Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ABLI Developer Says They Will Pursue Another Pro Team If The Isles Leave!

ABLI developer Vince Polimeni told CBSlocal.com that if his proposal for "the hub" property without the Islanders came to fruition and they moved, that they would try to attract another professional sports team to the property.

The fact that he was serious with this shows the true ignorance of the morons associated with this group. Anyone with half a brain knows if the Islanders leave no pro team is coming back, but these fools seem to think otherwise!

If that doesn't show the type of people were dealing with here, I don't know what does!


According to CBSlocal.com multiple developers are preparing proposals for the "hub" property that don't include the Islanders. The most notable one is from Polimeni and his "associates" from the ABLI.

I don't know what else to say beside that for the first time I can honestly see the Islanders leaving Uniondale and its really weird!

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