Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New "Hub" Plan includes transit stop and multiple hotels!!

I noticed upon looking on the Nassau County site at the latest plan for Coliseum redevelopment that it included 4 hotels including the marriot to be on the site, also a transit stop.

Now, I think a transit stop would be a good idea, however everyone and there brother knows this will never fly. Look at how the Garden City EPOA reacted when they though there was a light rail system part of the Lighthouse Project that never was. They went nuts!! So although I think it is a good idea, it will never happen so I don't understand why that was included.

Secondly I noticed 4 hotels were to be included in the plan including the Marriot which is currently there. I don't understand the point of that, why have so many hotels on the single piece of property. To me it appears as they were just trying to fill the land and they decided to just throw another hotel there.

The centerpiece to the plan would be a bio-center/hi tech facility. Recently officials were quoted in Newsday saying they think it would be fit well there because of the Colleges near by and stuff. Personally I think they are nuts, I don't see how that would fit well with Colleges, but its not as if we all didn't know they were nuts already.

Of course, I will support the plan because it would result in a new Coliseum and that is what we all want. However, if County Executive Mangano wants to be taken seriously, and gain support from the masses he needs to put more thought into the plans, and look at what hasn't worked in the past and maybe try to avoid doing it.

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