Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wang To Be Given First Crack at Private Development Idea For Coliseum!

According to Newsday, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has said that Islanders owner Charles Wang will be given the first crack to come up with a privately financed development idea for the Nassau "Hub". Mangano said that if he doesnt get such a plan then they would have no choice but to go in a different direction.

This comes into a little bit of the financing descrepency that I noticed at the hearing. Rob Walker saying entirely private then Michael Picker and others saying that wasnt possible. It should be interesting to see if they are able to come up with a comprimise of sorts or something along those lines.

Picker was quoted as saying that if the County puts the site out for public bidding that the team likely wont participate. "We would have to evaluate it, but I dont think so." Picker said.

Well, isnt that nice of Mr Mangano to graciously give Wang the first crack? Its not like hes made previous attempts and got shot down by Politicans and greedy selfish residents or anything. If Wang proposes something, Mangano should get Joe Mondellos approval of it. We all know if Mondello desn't like it he will make sure Kate Murray and her goonies block it like they did with the Lighthouse.

It will be quite interesting what comes of this. If Wang makes a legit offer then you know that theres still some hope left that the Islanders stay here. But if no offer is made, then the Islanders time here is ticking down by the day.

I have a feeling we will know an answer to this sooner rather then later, so strap yourselves in folks its going to be quite a ride.

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