Friday, June 13, 2014

No Timetable For Boyle Decision/Might Visit LI Next Week

UpdateAccording to The Fourth Period, Boyle has spoken to many Islander players about their time with the team.  Additionally, he might visit Long Island next week, the site reports.

Boyle visiting Long Island could do wonders in helping the Islanders case.  It would give them the opportunity to show him that the area isn't only the Coliseum and the Marriot like many think it is and there is a lot more to the area like Nabby and Visnovsky among others have come to realize.  Not only that but they could have the opportunity to show him the Barclays Center and stuff associated with that as well.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Dan Boyle would give the Islanders an answer as to if the defenseman was interested in negotiating a contract with them by the end of this week.

However, the end of the week has now arrived and so far there has been no definitive answer from Boyle with his agent telling Arthur Staple that he has yet to make a decision and there is no timetable for his decision to be made.

Staple indicates that while Boyle might not have a timetable that the Islanders might.  Staple says that if there is no movement within the next week to week and a half that the Islanders could look to trade his rights.
While this isn't what we were looking for from Boyle when the day got started this isn't the worse news to get.  While it isn't ideal as he remains unsigned, he didn't say that he has no interest in signing just that he is still deciding if he wants to or not.  

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