Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Case With Trent Hunter

Yes Trent Hunter, the forgotten Islander who if you do not remember is signed for the next two years for a total of four million. Most people have forgotten or have not acknowledged that Hunter is a question mark and potentially a big situation.

The Islanders do have options with Trent. They could easily just buy him out.. Or they can let him come to camp and potentially make the squad. I would say throw him on the fourth line, he can hit right? But seriously the once highly regarded prospect has fell off the face of earth in Islander country.

Trent Hunter

The injury bug has been with Hunter the past few years. Last season Trent only played 17 games with a total
of four points. ( 1G-3A ). The 09-10 season Hunter played 61 games and 55 in 08-09 season. Hunter years ago was penciled in to score 20 goals but now his roster spot is HIGHLY in jeopardy. So whats next?

I look at Hunter and I do not see where he fits in with this team. The lack of speed and room potentially equals a buyout or trade if some team believes in him. Hunter has always been a quiet good player for us who I personally liked ( just wish he hit the net more ) but his time seems to be nearing the end.

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