topic of discussion.

I intend on going to both the the rally on Monday and then the Public hearing on Tuesday so if you intend on going either mention it in comments or tweet us @savetheisles and maybe we will be able to meet up, I'd love to meet some of our loyal readers!!



Thursday, May 19, 2011

NHL Buzz: Atlanta Thrashers To Winnipeg Close?

Thursday 9:54 P.M. Rumors have been flying around twitter at a rapid pace about the Thrashers officially moving to Winnipeg. Reports are now saying nothing is done.

11:08 P.M. Nobody knows..

Friday 12:57A.M Not much new news, seems like its a matter of time till it becomes official.

2:42 P.M.

Suffolk says no to 350 million dollar bond proposal currently on the table in Nassau!!!

According to Chris Botta, the Islanders upper management presented the same 350 million dollar arena deal to Suffolk County and Suffolk said no. I wonder if this was done before or after their press conference with Nassau. Additionally I wonder what would've happened if Suffolk said yes.

While this isn't good news, maybe they would be more inclined to go with a scaled back lighthouse type thing as suggested by Botta to Desmond Ryan in his interview posted on pointblank today which you can view by clicking the link below. I want things to be settled in Nassau however if god for bid the vote does fail on 8/1 its better to have more options then not a lot. It should be interesting to see how things evolve in the next few months.

Quick note: Don't forget about the public hearing this Tuesday at the Nassau Legislature office at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola. The hearing will start at 10 am. Hope to see you on Tuesday!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nabokov expected to report to camp!!

According to Newsday goalie Evgeni Nabokov is expected to report to Islanders training camp this September.

After being claimed by the Islanders on waivers back in January Nabokov refused to report to the team. Now that last season is over and the new season is starting soon his agent Don Meehan told Newsday that he will, "absolutely" attend camp as per his contract with the team.

It should be interesting to see if his reporting is just a show case for a trade or if there are intentions of him actually playing for us this season. If they intend on having him play for us this year I wonder what that means for Dipietro could he be seeing the press box? Or would they give Montoya the press pass? It should be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few months into camp.


Al Montoya underwent successful knee surgery last week!

According to various news outlets Islanders goalie Al Montoya underwent successful knee surgery last week to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee. According to reports he got the injury while playing in the World Championships in Slovakia for team USA.

The Islanders say that Montoya will be ready come training camp in September. Now all three Islanders goalies are coming back from knee trouble, Poulin blew out his knee which ended his season, Montoya did this and well everyone knows the story with Dipietro. Hopefully this doesn't hurt Montoya during the season otherwise we could be in a lot of trouble!!


The Case With Us (The Fans)

Yes that is right the next case is us the fans.  The Isles have the history and the cups but also they have a secret thats not known around hockey.  The Isles have us, the strong hidden army that nobody seems to notice.  We have Islander Country.

The fans are still here, some sure have been in hiding the past few seasons but they are soon to come out once the winning occurs.   Not everyone respects the Islanders and say they have no fanbase etc.. Yes some days the old barn might be half empty but that does not mean we are gone. 

This year there was a tease, a  taste of excitement and body shaking times at the Colisiuem.  Games that once you get home, you were like wow, lets go again.  Of course offering very cheap tickets was an attraction to many and helped fans come out, but also pissed off some season ticket holders.  Besides the fact us the fans need to get to the games and come in numbers this upcoming season.  When has there been such excitement and buzz to an upcoming season?

Crowd Goes Insane During Selection Of John Tavares
But in all to me this is the year the fans have to be there and it all starts this summer before the real hockey starts.  All you Islander fans need to come out now and spread the word about August 1st.  The importance if every Islander fan were to spread the word about August 1st to their family and friends would do justice and be a major success. 

Fans can't get everything done and we will not make the decisions but this vote is our chance to have a say.  This new project is best for Nassau and it keeps our team here.  All the years with the lighthouse drama and now it lead to this, the years of waiting has come to an end.  The "future" is now and its up to us.(the fans)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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The Case With Trent Hunter

Yes Trent Hunter, the forgotten Islander who if you do not remember is signed for the next two years for a total of four million. Most people have forgotten or have not acknowledged that Hunter is a question mark and potentially a big situation.

The Islanders do have options with Trent. They could easily just buy him out.. Or they can let him come to camp and potentially make the squad. I would say throw him on the fourth line, he can hit right? But seriously the once highly regarded prospect has fell off the face of earth in Islander country.

