Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CSEA to endorse arena plan!! Big rally next week!!

According to Chris Botta, despite their recent layoffs the CSEA will endorse the current plan set forth by Wang and Mangano to build a new Nassau Coliseum & Minor League ballpark.

This is interested because about 3 weeks ago over 100 county CSEA employees were laid off, so for them to now endorse this is very good!!/ChrisBottaNHL/status/93756886821773312

Also next wed. 7/27 at 4PM there will be a big arena vote rally on the grounds of the Coliseum, there is entertainment already booked to play and should be a good time for all. If you are free head down to the Coliseum next wed. & have some fun! I will unfortunately more then likely not be attending because I will be on vacation.



    Based on the above article I think it's unlkely CSEA endorses the arena project in the current form.

  2. I read their comments in Randi Marshalls piece today.

    They said they back the piece but won't encourage members to go out and vote for it because of some statements made by people with the county concerning the layoffs.