Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre Game: Kings @ Islanders!! Kenny Jonsson Day!

This afternoon, the LA Kings travel to whats supposed to be a lightly snow covered Long Island by game time to take on Evgeni Nabakov and our Islanders.

I would say its a toss up as to who starts between Montoya and Nabakov. Given the back to backs I suspect they will split it. But who goes which day is something only Jack knows.

Beside the goalie, I expect the same lineup to be iced as the one against the Canadians the other night.

Hopefully this game has a better result then the last game, because for the people who still have faith in making a run this weekend is pivotal especially after the bad loss to Montreal the other night. The Kings are a good team though and have been playing very well since Sutter took over as coach so this will surely be no easy task for the Islanders.

Don't forget that prior to the game the Islanders will hold a ceremony in which defenseman Kenny Jonsson will be inducted into the Islanders Hall of Fame. He will be the fourth and final person inducted this season. He was preceded this season by forward Patrick Flatley and defensemen Ken Morrow and Eddie Westfall.

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