Trent Hunter

The injury bug has been with Hunter the past few years. Last season Trent only played 17 games with a total
of four points. ( 1G-3A ). The 09-10 season Hunter played 61 games and 55 in 08-09 season. Hunter years ago was penciled in to score 20 goals but now his roster spot is HIGHLY in jeopardy. So whats next?

I look at Hunter and I do not see where he fits in with this team. The lack of speed and room potentially equals a buyout or trade if some team believes in him. Hunter has always been a quiet good player for us who I personally liked ( just wish he hit the net more ) but his time seems to be nearing the end.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nassau Legis. Rules Committee passes referendum! Public hearing next Monday!

Update: According to Newsday the Public Hearing will be at the Legislature's offices next Monday, time TBA.

The Nassau Legislature Office is located at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola. Thank you @Janefisher13 for sending me the address on twitter.


Today the Nassau County Legislative Rules Committee voted on and passed the Referendum. This was the first step in order to get it on the ballot for August 1st. The four republicans on the board voted yes for it while the 3 democrats abstained from voting.

From what I read there will now be a public hearing at a location TBA next Monday May 23rd. This is a good opportunity for supporters to show solid numbers and let their voice be heard, I intend on attending and will post the location once it is released.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Case With Nino

This article will be controversial and I am sure many will disagree with me, but hey this is a blog and that is the point right?  What should the New York Islanders do with the young up and coming prospect by the name of Nino Niederreiter.  The big power forward is more likely then not to make the opening night roster.

Neiderreiter also goes by the nickname of El Nino, they the isles have two options.  The Islanders could have him make the club and play the entire season with the big boys or they could easily send him back to juniors to play with the Portland Winterhawks.  Niederreiter put up overwhelming numbers this past season for Portland.  He recorded 41G-29A-70PTS only in 55 games played.  The news gets better when El Nino put up 27PTS in 21 games in the playoffs for Portland ( 9G-18A )

Nino Niederreiter
Many believe that Niederreiter is above the junior level and is not helping his development.  The next step should be playing with the Islanders and letting him take his growing pains up here.  Most want him to be on 3rd line which is where i completely disagree. Why let your arguably your best forward prospect play on the third line and average 15 minutes of playing time a game.

We drafted Nino to be a top six forward.  If he is not going to crack the top two lines this season, why have him here?  I know the level of play is radically different from juniors to pro but would it do any good with him playing on the third line?

If El Nino makes the club and plays on the third line that means the likes that P.A Parenteau who i personally like would still remain to play on the top line with John Tavares and Matt Moulson.  If the Isles were to land a forward to play with Tavares, that would result in P.A playing the third line.  Then where is the room for Niederreiter?

If the Islanders feel that El Nino can play along Tavares and Moulson this season and are not able to acquire a winger then hell go for it and have Niederreiter play along them.  P.A would be a nice third line player but you just couldn't expect the same results as this past season.   As we know playing with Tavares goes a long long way.

My final view is if Nino is scheduled to play on the third line, send him back to juniors.  This obviously is based on many things, if the Islanders grab a winger through free agency or trade then Nino should be in Portland.  If they think he is ready to take over a first role line, then Nino welcome to the club.  I am excited to see how this pans out cause this is our future we are talking.

The Case With Travis Hamonic

As we all know the importance of developing a young prospect is key.  There is no set stone or rule in how to develop your future of your team but there seems to be a solid guideline.  Defenseman usually take more time to develop from juniors or OHL to the NHL speed and talent as in forward seem to grasp the culture a little more quicker and easy.

This year Travis Hamonic made that jump with only playing 19 games in the AHL with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.  Now 19 games is a far cry from the year or two in the AHL that most hockey experts advise.  Hamonic did not seem overwhelmed by all means.  With the depleted Islander defense corps Hamonic found himself playing on the top pair against the opponents top line.

The young Hamonic who turns 21 in August was in argument our best defenseman.  His young fierce-full competitive attitude was absolutely great to watch and cheer.  The not back down attitude was such a presence in our weak defense corp.  Watching the young defenseman fight and stand up for himself and make his mark around the NHL of a kid who will not get picked on puts a smile on your face.

With his defense presence the young Hamonic also had a impressive offensive season putting up five goals and twenty one assist. A line of 5G-21A-26PTS in 62 games played. Hamonic also put up a solid mark of 103 PIM.  Maybe the most important stat was that he put up a + 4 in another rough Islander season.  So whats next for this young man?

