Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Case With Nino

This article will be controversial and I am sure many will disagree with me, but hey this is a blog and that is the point right?  What should the New York Islanders do with the young up and coming prospect by the name of Nino Niederreiter.  The big power forward is more likely then not to make the opening night roster.

Neiderreiter also goes by the nickname of El Nino, they the isles have two options.  The Islanders could have him make the club and play the entire season with the big boys or they could easily send him back to juniors to play with the Portland Winterhawks.  Niederreiter put up overwhelming numbers this past season for Portland.  He recorded 41G-29A-70PTS only in 55 games played.  The news gets better when El Nino put up 27PTS in 21 games in the playoffs for Portland ( 9G-18A )

Nino Niederreiter
Many believe that Niederreiter is above the junior level and is not helping his development.  The next step should be playing with the Islanders and letting him take his growing pains up here.  Most want him to be on 3rd line which is where i completely disagree. Why let your arguably your best forward prospect play on the third line and average 15 minutes of playing time a game.

We drafted Nino to be a top six forward.  If he is not going to crack the top two lines this season, why have him here?  I know the level of play is radically different from juniors to pro but would it do any good with him playing on the third line?

If El Nino makes the club and plays on the third line that means the likes that P.A Parenteau who i personally like would still remain to play on the top line with John Tavares and Matt Moulson.  If the Isles were to land a forward to play with Tavares, that would result in P.A playing the third line.  Then where is the room for Niederreiter?

If the Islanders feel that El Nino can play along Tavares and Moulson this season and are not able to acquire a winger then hell go for it and have Niederreiter play along them.  P.A would be a nice third line player but you just couldn't expect the same results as this past season.   As we know playing with Tavares goes a long long way.

My final view is if Nino is scheduled to play on the third line, send him back to juniors.  This obviously is based on many things, if the Islanders grab a winger through free agency or trade then Nino should be in Portland.  If they think he is ready to take over a first role line, then Nino welcome to the club.  I am excited to see how this pans out cause this is our future we are talking.

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