Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Case With Trevor Gillies

Should the tough guy enforcer be back next year?  I hope not.  I am not a fan of Gillies and I'm sure I am not the only one.  Sure some fans will want to see him back to "protect Tavares" but is he really needed.  I think not.
To me it is waste to have a player on the roster just to get two or three shifts a game.  Maybe he is lucky and plays up to five minutes.  Also there is little room on the roster as is, Gillies should not take up a spot. 

Also I think he is an embarrassment in some sort.  His childish act sometimes on the ice make us look bad.  Taunting an injured player on the ice, is not an act of professionalism.  If we want to build a reputation and gain respect around hockey, there is no room for that.  Gillies may be a nice and generous guy off the ice, but on the rink Id rather not see him.

Do the Islanders want him back?  Will we see him down in Bridgeport?  Does another team sign him?  Answers we will soon know.

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