Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post Game: Sloppy Play Leads To Shootout Loss To Buffalo!!

Update: According to Brian Compton, Travis Hamonic was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Capuano said he hoped to have an update later on tonight.

Tonight, our Islanders fell 4-3 in a shootout to the Buffalo Sabres. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-First off, I want to send well wishes to Travis Hamonic who took a puck in the facial area during tonights game and actually left a lot of blood on the ice. Hopefully he will be back quite soon because he is a very vital part of this team as arguably our number one defenseman.

-Good job by the team taking advantage of Miller in the first period!

-Nice fight by Martin, he really put a hurting on Kaleta!!

To be honest theres nothing much else positive to come out of this game, so heres the rest:

-Powerless play!! Especially in OT 4-3 and they don't get any real good scoring chances outside of maybe one. OT powerplays have to do better then that!

-Passing was a big issue tonight!! So many passes were at skates or no where near people in general! Your not going to do a lot when your passing like that!

-Going hand in hand with passing the break out tonight was dreadful! I cant tell you how many times you looked up at them making an attempt to get out of the zone and it just ended up being a turnover with Buffalo getting a chance!

-Refs weren't very good!! They missed a lot during regulation! Although nice job by them to make the call in OT.

-Team has to learn to not make line changes with the puck at center ice. How NHL players think that is ok is beyond me! Tonight Hamonic chips it out to center ice and Buffalo gains possession and starts to break in and Travis goes off. I know your tired and stuff but you cant go off with the puck at center ice with the team starting the break in. I personally never played hockey in any organized league but I would imagine your taught at a young age to get the puck deep to make changes because otherwise you leave yourself very vulnerable as was shown in this instance giving Buffalo their first goal.

-Also a troubling note, the team looked noticeably tired! I know they are in the second day of back to backs but they are supposed to be conditioned to be able to handle that a lot better then they did!! That falls squarely on the coaching staff!

Overall this was a bad game!! Having this game against one of the lower seated teams in the league and looking tired as you do it is a very troubling sign!! This needs to be figured out right away!!

Next Game: February 7th @ Philly 7PM

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