Saturday, February 25, 2012

RUMORS SWIRLING: Coliseum To Undergo Summer Renovations??

Update: It was confirmed to me yesterday that there has been rumblings within Nassau County about renovations to the Coliseum over this summer. Also it was confirmed that the Coliseum would recieve some upgrades this summer through the ADA.

There has been some talk that the Nassau Coliseum will undergo some summer renovations. These renovations will include:

-New 100's Sections

-Middle Handrails on the 200's and 300's sections through a grant from the Americans with Disabilities Act.

From whats been said, these renovations are why there isn't really any shows booked at the Coliseum this summer.

I am 50/50 on this! After going to the meeting at the Legislature on Valentines day, I fail to see where the money would come from to get the new 100's sections. That makes me a little skeptical of this.

However, the handrail in the 200's/300's actually make some sense since it'd be through the grant. It would certainly make the place a little safer when navigating the stairs and it'd be paid for with state/federal funds.

I will certainly keep you all updated if I hear anything more on this.

(h/t) to Matty


  1. where did you hear this?

  2. Ive asked two people on this one didnt know anything.

    The other didnt know anything either but said it seemed reasonable if true.