Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Case With Us (The Fans)

Yes that is right the next case is us the fans.  The Isles have the history and the cups but also they have a secret thats not known around hockey.  The Isles have us, the strong hidden army that nobody seems to notice.  We have Islander Country.

The fans are still here, some sure have been in hiding the past few seasons but they are soon to come out once the winning occurs.   Not everyone respects the Islanders and say they have no fanbase etc.. Yes some days the old barn might be half empty but that does not mean we are gone. 

This year there was a tease, a  taste of excitement and body shaking times at the Colisiuem.  Games that once you get home, you were like wow, lets go again.  Of course offering very cheap tickets was an attraction to many and helped fans come out, but also pissed off some season ticket holders.  Besides the fact us the fans need to get to the games and come in numbers this upcoming season.  When has there been such excitement and buzz to an upcoming season?

Crowd Goes Insane During Selection Of John Tavares
But in all to me this is the year the fans have to be there and it all starts this summer before the real hockey starts.  All you Islander fans need to come out now and spread the word about August 1st.  The importance if every Islander fan were to spread the word about August 1st to their family and friends would do justice and be a major success. 

Fans can't get everything done and we will not make the decisions but this vote is our chance to have a say.  This new project is best for Nassau and it keeps our team here.  All the years with the lighthouse drama and now it lead to this, the years of waiting has come to an end.  The "future" is now and its up to us.(the fans)

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