Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Barclays Center VS Islander Fans

Last night, the Islanders dropped their first game in regulation in almost three weeks by a score of 5-1 to the Florida Panthers.

However, one day after the game all that is being talked about it what happened in the stands.  Last night was parents day at the arena and during intermission a family wanted to get a little closer to get a picture of a tribute they paid for, for a relative who passed away last year.  However, when attempting to get closer they were stopped by ushers and the entire situation went downhill from there.  According to first hand accounts of people who were present, multiple staff members from Barclays Center were fist fighting with Islander fans.  The unfortunate end saw a young female Islander fan get knocked out cold by a female Barclays Center security guard.  For videos of the incident click here and here.  For a more detailed account check out the tweets below.

To say this is disturbing is quite the understatement!  Staff members are present at sporting events to diffuse situations like this not escalate them which seems to have happened in this instance.  Considering the staff at Barclays Center is trained by Disney, according to Bruce Ratner, behavior like this is surprising to say the least.  Hopefully, we get a statement today from the Barclays Center and this is dealt with accordingly because stuff like this can't happen, totally unacceptable!