Friday, November 18, 2011

Post Game: Isles win 4-3!!

Yes, you are reading that right!! Tonight, our New York Islanders defeated the Montreal Canadiens by a score of 4-3. Here are some of my notes from the game:

-Hopefully Nabakov is all good and not seriously hurt!!

-Mottau, DP, and Streit are to blame for the 3 Hab goals. Awful awful turn over by Mottau, DP was caught flopping like a fish on the second goal, and on the third goal the Habs forward beat Streit on the goal.

-Where are the players with stones on this team?? Bailey gets boarded in the first period and no one does anything!!! Then later in the first period Tavares gets cheap shotted away from the play and no one on that shift does anything. Good on Matt Martin for being the guy to show something as on his first shift after the hit on Tavares he put a hit on Weber and then challenged him to a fight.

-Furthering on Matt, I think he is having a pretty good season thus far and you continue to see more progress to his game and him suiting into his enforcer role well as evidence by his thing tonight with Weber. Just one of many examples of that this year!!

-Great to finally get an even strength goal by a defenseman!!

-Great having Pandolfo get on the board!! Congrats to him as that goal was the 100th of his career! Good pass by Bailey on that goal!!

-Bailey had a decent game tonight!! While he had nice plays like the assist, he still had his fair share of bone headed plays.

-John Tavares is a beast!! Simple as that!! It is anyones guess as to exactly how good he will be!!

Overall, tonight was a very solid game by the team, I thought at least!! Much better and COMPLETE game then the game vs the Rangers Tuesday night.

Next Game: Saturday @ Home VS the Bruins

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