Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Case With: Rick Dipietro

Probably the most hated player throughout the organization is Rick DiPietro.  Funny thing is that instead of booing and wishing he was gone, we should be wishing he comes back strong and ready to play.  His play relies on his shoulder and he plays a major part in the success with this team.

I would like to add here that I am a DP fan and always has.  I think his determination and fight to play the game that he loves dearly is very admirable.  I also appreciate the love he has for us the fans and the Islanders organization, yes we did hook him up with that whack contract but put that aside.  I am rooting for Ricky to make a return.  I miss that DP chant that was oh so known around Islander country.

Its on your shoulders Ricky
Fans think DP is done, a has been, not even good enough to play in the AHL, hey you all might be right but that to me is not the right attitude.  We all should hope that DiPietro comes back stronger then ever.  Chances of that happening are not great, but DP has to play average.  Least good enough to be a quality backup.

What if DiPietro comes to training camp and shocks everyone.  He looks great and his side to side movement is spot on.  His play stuns everyone, even the Isles themselves, does he get the number one spot?  Does Al Montaya take a seat on the bench?  Or what if DP looks the same as he did this year, do we potentially put him in Bridgeport?  I do not see that happening but weirder things have occurred.  He is a major question mark on this team, a once major strength has now since turned into a major weakness.

After all Rick has been through I cannot imagine that his quickness and feel for the game can just come back in a blink of an eye.  That is why I am giving Ricky a chance.  Maybe this off-season he has worked on his game and comes back strong and surprises us all.

Ricky we are waiting, its your turn..


  1. unlikely yes but stranger things have happened

  2. DiPietro should play in the AHL until he proves he can help this team. He should no longer be afforded an automatic roster spot. That's it.