Thursday, May 19, 2011

Suffolk says no to 350 million dollar bond proposal currently on the table in Nassau!!!

According to Chris Botta, the Islanders upper management presented the same 350 million dollar arena deal to Suffolk County and Suffolk said no. I wonder if this was done before or after their press conference with Nassau. Additionally I wonder what would've happened if Suffolk said yes.

While this isn't good news, maybe they would be more inclined to go with a scaled back lighthouse type thing as suggested by Botta to Desmond Ryan in his interview posted on pointblank today which you can view by clicking the link below. I want things to be settled in Nassau however if god for bid the vote does fail on 8/1 its better to have more options then not a lot. It should be interesting to see how things evolve in the next few months.

Quick note: Don't forget about the public hearing this Tuesday at the Nassau Legislature office at 1550 Franklin Avenue in Mineola. The hearing will start at 10 am. Hope to see you on Tuesday!!


  1. I wonder when Isles asked for this favor to Suffolk County. Perhaps on October 2009 when Wang's self imposed deadline on October 3 passed?

  2. I don't think it was that long ago for two reasons.

    1) I don't think they would've been able to keep it quiet for so long.

    2) At that time Wang was still in Lighthouse mode, so I don't think he was giving much thought to other plans.

    If I had to guess i'd say it was within the last 2 months or so, but again thats nothing more then a guess by me.