Saturday, November 19, 2011

Post Game: Bruins win 6-0

Tonight, the Boston Bruins defeated the other team 6-0. The other team was supposed to be the Islanders, however they didn't show up tonight so they don't deserve the acknowledgement! Here are some of my notes from the Bruins free hockey clinic given at the Coliseum tonight:

-2/3 of the Bruins first three goals are on DP!! Hes terrible!!

-Bruins just dominated the entire game basically!! 2 shots in the first period?? Really?? Bruins showed why they are the cup champs and we've been in the lottery the last 4 years.

-Nilsson was the only bright spot of the game in my opinion. Although he gave up three goals I'm hard pressed to say any were his fault, quite the difference from our other goalie.

This was a pathetic "game" and "effort" by the Isles. Hopefully they pick it up because they don't have much time off.

Next Game: Monday @ Pit

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