Monday, February 6, 2012

ABLI: Played Nassau Residents, Now Want To Develop "Hub" Site!!

Update: The Legislature told me the hearing on Tuesday begins at 1PM. I intend on going, so if you want to keep updated you can follow me on twitter @scottclinco and I will try to tweet any updates, or you can just wait til Tuesday night because I am going to try and have an entry on things up by then.

Well you knew it was going to happen, it wasn't a matter of if but when. A little background if you don't know what I am talking about.

If you remember in the months leading to the referendum vote last summer the most outspoken critics of the plan were the ABLI. (Association for a Better Long Island) Desmond Ryan, one of the bigger people part of the group would comment on the referendum left and right anytime he was given the chance to. They had fliers that went out, also if I remember correctly they also led a phone bank as well against the vote. They kept saying they cared about Nassau residents and thought this was a bad deal for them. However anyone with half a brain could see that they were against the referendum because they wanted to build there instead of Wang and were hell bent on stopping it.

Well, the other day, Newsday published an article entitled "Developers to offer New Nassau Hub Plan." It just so happens that, the four developers that would partner with this plan are all part of the ABLI. Are you surprised? No? Neither am I! I have decided to break the article down in parts because of the ridiculousness of it.

First, they say that the plan will be formulated and submitted if and when a Request for Proposals for the Site is filed by Nassau County.

I thought this happened a while ago like in the time after the referendum was defeated? If it didn't, then what the heck was Mangano waiting for? Time isn't on our side so you cant take your sweet time with anything.

They said this plan is regardless if the Islanders stay at the Coliseum or not.

They need the Islanders to say at the Coliseum to make it worth having around. What in the world would they do with the Coliseum? Pay the millions it would take to tear down? Doesn't make much sense to me.

Mangano said the County will seek state aid to make "Hub" infrastructure improvements.

How the heck does he expect to get this? The State Aid available from the the thing started by Cuomo and co-headed by the President of Hofstra is for shovel ready projects. This isn't something that is anywhere near shovel ready so I have no clue how in the world he expects to get State Aid. Many including me think aid is the only chance the team has to stay in Nassau, but I just dont see it.

Residents Get Played

I hope the people who voted no last summer because of the ridiculousness spewed by them feel foolish as now they can see what they were really in it for. I hope they all feel ridiculous when the Isles leave, the ABLI develops the property and puts up something we don't need just for the sake of it. Then they won't be "lining the pockets of a billionaire", (The Rally Cry against the Referendum) they'd be lining the pockets of the ABLI. You made your bed Nassau, now lay in it!!!!

Also in the Newsday article they said there will be a hearing at the Legislature at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola on Tuesday, February 14th to discuss the future of the "hub." I will call the Legislature tomorrow to find out the time.

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