Friday, February 24, 2012

Post Game: Parenteaus Two Goals Lift Isles To 4-3 Shootout Victory!

Tonight, our New York Islanders defeated the rival New York Rangers by a score of 4-3 in a shootout. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Heck of an effort from PA tonight!! Had a couple goals and actually played a pretty good all around game to. I really hope we resign this guy, because his production will not be easily replaced and I think we would regret it!

-Solid game by Nabby to!! Some thought after not playing for a week and a half he'd be a little rusty but he really wasn't to bad. I mean the first goal he'd probably like to have back but it was a good shot. The third goal was a fluky goal!! Its a shame but they do happen, just have to shake those off.

-Thought Casey played pretty well for his NHL debut in such a rivalry game. Thought he held his own! Felt the penalty on him was rather weak as well! Wonder if his play while Bailey is out will affect Baileys standing for next season?

-Thought Matt Martin had a pretty good game. Started off with a draw fight with Bickel, then overall solid effort as usual. I thought the penalty on the second period scrum was weak, got called for defending himself. Nice seeing Okposo step in there showing some leadership as well.

-Hamonic played well in his return!! It didn't look like he had lost a step out there.

-Bad defensive breakdown letting Gaborik get the breakaway on the second goal for the Rangers.

-Really nice crowd tonight! As I told my dad, the Coliseum was packed to the gills. Boy was it something having the hole place up on their feet for the shootout, also the battling isles ranger chant of the third period was pretty cool to.

-Refs were sub-par at best. There were many points where you thought they were deciding the game and not the teams and that is never ever good.

Overall, pretty good game from the Islanders. I mean there were a few sloppy parts but it was a pretty good overall effort! Now lets hope they can translate this into a bit of a streak.

Next Game: Sunday 5PM @ Ottawa

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