Monday, November 7, 2011

Pre Game: Isles @ Bruins

Tonight, our New York Islanders return to the road as they travel to Boston to take on Zdeno Chara and the 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Bruins.

Evgeni Nabakov will get the start tonight, his first since the game in Pitsburgh when he took himself out of the game in the shootout and saw Rick Dipietro get his first action of the year. Al Montoya will be backing up Nabby tonight. I feel for Montoya seeing as how after playing pretty well in his first few starts hes just been basically benched. Hopefully he gets a start or two at minimum while we are on the road.

The Islanders and Bruins are currently tied for last in the eastern conference. So after Saturday nights big victory over the Capitals defeating the defending Stanley Cup Champions would be pretty big for the team, also big to keep us out of last place.

We need to hope that the new lines from Saturday continue to gel tonight, also that Nabakov has no injury rust or anything and is just as sharp as he was before the injury.

Tonight is a very winnable game for our Isles, lets hope they can pull it off!!

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