Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pre Game: Caps @ Islanders!!

Tonight, Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals pay a visit to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our struggling New York Islanders.

Rick Dipietro will once again get the nod in goal for the Islanders tonight. Tonight will mark his third consecutive start in net for us. While hes played pretty well given DP's standards, I wonder what the heck happened to Al Montoya? Guy played pretty well to start the season and since the Tampa game more then two weeks ago now he hasn't seen any action at all. Hopefully he sees some time while were on the road for the next week and a half after tonights game.

As promised there are going to be drastic line changes for the game tonight. They go like this:


*Bolded people represent where the changes are.*

Two things I don't like about this are:

1) Breaking up the fourth line which has been the only consistent line all season makes little sense to me. If its not broke then why fix it??

2) And putting Bailey on the 4th line makes no sense to me either. How is the guy supposed to break out of his offensive funk when he doesn't have offensive first players on his wings with him?

All in all, hope for the best tonight, and hope they can keep the game reasonably close at least.

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