Saturday, February 4, 2012

Konopka: Isles Spending Habits or Lack Thereof Will Hinder Tavares Development!!

Prior to todays game versus Ottawa, former Islander and current Senator enforcer Zenon Konopka was interviewed by the Toronto Sun about the game tonight and his thoughts on the Islanders.

At one point they say Konopka said that although Tavares has a lot to overcome in his quest, that Konopka thinks he will be a superstar in this league. Konopka mentioned that one thing he has to overcome is the fact that the Islanders don't spend money comparable to other teams, even other "small market teams."

Other small market teams don't circumvent the cap floor by using buy outs and un-attainable bonuses to reach the cap floor instead of actually spending the money on players that can help. The fact that, those practices go on here regardless of arena issues and what not is disgraceful and a terrible, terrible disservice to the fans and also the players!!

I totally agree with Konopka, what he is saying makes a ton of sense. Stamkos had a Marty St Louis to develop with, now no offense to PA, Okposo, or Moulson but none of them are Marty St Louis or near that.

*If you would like to see more from Konopkas "interview" visit Konopka had a nice compliment for his buddy and co rabbit owner Pa Parenteau at one point calling him possibly one of the most underrated players in the league.

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