I had read and heard from some that they rather Hamonic with Bridgeport this season to futher his development and his overall game of a solid top four defensemen.  And others think they are crazy and say if he is not on the opening day roster, someone should call 911 cause there has  been a crime committed.

To me Hamonic should be on the team this upcoming season.  If this past season was not enough to convince you that we have something special here, for a 20 year old rookie to defend the bests of the league and do a hell of a job doing so, then what will?  Hamonic should be paired with A-mac this upcoming season as the 2nd pair line.  No Questions Asked.  Why mess with something thats not broke, this is not Bailey all over again people.

What is the limit for Hamonic? Can he become a 50 point scorer with putting up 100 PIMS a season?  Why Not?  This rookie season he did half. Time and experience and he can be putting up 10 goals with the 40 assist that everyone would sign up for.  Hamonic is something special and let us the fans and the Islanders run with it.

Quick Note:  Thank You to all readers for the patience as we decided to move here!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Derek Boogaard: Rest In Peace

Tonight the tragic news came out that NHL heavyweight enforcer Derek Boogaard had past away only at the age of 28.  All prayers to his family and friends

Friday, May 13, 2011

Isles to cover election costs should the referendum pass!

Randi Marshall of newsday reported tonight that should the special election vote on August 1st for the 400 million dollar referendum to build a brand new Coliseum and minor league ball park pass the Islanders will cover the cost of the election.

According to the article Ed Mangano says the election will cost between $800,000 and 1.8 million dollars.

Also according to the article Mangano says that the county will release full cost data, revenue sharing info, and other economic detail on both the arena and minor league ball park by the middle of June.


Isles Do The Right Thing - Michael Grabner signs 5 year deal

Today the New York Islanders did the right thing by locking up Grabner.  The contract is a little complicated so we will break it down as easy as possible.  5 years worth a total of 15 million.

Year 1 -  1 Million
Year 2 -  2 Million
Year 3 -  3 Million
Year 4 -  4 Million
Year 5  - 5 Million

After the press conference Wednesday, this was the right time to announce and get this done.  This has been an excellent week for Islanders fan across the globe. Now lets hope this week is just as good as this summer has the potential to be.

New Plans would keep the Isles in Nassau through 2045 pending countywide vote!

On Wed. May 11th flanked by both Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray and Islanders owner Charles Wang Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced plans to build a brand new Nassau Coliseum as well as a minor league ball park in the adjacent Mitchell Field territory.

Their plan is to seek a referendum from the Nassau County taxpayers in the neighborhood of 400 million dollars to pay for this. From what I have read 350 million would go toward a new coliseum where as 50 million would go toward a minor league ball park. The referendum will go up for a public vote on Monday August 1st and assuming it passes and NIFA, the group in control of Nassaus finances approves this then construction would start next June on a new Coliseum.

I know the first question everyone will have is how will this affect my taxes? Well according to Ed Mangano it will not cause them to go up. He repeatedly stated at the press conference this morning that intentions here are, “not to cost taxpayers a single dime.” The way that money will be paid back is through a revenue sharing agreement where Wang would give significant revenues from the Coliseum to the County also revenues from the minor league park as well as the Casino I believe would also go to the County. To learn more on this view the video of Wang on NHL live below.

Next question I am sure you all will have is what can I do to help? Well the biggest thing you can do is to vote in favor of the referendum and encourage friends and family who reside in Nassau County and are registered voters to vote in favor of this. Given the timing of the election hopefully a lot of the people who would’ve voted no will be on vacation.

The final question I am sure you all are wondering is what happens if this gets voted down. My gut feeling is that if this gets voted down then I think the Islanders will no longer call Uniondale home after the 2014/2015 NHL season. Again that is nothing more then my gut feeling, not confirmed by anyone or anything.

Now do I think it will pass?

On Tuesday when I first heard about this I was very pessimistic about it with the thoughts that it would never pass. However a little over a day later I am more optimistic about it however I am still nervous. Given the timing of the vote if played correctly by Ed Mangano and co. this could be a slam dunk vote. However if they leave people confused and believing mis-information then that will put this vote in jeopardy. All in all as long as Mangano and Kate and even Wang get out there and make sure residents know the truth about the plans and how will it effect them then I think it will pass. However if that or something along those lines doesn’t occur then all bets are off.