Friday, November 11, 2011

Post Game: Isles lose 4-3 in OT

Tonight, our New York Islanders choked away a three goal lead and lost 4-3 to the Avalanche in OT. Here are some of my notes:

-Did anyone else have DP flashbacks on the third goal?? I am sorry but unless it was deflected which it didn't look like it was, Montoya has to stop that!!

-The team looked really good in the first two periods, I don't know what happened in the third. The team HAS to be able to finish off games. Although I don't know about you but after they tied it I had a bad feeling and after Montoya took the penalty I knew it was coming. Games like this is how you know this team isn't a playoff team yet!!

-Bad job by Montoya letting frustration get the best of him in OT and taking that penalty. I have a feeling he won't be playing Sunday because of that.

-Refs weren't good!! The three things that stuck out for me were, giving Martin the 2,5,10 on his fight after that dude like abused Tavares while David Jones got nothing for fighting Staios with the visor on, the phantom tripping call on Rolston, and the non call on the cross check on Reasoner in the third I believe it was. The refs have to be consistent!! If your not going to be consistent you may as well just not show up!

-Nice tip by Bailey on the first goal, hopefully that gets him going!

-Nice to see Rolston finally get on the board

Not the way you wanted to start the trip, especially with a team like Vancouver next on the schedule. This could easily turn into another losing streak with the Rangers after the Canucks and as much as we hate to admit it, the Rangers have one of the best records in hockey so they will be far from an easy game.

Next Game: Sunday 9PM @Vancouver

False Hope: If you weren't aware, the rumor that Evgeni Nabakov had been traded to the Blue Jackets for Fedor Tyutin is untrue. It was said to be true on twitter, and even on the broadcast, however Bob McKenzie and later others confirmed that the gun was jumped in reporting that and in fact the real deal ended up being the Jackets dealing Kris Russel to the Blues I believe.

So much for the Isles doing something!! I think the only move we might see is a call up or something, id be very surprised if we saw a trade, unless its Nabakov for a pick.

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