Tuesday, May 24, 2011

31 years ago today!!!

Today is a very special day in Islanders history, 31 years ago today Bobby Nystrom scored the goal that started it all. On May 24th, 1980 Bob Nystroms goal to give the New York Islanders their first Stanley Cup sent Long Island into a tizzy. The teams in the city have the big parades well when our Islanders won their parades were in our backyard, on Hempstead turnpike. Relatives who attended have told me stories about how crazy the parades were how you had thousands upon thousands of people on the street then just celebrating and going nuts.

Although times have been hard recently today we take the time to look back and remember that no matter how hard things get the Islanders are still the only North American dynasty in NHL history and no amount of wise cracks and shots from analysts and opposing fans can take that away from us!!!!

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