Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose again!! 4-2

Tonight, our Isles fell 4-2 to the Rangers!! Here's my notes:

-Can Bailey be scratched for the next game please?? That was lazy lazy play that led to the Rags winner!!

-I thought the team looked good for the 2nd period and patches in the third. Otherwise I thought they looked bad!!!

-If you cant show up for a Rags game in the midst of this crap streak were in then well you may as well stay home!! Seriously its like borderline embarrassing now!!

-Players need to be held accountable!!

-Doug Weight and co need to work on the pp!! I know we got a goal on the powerplay but the powerplays that preceded it were pretty bad!!!!

-Thought Nino played pretty well and Matt Martin wasn't bad either!

-Nabby and the PK kept us in this game!! Anyone who blames Nabakov for the loss is simply delusional!!

-There were a lot more Rag fans in attendance then Isles fans in the Coliseum tonight by a decent margin, not surprising but kind of depressing!!

-Were the refs good? No they were actually pretty bad!! But that doesn't excuse the Isles lackluster at best play!! They didn't deserve to win, in my opinion at least!!

Next Game: Thursday @ Home VS The Habs

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