Thursday, February 9, 2012

Post Game: Isles lose 4-2 in really weird game!!

Tonight, our Isles fell 4-2 to Montreal in what was a pretty weird game. Here are some of my notes:

-Unfortunate that Nabby gave up that first goal because it really killed the teams mojo so to speak.

-Aaron Ness didnt play bad again!!

-Tim Wallace played a pretty good game, he threw quite a few nice hits.

-Breakout was poor once again!

-Passing in general wasnt good, way to many passes to spaces where nobody was or was going and into skates.

-Refs were garbage!!

-Carey Price came up really big for the Habs!! If it wasnt for him the Isles probably wouldve won, or at least taken it to OT.

This was a really weird game, the Islanders play really went back and forth. They had a few stretches of good play but on the same token there were more then a few stretches of simply bad play. Especially in the beginning of the third! This is a bad game for a team that still considers them "in it." They really didnt show up like a team that was "in it."

Next Game: Saturday *Kenny Jonsson day* 1PM VS The Kings

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