Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Case With Travis Hamonic

As we all know the importance of developing a young prospect is key.  There is no set stone or rule in how to develop your future of your team but there seems to be a solid guideline.  Defenseman usually take more time to develop from juniors or OHL to the NHL speed and talent as in forward seem to grasp the culture a little more quicker and easy.

This year Travis Hamonic made that jump with only playing 19 games in the AHL with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.  Now 19 games is a far cry from the year or two in the AHL that most hockey experts advise.  Hamonic did not seem overwhelmed by all means.  With the depleted Islander defense corps Hamonic found himself playing on the top pair against the opponents top line.

The young Hamonic who turns 21 in August was in argument our best defenseman.  His young fierce-full competitive attitude was absolutely great to watch and cheer.  The not back down attitude was such a presence in our weak defense corp.  Watching the young defenseman fight and stand up for himself and make his mark around the NHL of a kid who will not get picked on puts a smile on your face.

With his defense presence the young Hamonic also had a impressive offensive season putting up five goals and twenty one assist. A line of 5G-21A-26PTS in 62 games played. Hamonic also put up a solid mark of 103 PIM.  Maybe the most important stat was that he put up a + 4 in another rough Islander season.  So whats next for this young man?

I had read and heard from some that they rather Hamonic with Bridgeport this season to futher his development and his overall game of a solid top four defensemen.  And others think they are crazy and say if he is not on the opening day roster, someone should call 911 cause there has  been a crime committed.

To me Hamonic should be on the team this upcoming season.  If this past season was not enough to convince you that we have something special here, for a 20 year old rookie to defend the bests of the league and do a hell of a job doing so, then what will?  Hamonic should be paired with A-mac this upcoming season as the 2nd pair line.  No Questions Asked.  Why mess with something thats not broke, this is not Bailey all over again people.

What is the limit for Hamonic? Can he become a 50 point scorer with putting up 100 PIMS a season?  Why Not?  This rookie season he did half. Time and experience and he can be putting up 10 goals with the 40 assist that everyone would sign up for.  Hamonic is something special and let us the fans and the Islanders run with it.

Quick Note:  Thank You to all readers for the patience as we decided to move here!

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