Friday, February 3, 2012

Report: Brooklyn Making Agressive Sales Pitch To Isles/Wang!!

According to BD Gallof, Brooklyn is making an aggressive sales pitch to the Islanders and team owner Charles Wang to consider making Brooklyn the teams permanent home once the arena lease in Nassau expires in 2015. The report says that the preseason game is just a, "first step" in their attempt to lure the team to Brooklyn and give Wang a peek of what life would be like should he choose to take the team there.

BD said that according to an NHL source of his that the chances we end up in Brooklyn are "...actually pretty good."

I know that there are some out there who aren't BD's biggest fan for past things that hes done and therefore will scoff at this. However, with regard to arena issues and stuff of that nature usually BD is pretty good with it so I think there is something here.

The other day when asked about us playing the preseason game in Brooklyn Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano said that he hoped the teams experience in Brooklyn would affirm for them why they should remain in Nassau. Well, Mangano better hope that happens because if it goes off like I think it will then well it wont be good for Mr. Mangano. Following this over the next few months should be quite interesting!!

*If you would like to learn more you can check out BD's article on CBS or check out our facebook page which can be found on the side bar where we will post a link to his article*

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