Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pre Game: Habs @ Isles

Tonight, the Montreal Canadians travel to the old barn in Hempstead to take on John Tavares and our struggling New York Islanders.

Kyle Okposo will be the healthy scratch again tonight for the second game in a row. This came as a surprise to me when I read it this morning because I thought for sure after that pure laziness play by Bailey that led to the Rangers winning goal the other night that he would be the one to sit. Hopefully he doesn't make the coaching staff regret that decision!!

Evgeni Nabakov will start in net for us tonight, and Rick Dipietro is backing up. Hopefully Nabby can give another solid outing like he did the other night. I have a feeling if we ever win a game again that it will be because the goalie stole the win for us, because the way weve played at times over the last few weeks, we'd have trouble beating our selfs the way out of a paper bag.

The habs played last night, so the Isles need to jump on them early and hope they can grab an early lead and if they can the strap on the defense. If they can't then well its anyones guess!

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